There’s a weighty presence of the FATHER on this meeting..

Today I spoke but the thing is I wasn’t scheduled to. I was supposed to be home with the family EXCEPT the Father had OTHER PLANS!
We have our own ideas and plans and want to celebrate as well as enjoy the fruits of our labor here on earth.
But what the Father wants is for his children to grow up into mature sons and daughters…

There’s an impartation near the very end of this and I also pray for those who need healing.. Don’t miss it!

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One thought on “There’s a weighty presence of the FATHER on this meeting..

  1. This was an awesome message until you called the #metoo movement the Jezebel spirit trying to take down men. Wow. Do you not perceive that it is a move of God bringing perpetrators of rape and harassment to justice? God cannot bless your messages if you continue fighting Him on this.