11119425_10153404169084936_8622342980749141806_oTHE WORK OF THE PREMIERE ARTIST.
The lofty angels, Heaven, Adam, Eve, and Eden were the Creator’s ORIGINAL Masterpieces. But the masterpieces were made vulnerable to the free will of God’s creation.

When we fell, God sent the Master Artist to restore us.

You, my friend, are a work of art. A splendid new species. As a follower of Christ, “hidden in Christ” you are a partaker of His nature and your spirit bears His unique SIGNATURE (a big deal for an artist).

He DESIRES to show you the work you are called to do and to empower you to do it TODAY so that YOU bear MUCH FRUIT.

The Master Artist lives in you and desires to fill you with His Spirit that you might know His will and make TODAY a masterpiece because a piece of divinity dwells in you.

You are the Master’s Masterpiece. Love yourself like He loves you.

As One!


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