The Lover, The Warrior and The King!

The Solution To The World’s Crisis Is Hidden—In God’s People!

God delights to take people from the isolation on the periphery to a place of unexpected preeminence.  God says, “It’s not about the size of who you are, it’s about who I AM and who I choose.”  Your anointing has elasticity and is meant to increase over you and your environment as needed. Walk in the Spirit and the call of God will take you to the place of your ultimate assignment. The enemy cannot stop you.

Some people are pure lovers. They hate conflict. Others are pure warriors and constantly agitated with the activity of the enemy. Some are natural rulers. They focus on only those things relevant to their own enterprise. David was a strange combination, a Psalm-singing romantic, a Philistine slaying machine, and a king who unified Israel.  

What happens when you combine these three in you?  The convergence of these three streams is what made David a unique “type of Christ”—Jesus, the son of David. We need to recognize how these three streams are meant to flow together to strategically enlarge you and ultimately lead you to access “the key of David”!  

What is the “key of David?” It is referenced in Revelation 3:7, “To the angel of the church in Philadelphia write: these are the words of him who is holy and true, who holds the key of David.”  

The Old Testament refers to this in Isaiah 22:22 where a Prophet tells a palace official that he will be replaced by another.  He said God “will place on his shoulder the key to the house of David.” The key implies authority. It speaks of control of David’s domain as promised to the Messiah.  Jesus has been promised something: “Ask of me, and I will make the nations your inheritance, the ends of the earth your possession” (Psalm 2:8).

The End Time church is found in the blueprint not of Solomon's majestic temple, but rather the “tabernacle of David.”

What does this tabernacle look like? How is the Lord working in you to make you into a David?

  1. The Lover: Lovers are fervent in their quest for Jesus and worship intimately in the bridal stream. They are devoted to the Lord with a desire to be in the presence of Jesus. This stream is often disengaged from the battle.
  2. The Warrior: Prophetic warriors have unwavering courage to dismantle the gates of hell. They know how to pray with strength and might and are watchmen at the wall. The Warrior stands for truth and courageously fights to uphold kingdom values.  These are the reformers in society.  
  3. The King: Kings know how to be statesmen and have the wisdom to choose what battles to fight. They know when and how to speak! When they speak, they do so with arguments of the spirit that the enemy cannot stop. As decision-makers and influence shapers, they have authority over demons in the territory they are called to occupy.

These three streams form a picture of a glorious End Time Church.

David had a key of intimacy that unlocked something. He accessed the future! His Tabernacle was a place of direct access to God and His throne—in an atmosphere of prophetic worship. David modeled an intimacy that could access the powers of the age to come, and bring that into the age that is now! There isn’t a problem on earth that heaven cannot solve. Will we be the generation that displays the glory of God?

Question: The “key of David” rests on the those who are Lovers, Warriors and Kings. Are you feeling the call to expand?  Comment below!

As One!


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86 thoughts on “The Lover, The Warrior and The King!

  1. Hi Lance,

    Great insights. I shared these basic points in my book, Kings and Kingdoms, which I gave you and which you read several years ago. I saw it as a progression we should follow. 1. Worshippers 2. Warriors 3. Kings. Intimacy is foundational and leads to a passionate desire to defend your lover and friend. Warring worshippers mature into Servant Kings, having paid the price of true friendship – the willingness to lay down your life for your friend. God bless.

    • I checked out your books that are available on Kindle through Amazon! So glad you posted! I look forward to reading some of them! God bless!

  2. Yes I have heard the call to expand. In fact, I found you in March through the Lord and knew I had found my tribe. Same spiritual flow! God is speaking the same message to whoever has ears to hear. Rise up! Enlarge, make room, go deeper. I appreciate your platform and every message I hear confirms what the Lord is speaking to my heart. It’s time to apprehend and expand God’s kingdom in the earth. God bless you all.

  3. Awesome word. Activating these three streams, Lover, Warrior and King would seem to be integral to fulfilling one’s destiny. I look forward to this series.

  4. Hi you-all ! I join you as an lwk apprentice !
    I strongly desire to rise up, follow our Lord & make a difference in what affects the future of our children and our grandchildren. Lets work together @ the dormant truth and hope which are there for the asking ! GOD can reach through me if I just believe, obey & persevere in every step of faith – whether it looks like success or major failure. The story of what happened at Harward, at the UN, with the guards & prison inmates
    and with ladies who persevere at writing curriculum material are unique and inspiring. I’m so glad some teachers have tangible results outside of the church culture and specially like to think witches are encouraged and find hope !


  5. What you shared with all of us is a perfect description of Jesus…when HE walked the earth HE was a living illustration of the invisible God. By constantly glorifying His Father, He not only honored Him, He also gave the world a reason to believe in His reality. We are to do the same… Walking in Agape, warring in the Spirit and applying His authority and power so we can be those overcomers (faithful, obedient and persevering believers). Thank you Lance for your faithfulness and Love to all of us… You truly have been called to disciple and encourage the end time army… Agape

  6. Great word Lance; thank you. I had a dream/vision a few years ago; this stirs that memory. While I was in my bed during the night, two very tall, muscular angels carried a solid rectangular shaped object of pure gold into my room, sitting it down at the foot of my bed. It was much higher and massive then the end of the bed and the angels were definitely very dutiful and reverential. When I searched for objects comparable to the image the Ark of the Covenant came up; that was the object but the angels were not on it, they carried it to me. I have never forgotten it and that image is branded into my memory. We are chosen for this time, entrusted with much, and not alone. It’s about to get REAL INTERESTING for those who’ve been prepared for this day!! 🙂 Can’t Wait!!
    Appreciate you and Annabelle and praying for your entire family.

    • Thanks for sharing that vision, Dawn! We are definitely entrusted with much. Your prayers are appreciated!

  7. Dear Mr Lance Wallnau

    Thank you for your encouragement, Thank you for listening to our God the Holy Spirit and writing it so I can read and listen also.
    I am excited – thank you so much! How great is our God! full of grace and mercy and love.

    God`s abundant blessings
    from Kerry-Lee

  8. Infuse and expand the lover,warrior,king with Neville Johnson’s teaching on the 4 of faces of Jesus; lion, eagle, ox and man taken from Revelations and Ezekiel. Powerful stuff…..THEN listen to Shawn bolz on Translating God series -all on you tube- God bless you Lance Wallnau and your family.

  9. Lance Thank you!! THANK YOU!!! This word has given me such hope! Being a woman and the religious background that Ive come out of, it has been an battle. BUT your word gave me what I needed to press in. WOW! Just sent this to our intercessor team! Time to do the Happy Dance!!!!

  10. Expansion is underway! This is the most dynamic season of transition I have ever experienced. I feel so well equipped and I am grateful for teachers like you who edify me and supercharge my faith. Grace to you my friend, and to your beloved family and staff. ❤??

  11. I certainly am Sir Lance! I hope you don’t mind me calling you that. I call my 7 year old grandson sir all the time too. It just rolls out of my thoughts onto the page. I respect your viewpoint very much. Thanks for sharing this article. I honestly feel I am part of the Bridal Army of God for such a time as this. Guess what I have always hated fighting. I love redeeming people out of the world and into the Kingdom of God though so I will do my fighting in the war room of prayer. God Bless you Lance and family! I have grown in my faith for what God can do to redeem people. My courage to fight for the lives of people for God has grown as big as a LION. I feel like a mother bear would when it comes to protecting her cubs. I see myself rise up and roaring at the devil. We are in the best of times at what looks like the worst of times. God is able and I am willing. Let’s roll……………….AS ONE!

  12. I am experiencing a strong desire to be more actively engaged with other believers who are on the front line. This article expressed some of my thoughts,

  13. Upon reading and pondering this Message, I sense the drumroll of the beginning fulfillment of the Manifestation of JESUS Prayer to the FATHER …

    “That they all may be one; as thou, Father, art in me, and I in thee, that they also may be one in us: that the world may believe that thou hast sent me.”
    ‭‭John‬ ‭17:21‬ ‭KJV‬‬

  14. I’m sooo ready! Thank you God!
    I feel though that’s seem to be a combination of all the attributes,according to what the situation requires of me

  15. Well Lance, you make me hunger to be something. A prophet guy named Paul Cain called me out of a crowd some 19 years ago and said I was a David in hiding. I’ve often wondered if God has a purpose for me. This makes me hungry again. Thank you Lance.

  16. That is beautiful, I feel the need to expand, God is moving me to where I can flourish. I am moving into my assignment.

  17. Have been hearing a lot in recent years about knowing what is ‘written on your scroll’. Have struggled to know what’s written on mine! This article on lover/warrior/king has illuminated the ‘writing’ for me – at least around the edges if not the subject matter in the middle! Thanks Lance.

  18. Great Lance. I believe that the Church at large do well as the Lover and Warrior. However we are not walking as Kings due to the fact that we do not walk in our mandate mentioned in Gen. 1:28. I truly believe when we (church leaders and the people aswell) set aside the differences and embrace what we have common, dominion will start to manifest. And as a result authority will increase and influence manifested. I believe this season will be that season that we will breath His Kingship on the earth and start to truly manifest His Love, His Lion (warrior) and Kingship. And it starts with me …

  19. This has been insightful. I believe I am being developed in the David 3 fold anointing you so beautiful shared. I pray that you would share in-depth how to develop each area personally.

  20. There is no God like our God! When Jesus said it was finished, the victory was secured for US! We just need to learn how to enforce it! Thank you for being a “blacksmith” in the Kingdom and helping us to take up and wield our mighty weapons through God! You are so needed in this hour and it’s just God’s faithfulness to provide you!

    • Arnett, praying you walk in the love of the Father by His Spirit today, confident in your identity in Him. You are His child and you know and hear His voice clearly!

  21. I believe this has much to do with obedience. Acts 13:22 After removing Saul, he made David their King. God testified concerning him ‘I have found David son of Jesse, a man after my own heart; he will do everything I want him to do’.

    As you show above David does do everything God wants him to do. There is value in Lover, Warrior and King.

    Before Jesus turns water into wine, His Mother said to the servants ‘Do whatever he tells you’. John 2:5
    I was given a word when I was baptized and it was John 2:5 written on a torn piece of paper, supernaturally torn in the shape of a vav. I have taped it to the inside of one of my bibles.

  22. My Brother,
    You come to right out of the twenty years of teaching in the church that was founded in Oakland, Ca. by Prophet , Teacher
    of Teachers and Sister who was part of the group that gathered
    in Canada in 1948, in an old airport building, to find her calling
    and take us into the very teaching that you announce today.
    The Latter Rain, for what ever reason. The history of that woman and the group that was there is walking around right
    now, teaching and preaching to all who would listen, and are
    waiting for the worship and spiritual insight that we had for
    so many years.
    We are and will be ready to jump on that train and take us to
    our callings and purpose in life for this time in the History of
    Shiloh and the love, warrior and placement maker for the time
    that we were assigned to see and be a part of.
    Bless you for your beautiful announcement and assurance that,
    though He tarried with us, we are still armed and ready.
    The sleeping church, and the country in the USA of today, will
    be “made alive” in the days and years to come.
    Though we tarry, we KNOW Him and we shall finally be able
    to turn our names from Jacob to Israel.
    Continue to “Sound the Alarm” and we will meet at the call
    of Zion, for our Beloved to awaken all who have been in their
    times of hibernation, and those who continue to be available
    and fulfilled by our Master.
    Thanks again, Brother. You are a joy to the hearts of many.

  23. So true….lover, warrior,king…”A three fold cord is not easily broken”
    And so true that you positioned “lover” firstly. The Word declares “Pursue love, and eagerly desire the gifts, especially that you might prophesy”. We’ll never be prophetic warriors without the pursuit of love. And we’ll be spiritually weak kings without the flow of love through our lives.
    Thank you for your insight. It’s blessed me today and sits in my “meditator” …lover, warrior, king
    Blessings in Him. Grace

  24. Yes, I see myself in all of those 3. I am a worshiper and lover. It’s really hard to be in church or a meeting when we don’t take time to invite the Holy Spirit and worship in God’s presence long enough to impact us. This is so critical in the time that we live in!!


  26. Thank you Lance.
    Yes, this word resonates in my spirit. I have connected with Davis for many years, and now appropriate the nature of David’s Kingdom for these end-time days. No weapon formed against me can prosper, for the Spirit of God within alerts, equips and performs His working. The “unknowns” of the future are not confusing Him, and He will direct our paths!
    Bless you.As One!

  27. I am feeling the call to expand. I have always been a Lover of Jesus Christ. In 1973 God gave me a strong hunger for His Word. He placed me into the book of Revelation. I have always known that I am a Warrior. Since I am a child of God, I’m also a King. But it has only been recently that the Holy Spirit was showing me that I had been believing a lie. The Truth was that I had the authority to cast out the spirits of darkness. Even at church I received an prophetic word that had something to do with a “key.” And now that I have read what you had to say, I understand. I have the Key of David and the authority to cast out the spirits of darkness. God bless you.

    • Vita, thank you for that testimony! Good to hear that you are beginning to walk in your spiritual authority and identity in Christ. Blessings to you!

  28. Excellent revelation Lance! Yeshua does it Good! It’s fun to pray for you because you have a tender heart in The Father, and you receive and respond to His Glorious Love! Awesome days we live in as His Warriors and Lovers of His Soul! Shalom, God Bless you and Annabelle,and family!
    Teri Allen

  29. Hi Lance you give clarity good to read it realy hits me, I am truly a worshipper in our church and love to play the piano and sing with the congregation , before weekly preparing I go in my warroom seeking God thank him, ask him and give him, He showed me the Crown of Joy serving Him. The Lover the Warrior the King I Love it!

  30. I recently made my vision board. Near the center of the board I put a key (stands for key of David). I also incorporated some of my “I Am” statement into my board. It was so much fun to do!!

  31. Hallelujah, I am skipping and jumping, because this revelotary Truth, if we who are called by His name, (the Davidic worshippers) truly grasp who we really are in the earth, and begin to rule in righteousness and justic, we will see the world system turn upside down, like in the Apostle Paul’s time. Thank you Lance Wallnau.

  32. Lance, I absolutely love this revelation and thank God greatly for you and your family. My question is, how can I receive training and impartation? Do you mentor Sr. Leaders such as myself who have been called to birth something where thereis no working model?

  33. This is great Dr.Lance, just right when I needed to hear to step out to equip the Esther Joseph of this time and to finish the book ABC Book of Light- the #1 blueprint to be happy regardless! by A: seeking God Abba our Divine Architect to know our life blue print throughB: Beatitudes of Jesus, C : to carry it till the finishing line , the cross, the key to enter the resurrected life.
    We needed to expand our vision and we need your bigger vision Dr. Lance!
    I have enjoyed your messages posted before thoroughly, Just want to say thank you Dr. Lance for your faith filled sharing for we need to lean on your message. Oanh Ngo , Onah Esther De jesus, founder of Agapae Life Design Center

  34. Everything in the kingdom deals with capacity… Higher heights, deeper depths, wider widths &bbroader breadths! (Mark 4:24-25) What vessel will you need to harvest your destiny? A thimble, a cup, a bucket or a tanker truck?

  35. This article, and the LWK series came just in time for me – – literally on a day when I was starting to wonder if I was spiritually schizophrenic (not really, but just to make my point). I could not understand why I would bask in the Presence of God one minute, and passionately fight for certain things societally, in the next. It now makes complete sense. (Except just one thing, and that is that I still cannot figure out the mountain on which I belong). Secondly, with regard to the apostolic church having the anointing for governance, again, such clarity! I think of the political grassroots coalition movements in the 90’s, where churches and church-goers were successfully vocal, yet it did not last. This makes me think there was no apostolic anointing on that movement (more of an evangelically based strategy?). I think many Christians have blamed the increase in societal wrongdoing on lack of church involvement, but maybe we had the right idea, the right heart, but the wrong strategy. “Microchurch-ers” on their mountains makes infinite sense. Now if I could just figure out my mountain! Absolutely excellent series!

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  37. I have just discovered your sight and hope to spend some time checking out your opinions. Love your philosophy on Donald Trump. We are Canadian but spend winters in Florida. Last year I thought I would have some fun and basically espoused many of the ideas you seem to have. To my surprise I couldn’t even get a good discussion going most people agreed.

    Re the warrior king. The Lord spoke to me awhile ago when I was seeking Him on why did we seem to be losing the battle. He said My people need to get out of their buildings and into the streets. Until my people are willing to go to jail if necessary, are willing to do whatever it takes revival will not come. He said revival is not something I do it is something my people do. The world goes to thee streets for their causes, My people sit in their comfortable buildings and wonder why nothing happens. Maybe, He said I have to destroy their comfortable buildings as I did the temple in the past to get them out.

  38. Really blessed today to find your videos on this topic.
    Lord taught me the three groups I was to discern which I was talking to: Num. 10
    I have been teaching Christ’s Apostolic as middle management for 40 years.
    I would like to visit your place. Blessings