Hello friends and family. As the world of 2012 shakes I just got a word for you – “THE LORD SHALL ESTABLISH PEACE WITHIN YOUR BORDERS!” The warfare will increase – but it will not be inside your mind or your dwelling. I just got back to Texas and am weighing all the Primary season election updates. Also looking at North Korea, Putin, Iran, Chavez, and updates from ministries and such. BIG things are happening as 3rd heaven squeezes 2nd heaven and the front lines of power structures in spiritual and natural governments feel the increased weight of glory and the weight of agitation. A cosmic clash of ideas is intensifying. I encourage you to check your foundations, as this is what cracks when the weight increases. I deliberately sat up last night and watched a very old and in some ways classic broadcast of Kenneth Copeland at a friends house. Those themes dealing with faith, righteousness, unbelief, the Word, the covenant, etc. are priceless. This year the Lord wants us to secure your borders as He expands your sphere. A verse in Psalms leaped off the page saying -“The Lord shall establish peace within your borders.” Grab that! Its a Rhema.

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