Let me try this again….
Jesus said ALL error came from two things “ye do err, knowing neither the scriptures or the power of God.” Think about that. All error is an insufficient revelation of a truth you need to know or an anointing you are not tapping into.

I wrote a previous post and want to probe both the indifference (not a whole lot of interest) and the various uncomfortable reactions.

QUESTION: What does God want you to do about your nation? How do we err?

Some are confused about the difference between zeal for the “kingdom” and patriotism for their country. I see the two connected because when we bring the kingdom into our territory, we liberate the nation to express its unique glory. Nations, not just individuals have a “glory” to reveal. This is a word you never hear, which is why I first began to catalyzed and popularized the message of the “7 Mountains.” I am amazed at how Christians still miss this call to disciple their own nation – especially here in the United States – and when they talk about it they get lost in two ways:

1.) Many put their energy into seeking deeper personal supernatural experiences and presence. This revival focus is perfect for awakening the believer and perhaps evangelizing a soul, but this strategy all by itself is inadequate until people with “the wisdom of the just” invade the thought systems that shape nations. You cannot “supernatural” a nation into reformation. Think about it. Getting born again or getting filled with the Spirit is the most powerful supernatural installment you can ever get – yet if you are 200 pounds overweight, you don't lose it when you get saved. You may however drop the weight afterward because you change the way you eat. Likewise you cannot “supernatural” the nation into change. It has to change its collective diet and stop feeding on deception and lies.

Transformation comes by a process – “Be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind.” This does not discount the supernatural because it is the anointing that tears down the old thought structures and advances new ones. We need supernatural people to invade our economic, social service, government, education, family, media and church systems and bring the power and mind of Christ into warm living contact with the dead corpse of humanistic unbelief.

None of our current conferences and gatherings can compare to the reviving we will experience when we actually grab our first cluster of grapes after invading the land. Want to taste the next level? Cross over.

2.) We err by making this an “us against them” political battle. This fails to properly understand that the kingdom does not come by simply voting in a Christian to a public office. One lone believer is as useless as General Custer at Little Big Horn. Wilberforce ended slavery by changing the public mind through a long process of public persuasion. This involves the progressive occupation of ground in both spiritual warfare and practical wisdom. We need not only individuals but NETWORKS in these places. At a minimum you need two or more in agreement to form a place where the Lord will take governmental residence. You'll need more if its a really big stronghold.

Back to patriotism for your nation, this is not a subject set in competition with the “kingdom.” THERE IS A GLORY IN EVERY NATION that is hidden under a veil of darkness. Where does this darkness come from? It comes from HIGH PLACES! What high places? The places of public influence: religion and spirituality, media, arts, business, education and government mountains. We fail to disciple nations largely because believers don't occupy the centers of influence, they prefer to camp on the periphery and enjoy God.

Finally, where do you see nations in the new earth? Look at the last chapter of Revelation and behold how “Nations” walk in the light of the glorious city of God. They don't cease…they go on forever. Nations, diversity, different glories, God loves it. This is what God promised Abraham and Sarah. Nations are the inheritance of Jesus – thats why He told us to GO, TEACH and occupy them till he comes. Every nation should be discipled in order to liberate the glory that is in that nation, and every believer within a nation should see themselves as the heaven sent liberators of the true glory of their country.

In order to do this we have to think like a new breed of 21st century Apostolic church pioneers who work with the local church on one hand yet establish small bands of praying believers in homes and offices in spheres of influence, called – micro church! We go into “all the world” by now going into all the “systems” and termite the devils kingdom down from the inside out- like Neo going into Agent Smith in the Matrix, or better yet, Jesus who came into our earth system then descended into the system of Hell, to plunder and take captive.

I am not insane. It's gonna get kinda hectic on planet earth in the year 2012 cause Heaven in invading earth and setting government into order.

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