There are times in history where speakers, their words, and their ideas shape nations. This is both good and bad. Good because the church has no lack of anointed oratory. Bad because the battle of big ideas isn’t fought in the church.

Adolf Hitler and Winston Churchill were secular prophets. They sought political endorsement through carefully scripted use of their oratorical gifts, spin on events, and leverage of national media.

We live in a perilous time where the power of media, combined with the short attention span and shallow thinking of average Americans makes for a dangerous cocktail.

To love God with ALL MY MIND as well as heart will require me to wrestle thru to clarity on complex issues…

What sources do you go to in order to get clarity?
Who do you think is objective?
Do you think Christians need a crash course in some basic worldview issues?
Does it bother you that millions of Christians are not even voting in Elections?

Start talking, my friends! I want your insight.

– Lance

P.S. EVEN if this topic is one that does not interest you, please tell me why. With your insight – you can help me understand. Thank you.

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3 thoughts on “TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK.

  1. I’ve found that the only way that I really get a clear perspective is to do historical research, to listen to people speak first-hand about what’s happened to them, and to read from a variety of sources. That has really helped me because I started to find that whatever popular media outlets put out is either on one extreme end or the other about any given issue, NOBODY is objective these days. So when all of the sensational news stories come out, my strategy is to refrain from reading any of the articles/watching the clips and to wait until the hype passes and then I revisit the issue later when more of the truth has had a chance to surface. That’s been my strategy and it’s been working great for me these last few years.

    • I do like Asjah Monroe does and agree with him as I follow what he does…do the research, so I will not reiterate it here. However, I take it a step further and take it to the Lord , pray over it and ask for guidance as well. Many solutions have come that way. The other thing after the research, taking it to God is important then to take action and let it be known the findings – true or false. This way people can be educated about the happenings around them. So many have put their head in the sand. Where has the motivation gone? Where has moving upward mobility gone? Where are the thinking caps? Bottom line how are we, you and I are accountable? Search your heart, get in there and make a difference.

  2. Q: What sources do you go to in order to get clarity?
    A: I don’t have a television so I pick up on news / events either through friends or online. If the event is important enough, I’ll read several reporting sources and then ask God to provide insight and discernment. Even on issues that I’m passionate about, I’m ashamed to admit that the extent of my involvement will incorporate prayer (and voting when that is an option). If the issue is REALLY big I’ll turn to a couple of resources … the Gateway Church Southlake website and Streams Ministries International website.

    Q: Who do you think is objective?
    A: God is the only true source of objectivity. If we’re honest with ourselves, it’s very difficult to be objective without taking a sufficient amount of time to gather facts. All too often, even seemingly viable sources are simply copying / forwarding information without taking the time to research and report all sides of the story.

    Q: Do you think Christians need a crash course in some basic worldview issues?
    A: Yes, as well as the complex ones.

    Q: Does it bother you that millions of Christians are not even voting in Elections?
    A: Absolutely. From the last election, several friends used the excuse that since neither option was good, they simply refused to vote at all.

    It seems that we ( the Church ) have become increasingly complacent towards seeking God in the first place. As a result, we’re no longer in a place of thriving and many are merely surviving. Having endured three different seasons of ‘survival’ myself, I now know that if seeking God is not already an every day part of your life, its easier for the source of satisfaction to turn FROM loving God, toward loving oneself. Self-satisfaction and self-absorption seem to be infiltrating the church at epic proportions.

    Thanks for asking … your teachings and perspective are incredibly thought-provoking.