Surround yourself with lions and KNOW THE GOD OF EXPLOITS

10424267_10152585119474936_4250143635984008596_nGet clear on what you are here on earth to accomplish. Surround yourself with others who carry the same intensity of resolve as you to get that thing done.

It's a strange thing but stragglers and wanderers will step out of the way if theyencounter a highly-focused group of warriors moving in haste in a singular direction.

You are the agent, authorized by heaven to do something. Act like you know what you're doing and the world around you will assist you in getting it done.

All this falls under the category of “INTENTIONALITY” which could be defined as definiteness of purpose backed by intense desire. “INTENTIONALITY” means a commitment to seeing something manifest.

THUS DOES THE BIBLE DESCRIBE “MEN WITH FACES OF LIONS”, DAVID'S MEN, IN FACT. And each one of his mighty men was a person of uncommon power. The Bible talks about the number of enemies each had killed. They had a kill ratio 10X GREATER than OTHER ORDINARY SOLDIERS. THE “FORCE MULTIPLICATION” CAME FROM PROXIMITY TO DAVID'S ANOINTING – and David was anointed to take a nation.

Translate THAT to the ability to TAKE DOWN and CAST OUT DEMONS.

IF YOU ARE A DAVID, YOU NEED TO GET A BAND OF BROTHERS. Or, if you are a woman, get a band of Deborahs. Raise up others with the same vision. Stay close enough to LET YOUR ANOINTING RUB OFF AND ACTIVATE THEIR CAPACITY FOR FORCE MULTIPLICATION IN THEIR WARFARE.

There are times you need to move with lions and be bold.

This may be one of those times.

P.S. NOTHING freaks the devil out like 5 to 9 people who know how to pray. I'm talking like the old timers. People who get into the Spirit and start hearing and seeing the same things and jump onto the prey till it is devoured.

BAM! Combine that kind of praying with a band of warriors taking massive, focused, high-leverage action in the direction of God's assignment and YOU, my friend, are on the fast track to fulfilling the verse in the Last Days that says…

There's a silver tongue psychopathic AntiChrist prophesied to come. He may be in the shadow of world events right now… He will “do wickedly against the covenant” and shall corrupt by “flatteries”: BUT the people that do know their God shall be strong, and do exploits.” (Dan 11:32)

They that KNOW their God SHALL be strong, and do EXPLOITS (courageous and historic acts of renown!!)

Surround yourself with lions and KNOW THE GOD OF EXPLOITS.


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31 thoughts on “Surround yourself with lions and KNOW THE GOD OF EXPLOITS

  1. Lance, your blog posts are always on point. Even the picture of the lions is a very impactful visual. The words and image definitely resonates with my spirit and what I am called to do. Most importantly, it reinforces that the time is now.

    Thanks for the activation message. I will go forth and do great exploits!


  2. Lance..right on target, as usual. So much to think on there.

    It sounds like a heck of a lot of fun too, lions and all. Love that phrase “do exploits” as it implies a noble and interesting mission.

    The passage from Daniel you cited reads “the people that do know their God shall be strong, and do exploits.” It is also a great quote because it says it is “the people” that know God who will have this, and not “some” people but ALL of Gods people.

  3. Lance you nailed it again. Unfortunately sometimes around here it feels like Ziklag and all my men want to kill me. So I keep trusting in the LORD and wait till he sends us with more prayer warriors. Your message also reminded me of Elisha encouraging his helper that, “Greater are those who are for us than those who are for them”. 2 Kings 6:16. Also 1 JN 4:4

    • Ric, If you really feel that way do what David did & encourage YOURSELF in the Lord. Criticizing your people is never helpful. Criticism is just part of the job if you are to lead people.

  4. This speaks to me to the depths of my soul!! I desire to be among “David’s Mighty Men” doing exploits for our King Jesus!!!!!!!

  5. Only about 20 out of every 100 Lions born in the wild survive.
    Only 1 out of every 300 becomes the King over a pride for a long period.
    The King of the pride understands that He is always on call for a battle against an intruder – Defend and Protect or be Killed. Kill or be Killed.
    About 1 in every 1,000 Christian truly understands their purpose in the earth…many are “saved” rarely will they become a King in their gifting, calling, vocation or sphere.
    You don’t ever here this scripture preached, no one has the guts to say it like it is…1 Samuel 18:24-27…David and his band of Warriors (his TEAM) were ruthless against the enemy, they wanted to send a message that he was the KING and no one should make any mistake…think of how gruesome, ugly and violent this TEAM was in battle. They didn’t delicately cut off 100 philistine foreskins like a surgeon would in an operating theatre. They would grabbed each philistines “package”, cut it off and threw it in a bag! And they only needed to do 100…they were fierce crazy animals, they did 200! Are you part of a TEAM that has crazy people on it that encourage each other to do crazy exploits for God? Is your TEAM perceived by the enemy as a scary threat? Do you have the Leadership ability to lead such a TEAM?
    Great word Lance, Love the PICTURE brother…

  6. Hi Lance. This is a year of considerable transition for me, having been made redundant after teaching for 23 years in the same school. However, I know it’s God’s Will. I know that this has happened to release me into a number of things, including an opportunity to embrace the main calling on my life which i believe is to minister through singing , piano and song-writing.This links directly with what you have said. I believe that God wants me to embrace this opportunity NOW! I WANT to do ‘exploits’ from now onward…
    God bless you and your family,
    Phil Hall (UK)

  7. This is my first read of any of your blogs. Computer problems, life,…..Yours is one of the Words given over the last 2 weeks that I’ve caught: moments on TV, here and there, that have assured me that this is the time to come forth because I know G-d. I am ready. From obscurity, farm lands, consummed by horrible family trouble to deal with, less and less finances to just enough to see if my rubber will meet the road. Am I true blue. Am I now strong in the Lord and the power of His might. Have I walked in it. Now I need to gather more than the 3 of us that pray. Just before I read this I was thinking this and this Word confirmed it and told me why. 20 years preparing a message and living it– now ready. Get those steady to be together, as one. Thank you for listening.

  8. David spent the time to get his bitter and indebted men qualified to become his men of valor. Jesus established that the way to grow the church is discipleship. The sad thing is that most are de-facto disciples not really having a rathe so they spend their life adopting people they like as their father until they do or say something they don’t like and they go to another.

  9. I agree. You are right on as usual. We have an awesome tribe, for which I thank God for. Thanks again for sharing !
    As One ! ~Marie

  10. Thanks Lance! Powerful word and love the visual! I love what was stated about finding those warriors that really know how to pray! What a weapon we have! What a shame it is when a prayer meeting is the least attended at many churches. Thanks for this blog. Many blessings to you and yours! As One!!!

  11. How timely yet again Lance! I so believe that you are “a mind/thought-reader”. The name Deborah came to mind this morning when I awakened and I was wondering “what that was all about’. No more wondering! Don’t you just love the way The Holy Spirit connects? I was asking the Lord to please either send “like minded” people into my life OR to direct me to them, because it sure as anything does help to have those who understand where you’re coming from as far as Kingdom purpose is concerned, where you’re going to be the most effective and with whom. Those who are willing to stand with you and indeed do extraordinary exploits together against a common enemy. Besides its more fun in numbers and we get to not only “roar victory” but also compare “battle scars” and share on the “ones that did not get away”. Many thanks Lance and like “many before me in this thread”, truly an apt visual to draw out the boldness in the saints.

  12. I’m sorry to be the one negative voice here, but sometimes it’s needed to prevent disaster (1 Kings 22).
    I observe that this call rewrites the scripture that was quoted for support.

    [scripture:] They that KNOW THEIR GOD shall be strong, and DO EXPLOITS.
    [conclusion:] Surround yourself with lions [i.e. strong people] and KNOW THE GOD OF EXPLOITS.

    Scripture says the way to know God and access His power is by UNION WITH MESSIAH.

    If you don’t have that private intimacy with God (which David had), all the bold determination in the world will not compensate for the lack.

    And — Whatever people you may gather around you, you cannot hope that their knowledge of God will “rub off” onto you. How do we know this is true? Judas Iscariot was surrounded by 12 Lions of Faith, including the only begotten Son of God.

    I don’t know you, Lance, but I will assume you know these truths and just neglected to mention them… and that you will revise your blog accordingly.

    Regarding this “new and improved” promise from Daniel… To cut-splice God’s original words is definitely a “bold” move, but it won’t bring blessing… only judgment. Repent now while you can.

    Grace and Truth from Israel,

    • Hannah,
      In a short blog it is not possible to hit every theological support for complete balance. Most of Lance’s readers have been walking with The Lord for a while so these abbreviated supports do not cause a problem, though it is always good to be reminded that The Lord is the true source of every good thing.
      Part of what I get out of what Dr. Lance is presenting is the value of fellowship, and the power of unity in the body. As a man who has left one ministry to begin something new, I often find myself very alone. And as a man I would not tend to think anything of that… I would just work harder. But Lance’s word and your word reminds me to listen, know, and move with others who have done the same. A wise word.
      Fellowship, the 3-strand cord, unity are import topics in the Bible — not as important as dependency on Christ — but important nonetheless.

    • Hi Hannah,

      What a bold and loving gesture to correct a brother in the Lord. I truly commend you for that. If it would comfort you in though, I did not understand the blog the way you interpreted it. And I think many of us here also did not arrive at the same conclusion as you did. I was actually surprised how you got to this conclusion:

      ” [conclusion:] Surround yourself with lions [i.e. strong people] and KNOW THE GOD OF EXPLOITS.”

      What I got from the blog was that surrounding myself with godly friends who share the same passion for God and God’s Kingdom is a powerful thing. This is actually supported by a lot of verses in the Bible. Here are a few:

      That which we have seen and heard we proclaim also to you, so that you too may have fellowship with us; and indeed our fellowship is with the Father and with his Son Jesus Christ. 1 John 1:3 ESV – This one is especially good because it emphasizes that first thing is fellowship with Jesus and then as we are one with Jesus, we become one with those who are also in fellowship with Him. This is the kind of fellowship with need, with those who are also on fire for God with the same vision God has given us.

      See also:
      Hebrews 10:25
      Hebrews 10:24
      Proverbs 27:17

      I hope this sheds light also to others that might misinterpret the blog post. It’s not about just surrounding yourself with “strong” people, it’s about fellowship and intentional violence to take exploits for Jesus and there is a multiplier effect, an exponential increase. This is all in the Bible.

      Iron sharpens iron, and one man sharpens another. (Proverbs 27:17 ESV)
      Five of you shall chase a hundred, and a hundred of you shall chase ten thousand, and your enemies shall fall before you by the sword. (Leviticus 26:8)

      Anointing is also passed on. When Lance said “rub off,” he meant transference not the physical rubbing off. Look it up in the Bible, you see fathers and leaders and event gatherings having an anointing that is passed on to those who come in contact with them.

      So there, I hope my super long comment is helpful and would encourage you to look deeper into what Lance is sharing because I really think it’s from the Holy Spirit. And yes, that’s another thing, we should interpret Scripture with inspiration from the Holy Spirit. It will help us understand profound things that are otherwise difficult to understand just by reading using our own intelligence.



      But yes I agree, we should always keep Jesus at the center of it all, and not the work of man.

  13. I need a strong word about staying in community with others who have the same vision to take my part of the education mountain. I have a few professors with the same resolve and courage.
    I am so glad to learn from Lance and my Brothers and Sisters.
    God, send other believers into my path so we can defeat Satan in my mountain.

    • Paul,

      Please write. I have been climbing the education mountain in the Winston Salem, NC area and have much to share.


      • Thank you, Matthew. I will.God has given me favor and opened up doors.
        Holy Spirit, bring me fresh fire to burn up the strongholds that are only made lf lies and trickery. Satan is a liar and has no power over the name of Jesus.

  14. Each have heard; all have caught fire… none will easily go out. In the combined light where does the shadow hide? Only under their feet! You are a Great encouragement Lance! An enlightenment needed in this season for me and so many.

    LANCE, Speaking of fire, I feel that there are new areas of fire that will spring up around your ministry — some can connect — some will not, but they are because of your obedience in pray to many little things Our King has spoken to you. Most of which no one knows. [Strange fact: In the Oakland Hills fire a number of years ago there was an unexplained rapid spread of the fire. The fire spread faster than wind and embers could take it; many house burst into flames while the fire was still hundreds of feet away. It turned out that it was the radiant heat (light — the warm part of light) from the many trees burning together shone into the houses and causing the drapes and furniture to smolder and ignite long before any flames got near. PRAYER: In a good way may your light shine through many windows setting homes on fire for Christ. AM 9.13]

    Keep up the good work, God Bless You.

  15. This is so right on time! Chuck Pierce and his brother Keith Pierce just preached a similar message today! And Chuck admonished us to be careful of our peers!!!

    Love it Lance!

  16. I am praying that the Father sends forth those that I unite with. I am ready for battle!!! My vision in a dream a few nights ago…I was in full armor fighting the dragon. I walk unafraid…HE prepared me for that which the enemy flees for the Spirit is strong in me.