Scotland voted today to stay in the over 300 year union with Britain. Feels good to me. I always like to see people stay together. Most of the polling was predicting the opposite.

But there is a pressure coming into the earth and you will see it manifest in 100 ways. The pressure to break apart and not be able to resolve differences. In the end, nation against nation means ethnic groups against ethnic groups. I think divisions are being pressured by selfishness and loss of covenant building or -keeping. It’s going to continue. Loyalties and alliances are going to be tested in every theater.

The European Union is shaken by this whole experience because this was a very close vote with- the younger demographic voted to break up. The older thought it unwise to do. Just a matter of time I think till this comes round again.

Either way, Scotland has shaken up the EU as they sense more will be coming after this.

Here are the following nations seeking to break away next.

Spain- Catalonia (20% to the economy)
France – Corsica
Belgium – Flanders
Italy- Sardinia
Italy- Venice

The common dividing line is “language.” If you don’t speak the same language you want to redefine yourself as a nation with your language group. Without spiritualizing too much I suspect that culture wars do this also. If two people have incompatible values there is a language gap in communication. That gap leads to tensions or splitting apart.

Some people in Texas want to see Texas break away, but that is still just a joke. So far.

But seriously, the turning of nation against nation and kingdom against kingdom is going to require us to be peacemakers at a whole new level, in the spirit.

What do you see happening in all this?

I like your opinions.


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