Remembering 9/11

I was with World Trade Center employees on 9-11. Heard some amazing stories.

I’m with Andrew Womack Sept 14, to speak at an “In God We Trust Rally.” It’s free at Woodland Park, Colorado. Check out

Will talk about the clash of cultures and powers in 2020 and share the grass roots plan for “As One America.”

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One thought on “Remembering 9/11

  1. Lance I sent you an email but my point✓of stewardship and servant-hood is intact!
    I shared with you some scriptures that I had gotten Acts 17: 26-27.

    But my latest scripture is “be still and know that I am God!” When the fear and honor of the Lord hit me came upon me with his peace I pulled out my finger and I said the stupidest thing because our eyes were fixed myself and a pioneer of 4Runner of this next era. I said it’s Johnny Appleseed in your bag is on the left you’ve been sowing across the United States! You said how did you know that. Then I pulled out my finger I didn’t know it would shoot a bullet of God’s power like that! At fresh fire after the servers was almost over the power of God through him over two sets of chairs! And he was flattened on his face worshipping!
    Then the Jewish man said prophesy to me so I said I’m just going to do this not the same old thing I’m going to breathe I breathed My breath wasn’t that bad I had had Listerine The breath of God threw him across the room He hit the wall and slid down. I thought oh my God? What did you feel He said I felt the Glory of God.
    I love the logos the logic the pertinent use of the right words at the right time.

    Then I said Lord I want to see those three young men flat on their faces under the chairs worshiping whatever. Down they went. They got up drunk ???? I said I don’t think you can drive home. I said pray for me and a pillar from heaven came down right through me and then I got drunk. Stagger me around I said you know guys the Lord spoke to me that one his sons and daughters pray for me or prophesy I’m done medium rare. I said God is going to give me what would take the normal natural man years to comprehend. It’s like God downloading everything I need into my spirit for the next 10 or 15 years. Am I a quick learner no the Lord’s doing a quick work. I tried to make it simple then I fell over. I got up! The Lord has given me the tongue of already writer. So on my door at the hotel it said 555 Grace Grace Grace! Favor favor favor! Well I’m going to shorten this I’m 6 ft! I’m somewhat like Mario Murillo If God doesn’t speak I sure ain’t!
    Auntie Mae should know what’s going on! In Kansas, the tin Man doing good He makes a lot of noise when he walks! The DB level is off the charts of my Outer-limits.
    I can only thank you! for being you Lance. I believe you could be the engineer of The Choo Choo train and I’m the conductor passing out tickets whiter than snow!
    Spirituality is truly walking and step with Jesus being led by the Holy Spirit. The other stuff is a sham.
    Douglas Schroeder
    Or sell 916-770-7351. I will pray here but my financial breakthrough is going to happen as Cindy Jacob said because God said it! It’s all Kingdom finance! Many are the plans in the mind of man, but the answer the tongue is from the Lord.
    Over and out!
    P. S. You will know me in the spirit and you can know me in the natural. I’m an open book! “transparent”
    To be with you and silent Yes! Would be wonderful but I will speak those things to be not as though they were. I’ve travailed! I believe God is going to give me room and place for my gifting that comes from above. Thank you Lance!