Prophetic Update From The Wall Of Jerusalem

IT STUNNED ME. As I stood on the southern steps of the wall of Jerusalem, the numbers formed a PROPHETIC UPDATE!

I squeezed this video out for you right before flying out of Tel Aviv.

The Hebrew New Year 5779 just happened. The 577_ stays the same, but the new element is 9. Wait till you hear what the “9” is going to look like.

Also, this is the 120th year anniversary of the Zionist Congress where the vision for Israel was launched 120 yrs ago.

It is the 70th year since the formation of Israel as a nation.

We just passed the 50th year since the reunification of Jerusalem.

70 is the number of nations, and this is Israel’s 70th year.
50 years ago Jerusalem was reunified. BUT 50 is also the days between Passover and Pentecost. It is the number of God's outpouring.

120 is the number of years since the first Zion Congress, convening to form a Jewish Nation State. BUT 120 is the number of Jews in the Upper Room!

This video will put it together for you.
It’s the hour when evil will be more evil, and the righteous will be more righteous. The distinction between good and evil, darkness and light, and God and Satan will intensify. It is the hour for the harvest of nations. Sheep nations will be formed. Goat nations will manifest. Goat cities and Goat States also. But the outpouring will come… as Daniels intercede. Just as was done when Daniel read the 70 yr prophecy of Jeremiah. He took it to prayer and birthed both Cyrus to power and a Cyrus decree to establish Jerusalem.

We did this two years ago. We cannot now rest. We must do it again.


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3 thoughts on “Prophetic Update From The Wall Of Jerusalem

  1. Thanks for the update. I really appreciate the clarification. It is very helpful to know the prophetic implications of the new year. I learned that from Chuck Pierce. But it is also good to be able to know there is a practicality to the prophetic. Thanks again, Lance. I have gleaned a lot from listening to you. I have been praying Daniel’s prayer for at least 2 years now. I told our congregation many years ago that there was coming a dividing line and we would know the righteous from the unrighteous. Indeed, the spirit of prophecy goes before us.