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One thought on “New Video!-

  1. I watched your AIRPORT ANOINTING more than four times today. I have been dealing with some darkness I so desire to overcome. I have never experienced “filing”, even though I have asked many times. I can’t imagine having any room for darkness if the Holy Spirit was upon me. This day was harder than some and hearing you sing was uplifting….and what you said about the Lord taking a crown of thorns so our minds wouldn’t have to take on all the darkness. I want to have that… I was given a lovely singing voice in my youth, I desired to use it in what direction I was taken by faith. I didn’t get to. I turned 60 last May and thought I had lost it altogether. I just got the voice out of the closet in mid Jan to practice singing for 3 Valentine’s Day events. It turned out great and was fun. I went to Bible College and got a BS in Biblical Studies. I didn’t get to use that either.

    I have been unemployed for nearly 5 years. I used up resources trying to build an entrepreneurial income. I was taken advantage of by real good “marketing gurus” and lost everything. I kept trying because I just believed that the Lord was going to help my efforts. He knew that my income was going to be seriously reduced and he would help me replace it. I now have no resources, but I do have a husband! The Lord has kept me sheltered under him.

    You so remind me of my dreams when I was in Bible School. I was told to not watch you because of that but You give me hope. Somehow I begin to think He still might have something for me. I just want to be healed. I want to tell of His glorious and mighty works. I want my bubbly spirit and my joy back. I know he can heal.

    Agenda 21 and help, where I can with getting people out of the twisting our court system is using to control patriot Americans. I have friends who were involved talking the cowboys out of the Wildlife Refuge in OR. One of the groups I have been with is submitting writs of Habeas Corpus on behalf of the Hammonds, who were victims of double jeopardy and the basis of the occupation of the refuge. LaVoy Finnicum’s death was a result of the misuse of power and a violation of every law and belief this country ever stood for.. It can’t help but be frightening to those of us who know the truth. Independent investigators see it as an ambush.

    Seek ye first the Kingdom……all these things will be added unto you. He who lives in the shadow of the Most High…. I have asked for that since I was 16. Graham Cooke has it, Bill Johnson, You have it…. as the Judd’s sang — Why Not Me?