PROPHECY WITNESSED BY 100 MILLION VIEWERS…but perceived by those with “eyes to see and ears to hear.”
The picture for this post shows a hoped for hanging of Number #12 Tom Brady. (See PROPHETIC INSIGHT #10 for the lesson.)

Prophet Kim Clement said this game would be prophetic- and it was! He predicted that the unknown would become well known and the Superstars need to let the Day of the Saints begin. (Malcolm Butler makes this prophecy interesting.)


The Patriots’ win was not a prophetic story about the team franchise…though the symbolism of America’s true Patriots winning is a clear message! From a prophetic perspective Christians should not miss the point. God does not like New England more than the North West. Christians were playing on both teams, and believers live on both coasts.

HOWEVER: The game is a HUGE platform for insight into where America is and where it is going. It is a PROPHETIC STATEMENT for all of us who have EARS TO HEAR. Even those who don’t like football… (or half-time shows where Joel Osteen isn’t invited to sing).

2. HUMOR IS THE MOST POWERFUL FORM OF MARKETING. (Stop being grumpy when you preach.)
3. CARS, CARS, AND SOME TRUCKS! All are prophetic symbols of ministry vehicles. GET READY FOR GOD TO GIVE YOU A NEW VEHICLE FOR YOUR MESSAGE!

Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson became a Christian when Jesus visited him in a dream when he was a teen.

He is already a very blessed man. Yesterday he was looking for his second Super Bowl win in only his third NFL season.

Got to love this 26 year old guy. His Twitter tagline:
“Too blessed to be stressed” along with the Bible verse John 3:30:
“He must become greater; I must become less.”

SOME CHRISTIANS NEED TO BE LESS SO OTHER CHRISTIANS CAN BE MORE. The competition in ministry is killing the platform for new champions and ideas to emerge.

He was a super star and draft pick while attending University of Wisconsin-Madison but friends say: “He didn’t handle HIS CELEBRITY like a college kid,” said former Wisconsin teammate Aaron Henry. “Once he started having a little bit of success you found out if God was real or not for him. Girls coming at him at 100 mph. I was with him one night and I watched him pushing girls away. Any other person would’ve taken that and ran with it.”


Quarterback Wilson wears the number #3. This is the number for the trinity. Wilson is blessed, but the Trinity is throwing the ball to a ROOKIE!

Enter…The ROOKIE No. #29 Malcolm Butler!

THE “BUTLER” IS IN THE STORY OF ALL THE “JOSEPHS” GOD IS RELEASING FROM THEIR PRISON. You’ve been a prisoner – not of circumstance, but prisoner of a prophetic process of preparation.

MALCOM BUTLER had a VISION the night before the game. God showed him he would make a BIG play. THE BUTLER IN JOSEPH’S STORY HAD A DREAM WITH #3 BRANCHES WHICH MEANT IN #3 DAYS HE GOT RESTORED! The number 3 is connected to the dream of the “Butler”!

Joseph said to him, “This is the interpretation of it: The three branches are three days. Now within three days Pharaoh will lift up your head and restore you to your place, and you will put Pharaoh’s cup in his hand according to the former manner, when you were his butler.” (Genesis 40:12-13 NKJV)

THIS is the story of all of us who have had reversals but get A SECOND CHANCE!

A YEAR TO OVERCOME THE CURSE THAT KEEPS ROBBING YOU! Malcom had to OVERCOME a HUGE REVERSAL when he thought he tackled No. #15 Jermaine Kearse (pronounced curse) but in a crazy moment in Super Bowl history the ball bounced off of Kearse’s stomach and he kept possession! The reversal was bad. The dreaded Kearse (curse) could not be stopped even when it looked like breakthrough.

BUT As the Seahawks went to score and END the game, ROOKIE Malcom Butler intercepted the throw! The game was REVERSED again and over! (And, I don’t think Kearse is a “curse”. He made a great play…just surprised when my secretary told me his name and pronunciation.)

—– 2015 is a year of REVERSALS REVERSED!—- Malcom Butler WAS NOT CHOSEN BY MEN! There were 35 cornerbacks drafted by NFL teams in 2014….AND MALCOM WAS NOT ONE OF THEM!

He had to sign with the Patriots as a free agent! He was one of many undrafted rookies who reported for training camp, the chances of sticking with the team somewhere between slim and none.


How did he get into the BIG GAME? He had a lot of ‘wow’ moments that kept building, they said. This is a guy that wasn’t drafted, but I believe wholeheartedly that HE THOUGHT HE BELONGED HERE.

BUTLER had a dream before the game. Instead of a big play he had a big setback. THEN….the BIG PLAY.

DAVID HAD HIS BIGGEST REVERSAL AT ZIGLAG ONE DAY BEFORE HIS BIGGEST BREAKTHROUGH TO THE THRONE! Overcomers must not quit. At his worst moment…David “encouraged himself in the Lord!” And WON back all he lost!

For years people will debate the wisdom of the Seahawks decision to throw the ball rather than hand it to the man who led the team as an unstoppable force running with the ball.

A Seahawks Fan said to me: The only prophetic thing I get out of this is “Don’t do STUPID things to sabotage your victory when you’re THAT close. DON’T do it ….”

TOM BRADY, Playing NO.12 was beset by slander and allegations of winning by cheating, this was a game where no curse could stop #12…the government of God in the earth. It represents apostolic vision. The kingdom of God will overcome all curses of the enemy and keep advancing to victory and vindication.


Some would say I am reading into things. Maybe so, but if God can speak through a donkey…

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84 thoughts on “MY TOP #10 PICKS FOR PROPHETIC INSIGHTS from Super Bowl 2015

  1. 2 things come to mind to me after reading your post first, God cares and is in all r he details of our lives. We shouldn’t put Him in a box but His methods do not change and the second is that He is continually trying to speak to us if we are willing to listen and take notice. You mentioned the number 12 for Brady which reminded me I have been seeing 12:12 and 11:11 or 1:11 enough to notice the last few weeks. When I was a kid 137 always stuck out to me it came to a point that it was a joke with family and they would play it in lottery. Sometimes they one on it. It carried with me all the way thru my adult life. Then my husband started to see it very frequently for yrs. I finally gave up on what it could mean especially now since I am more focused on hearing his voice. It would be great to hear you teach on numbers. I understand there is some significance to them since we can see the patterns of them used by God throughout the thanks forbyourbteachings and encouragement. ago

      • So have I. In fact…I saw 11:11 AM today, 02-02-15. I’ve seen 3:33 both AM/PM MANY times, 2:22 AM/PM, 5:55 AM/PM since last summer. Many of the ‘times’ I’ve noticed have ‘3’ in them. 7:33, 6:33, 4:33 etc.etc.etc. Those numbers show up in odd places like the clock in the car, microwave, computer, and clocks in the house etc. What’s really amazing is I saw 11:11 on a digital clock in the OLD series of my favorite TV show…Hawaii 5-0. There was also a number of 73338 on one of the episodes in my collection from that series. It was the serial # of a treasury plate being discussed by McGarrett and the feds. I’d sure love to know what this is. I’m glad to know I’m in the great company of other believers experiencing the same things. God is awesome!

      • I too have been seeing 4:44,3:33, 11:11,1:11 2:22, and other numbers on car and home clocks and phone..etc! What does those numbers mean and why so frequently for the past few months now? Wow.

        • I’ve been seeing 5:55, 4:44, 3:33, 2:22 a lot as well. I’ve always thought 5:55 was God’s provision of grace to me in a needed situation, but not sure about the other times.

      • What do you mean by saying ‘God is speaking through those numbers? I have been seeing the same thing. It started several months ago when I began waking at 5:55, then 4:44. I can walk through my home and glance at the clock unconsciously and it will be at 1:11, etc. I would like your input.

        Thanks, Mary

        • Thank God some others are seeing sequential numbers. For over a year now I have been seeing 1:11, 11:11, 2:22, 3:33, 4:44, 5:55, 7:77. I read an article “THE FULLNESS OF TIME – Julie Volby – Apostolic-Prophetic ” which was enlightening. Thanks for sharing.

      • Thank God some others are seeing sequential numbers. For over a year now I have been seeing 1:11, 11:11, 2:22, 3:33, 4:44, 5:55, 7:77. I read an article “THE FULLNESS OF TIME – Julie Volby – Apostolic-Prophetic ” which was enlightening. Thanks for sharing.

      • I was seeing the numbers 4:44 also so I went searching my Bible to see if the Lord would speak to me thru a scripture and when I came to Psalm 44:4 I knew that was what He was saying to me. I had been praying about several challenges in our family. When I started to pray that scripture major breakthroughs started happening! This is the scripture NAS version. “Your are my King, O God, Command victory for Jacob.” I would put whoever’s name there in place of Jacobs’ name. I love the verses before 44:4- Psalm 44:3 For by their own Sword they did not possess the land, and their own arm did not save them; But your right hand and your arm and the Light of your Presence, for you favored them. 🙂

      • Me too. I’m always aware (conscious) every time I see significant numbers like 11:11, etc. etc. – I feel like I’m blessed. So I made a commitment to praise God and worship Him at those moments like saying, “Lord, You are great, You’re wonderful, Omnipotent! Thank You for Your love, grace and favor for me. You’re so good!”. There are also times I’m led to open my Bible and the Holy Spirit gives me impression on what book and then I go to chapter 11 and verse 11. Then I got a revelation of the right word for me that day or for guidance for any situation. Keep on developing to have a seeing eye and a hearing ear. On the super bowl, God did it again like with David Tyre during the super bowl XLII here in Arizona. To Him be all Glory and honor.

      • Thank God some others are seeing sequential numbers. For over a year now I have been seeing 1:11, 11:11, 2:22, 3:33, 4:44, 5:55, 7:77. I read an article “THE FULLNESS OF TIME – Julie Volby – Apostolic-Prophetic ” which was enlightening. Thanks for sharing.

    • Yes but actually I thought the really prophetic bit was the burning woman (symbolizing the Church) riding into centre stage on the back a Great Lion ( of Judah). I know Kate Perry’s spirituality is a little questionable but until there are true Spirit filled Christians on the mountaintop God has to use what’s available.
      Blessings, John
      PS can you please all pray for our Holy Spirit filled pop album we have recently released and help us get to the Arts/Media mountaintop;-

    • I too have been seeing the same numbers as I walk by the clock or just glance. This has been happening for months. Does anyone have a clue as to what it means ?

  2. The fact that the game was decided from an intercepted pass (in the air, heavenlies) rather than a fumbled ball (on the ground, the natural) tells me that no matter how certain an outcome may seem, prayer will always “change the game”.

    • #9 means government or rule. Can be also God’s government. Number 9 also means Holy Spirit, Evangelist, and Fullness of blessing – which ever applies to you.

    • #9 means Holy Spirit, Evangelist, or Fulness of blessing. 90 means Righteousness of God, Accepted, Devout man. 900 means Full Harvest, 90,000 means Very large harvest.

      The month September is #9 in the calendar. Color for Sept. Is Green which means New life, prosperity, healing, Victory, Renewal , Peace.

    • I’m sorry for posting the wrong meaning of #9 when I wrote that it means government or God’s government. I was thinking of #12.
      The right meaning of #9 is what I have written below.

  3. God gave this to me as I went to bed last night…”The PATRIOTS ( meaning you and me) beat the team from ‘Washington’ (meaning those who are corrupt in our government). Then, at 3:52 AM this morning, I awoke from a dream. The last thing I saw in my dream was a piece of paper in my hand on which was written (VERY CLEARLY) . ‘FREE is where He is.” The word ‘FREE’ was in capital letters.

  4. All I can day Lance is that this is so powerful. Goosebumps. The only thing is Malcolm Butlers number is 21 not 29. Even more prophetic. Thank you for sharing what the Lord has spoken.

  5. You are right on. I felt the Holy Spirit tell me that the Patriots would win before the game but I was to watch HOW they won. All your insights are ‘right on’. But I might add the number 21, a rookie, who had a vision from God was the one that brought the win in. I believe some young rookies are being raised up by Father God to ‘win’ this country back to Him. Psalm 21 spoke to me today as I pondered the results. I think more revelation will come. Isn’t it interesting that there might be a 3 day delay in the celebration of their win at home? Selah!

  6. I don’t think very many people will “hang their hats” so to speak, on this analogy (?) regarding God and football numbers, are people reading more into this than I think, or is there something to all of this speculation? Time and God’s actions will tell.

    • Ya, well you would really have to understand the prophetic. Kim Clement is one of the leading Prophets of our day. Bob Jones was a great Prophet as well, before he died. Kim & Bob very accurate & seasoned.

  7. Kim Clement! What a man of God, he prophesied over me amd my daughter in October of 1994, called us by name out of a group of 2000. I do have eyes to see, as I watched the game (being a Tacoma Washington native and Seahawk HUGE fan) and saw the amazing catch as the player fell backwards yet the ball spinned in mid air, I knew without a doubt this was a spiritual or “God” thing, it was like witnessing a miracle! Then, that last play/pass, well it happened the way it was suppose to happen because it was a result of a prophetic vision that The rookie had nights before, I could see it in his eyes and hear it in his voice, he was amazed, looked as though he had seen a ghost when responding to the sports interview. God meets us where we are and where he can make the biggest impression! It doesn’t always happen from a pulpit, maybe even rarely happens from a pulpit. God has got his favorites, just like David whom he said was a man after his own heart. I am pretty excited for 2015 and yes, the prophetic statements made to my daughter and I 20 years ago they have AND are coming to pass, especially the statement “For I am anointing you to come against the kingdoms of darkness.” Praise God

    • I love the prophetic! one of the posts said that they weren’t sure about the football analogy and I couldn’t keep silent. I would call this word a prophetic insight with a conclusion of hope. A godly word for those who are praying for revival and are looking for encouragement. (I have put names on numbers, 1-5 my family, 6-10 grandkids, etc. When I see multiples, I pray specifically for that person assigned to the number. But 333 is pray for Everyone- I -can- think- of !! CAUTION: Be careful that you don’t take your eyes off Lord Jesus. He is Lord! (not the numbers)
      NOTE: Prophets do lead when there is going to be a change in the “system”. Then there are those who are called to lead and to fight the fight. They are also in the battle front with directions (using numbers or orders). I am encouraged that God hasn’t lost the battle! Whether we are at half-time or at the end (others know about that) We Win. I rejoice that I am on God’s side and that We are more than Winners.
      The Rookies and the Seasoned are working together. Those who are called/asked to play and those who join in and are proving that they belong, are winning with us. Praise God. In God’s eyes, we won, we are winning and We will WIN. WAIT for it!!!

    • I loved the stunned response of the Rookie as well, as he was still in utter amazement when he spoke to the reporter. Very poignant and prophetic. I believe there was angelic assistance in the end zone ♥

  8. Where is your PROPHETIC INSIGHT #9?

    I don’t watch football much, but when one of my kids asked me just before the game who I will be cheering for I spoke out “the Patriots – because it’s time for the Patriots to rise again in America!” I felt HS on it as I spoke it. The rest in the room (had invited people to the house to watch) were all rooting for the Seahawks. We have had enough of d”C hawks” in “DC” trying to manipulate and rob us and future generations! (sorry Seahawks – we love you to) 🙂

  9. Wow. Insightful stuff about the Joseph’s.

    I did not watch the whole game but did watch the 2nd half of the 4th quarter, long enough to see Butler make that interception. My jaw dropped in his very first post game interview he said he “had a vision” that he would make a really big play that would affect the game. Such a shame that NBC reporter didn’t pick up on Butler’s countenance that he had experienced something supernatural and run with it in the interview. I think that would have been a game changer for her career to have followed his lead and walk through the door he opened in the conversation.

    Loved, loved loved the commercials about fatherhood. Cried like a baby! Also cried at the McDonald’s “Pay With Love” spot. Wow. Indeed, love is a powerful, limitless force. Oh, and I loved that Always “Like a Girl” spot. Cried at that one too. Who knew Madison Avenue had a heart? Or are they tapping into the heart’s of Americans and repackaging it as advertising? I’d be curious to know who the people are behind some of these uplifting ads.

    • Just a couple of weeks ago I listened to a radio interview between advertising types, they plainly stated that their ads were FOLLOWINGS a perceived shift in society. These ad execs don’t have a spiritual perspective at all, they are all about market share and metrics…..their science has clearly detected a societal shift “turning fathers hearts to sons, and sons (daughters) to their fathers.” Program aired on CBC in Canada. Those Super Bowl ads were only some of the ads that companies like Dove are putting out there. (“Dove” began the movement, I believe. Isn’t that interesting?)

  10. No one so far has looked into the meaning of his name. It is awesome ! “Malcolm” means “disciple of Columba.” Columba is credited with converting Scotland to Christianity in the 6th century, but HIS name means. “dove.” Could The Lord be saying that He is elevating those who are disciples of Holy Spirit who also have a servant heart (Butler)? All of these are right on but I just thought it was interesting to see the meaning of his name. Looking forward to more revelation coming on this!

  11. Bro. nice read. But man I’m thinkin your really reachin in some of this. False allegations? For 1. We don’t know that!Good read though!

  12. Hi Lance, I think this insight is amazing! So much to chew on. Thank You for sharing! I have a couple of questions:

    1. Where did you find/hear about Butler having a vision the night before the game, can you please post the link?

    2. With prophetic insight number 8, how do you differentiate between taking a risk and making a stupid move in life altering moments like last night? Because I believe in their minds (the Seahawks) that play was a great play or they wouldn’t have made it and brought about the heart ache which they now have to overcome. Wouldn’t you call what they did taking a risk which didn’t turn out the way they thought it would??? Because for me it was highlighted as a risk, which I still believe it was, but, if I’m supposed to look at it a different way, I want to :).

    I am a die-hard Seahawks fan and I’m still in shock about what happened last night but it really spoke to my heart as well. your insight is amazing, it gives me a different perspective, thank you again :).

    • God loves the Seahawks, too because they made it thru to Super Bowl and did you see what happened when the seahawk player (I forgot his name) was catching the ball and he fell down and lost grip of the ball and the ball kept on spinning above him and did not drop on the ground then he catches it (that was before Butler made the interception) – that was a miracle for Seahawks. But God meant it for the Patriots to win so He also gave them their miracle.

  13. When my 4 y/o daughter chose the Pats I knew the Hawks wouldn’t won. She has been watching football with me most of her life; she knows what’s a touchdown and even what a “good call” and “bad call” is and she’ll show you. She, Azàriàh (God is my Strength) was the only one in house going for them and she wouldn’t change her pick even though she knew she was the only one cheering for them in the house last night. She’s a prayer warrior who is a servant, she serves.

  14. Yes, of course, some would say this is not prophetic, but who made them judge. Different things speak to different individuals. Perhaps related this to the present day popular football game will allow those who would not otherwise hear the word of the Lord through the traditional (church-religious) way that many prophetic words are given.

    I must confess that I am not a big sports fan, although in my school days I was very athletic. But I hear a lot of what God is saying here both for me and for America.

    Amen! Lord, let it be.

  15. Although I appreciate the prophetic correlations with the game itself the HUGE notice for me was the SUPERBOWL ADS!!! Was it just me or were this years ads a click or two off the crazy, self-absorbed consumerism of previous years. I’m seeing a focus on Fathers, families, loving & protecting children – certainly not ALL of the ads, but I felt it was a conspicuous change from the norm.

    Reminds me of Malachi 4:6 “He will restore the hearts of the fathers to their children and the hearts of the children to their fathers, so that I will not come and smite the land with a curse.”

    So be it! AS ONE!!

  16. YES!!!! Lance, I strongly believe you and other prophets are 100% correct with their statements! I agree on your revelations and perceptions that took place last evening. I STRONGLY believe the curse has been overturned due to the relentless prayers of the saints…God doesn’t need many (look at Esther) :).

  17. I somehow knew that the Patriots were going to win. I have just recently come back to watching sports on TV and decided to be a Patriots fan, for one because New England is my home and I like the team. When I noticed how they got ragged on about the deflating recently after that spectacular game they played I thought OK what is up with this? I was watching the game in a natural arena not a prophetic one. However I did pay attention and noticed some of the things now that Kim is pointing out. I heard Malcom Butler say that about the vision he had that he was going to make a great play. Amazing that I haven’t heard much about this since but maybe I missed some news. Thanks Lance for sharing Kim’s prophetic word on this. I am right in saying it came from Kim Clement? If not I know it could have come through you as well. I just wanted to say I have been discouraged in business lately because holiday time and tax season are not great for my type of business. I need breakthrough. What I read here gives me the right perspective and to put my mind right on God’s perspective not the natural realm. Eternal versus Temporal….thanks for sharing.

  18. In the last 48hrs I have already seen a huge reversal reversed in Jesus mighty name … it made my jaw drop it was so powerful, totally showing me a new vehicle to carry forth the message He has placed in my innermost.

    Then, an hour ago my wife and daughter went through McDonalds drive thru and got their $14 order “reversed” by the “Pay it with Love” promotion. My wife simply had to blow a kiss to someone … she blew it upon my daughter. This too is very prophetic for us as a family.

    That all being said, I am a Packer fan in WI and I know where Russell came from because I used to watch him play with the Badgers. I also watched him remove the Pack from the Super Bowl this year! So needless to say, I was glad the Pats won.
    But Lance, your piece really is so encouraging! I had no idea Russell was a bro in Christ (Im not a Twitter or FB guy). Through you, Father has lifted my vision much higher today and I can see clearly now … thank you! It was the prophetic “shot in the arm” I needed so that I could see the things I described above from Heaven’s perspective.
    Blessings upon you!

  19. On the morning of the “big” game the stadium was covered with a shroud of the heaviest fog I have ever seen in Arizona, and I’ve been here more than fifty years. The fog did not burn off early as most desert fogs do and the message I receive is that the super bowl is only an example of the world doing it’s best to create it’s own excitement, and yet, the truth is that the game, the hundreds of millions of dollars spent on advertisements, admissions, travel, alcohol consumed, the gambling at the many nearby casinos, the hundreds of prostitutes (many underage) brought in just for the “big” game all should remind us that the world does indeed live in a fog (darkness). Many Christians don’t understand this as they are themselves caught up into the revelry of the “big” game,
    and yet, the game has no real value at all just like everything else the world has to offer.
    Wasn’t there a revival in Wales, or somewhere near, that, upon God’s moving, the soccer stadiums became empty as did the taverns? At least I’ve read that.
    Do not love the world or the things in the world. 1 Jn 2:15 See v 16 & 17

  20. All the nonsense over Seahawk coach decision to pass rather than run with their world class running back was in line with coaches strategy during the entire game. He was praised for making excellent calls the entire game until that last call. A lot of folks have not considered out of 4 or 5 attempts on the 1 yard line all year long their running back had only been successful on 1 with a TD. The coach’s call was totally unexpected by everyone except one man who was pre-pared by a night vision. He was the one that caught the interception. I do believe this game was tinkered with from above. With a twinkle in their eye I believe the Father and Son enjoyed the game. Prophetic Blessings

  21. During the game, I was cheering for the SeaHawks because during their Green Bay Game the Holy Spirit told me they were going to win from the beginning, even when they were down 16-0.. God showed his strength in times of weakness. Then in this game the holy spirit said there would be an interception, when I asked who I didn’t get really anything. So yea that was an amazing game, God answered all those questions of people asking if God cares about football! He loves us so of course he cares about it! Glory to you God! This is also a lesson for the SeaHawks to let go of their pride and boastful ness! God tore that down yesterday, he will build them back up! Like he does us all! Plus a lot of SeaHawks are Christians.. Wilson, Kearse, Chancellor, Greshman. He is leading them to inspire the other team mates to follow God. I knew God was moving when Sherman went up to Brady after.

  22. ” …what if there was a place where nothing is impossible…
    …where you could build whatever you’re crazy enough to imagine…
    …a place where you could actually change the world…

    …you wanna go? …. buckle up!… ”

    Tomorrowland…. the Future Awaits.

    Trailer for new Disney movie blew me away. “…eye has not seen, nor ear heard… call to me and I will show you wondrous secrets… I heard a voice in heaven saying : ‘come up here and i will show you…what is impossible with man is possible with God…

    We are entering the kingdom age, The Last Age, The Impossible Age, where the only limitations on what we can do with God, through God, by God, will be the limits we place on Him. The Church is about to enter Her time, Her place, Her kingdom on earth as it is in heaven. No disease, no sickness, no cancer, no aids, no strife, no competition, no jealously, no civil wars , brother shedding brother’s blood. Bondage to chains of death and evil is ending…. bonded in love to the True, to the Pure, to the Holy, to the Father, is beginning…

  23. My spirit bares witness with all HWe are seeing in this prophetic picture. I just have the clear sense that, where we are at in God’s economy/plan/purpose/timetable, goes far beyond America!! He is focused entirely on a single (Holy) nation/team/game/season (His Ekklesia) with global restoration as His end game! Why do we limit Him to a national/geopolitical boundary line. It goes WAY beyond what’s being played out on the field (city/state/country level), He is reaching all those in the stadium (the nations) and through the AIRwaves, HWe will/are impacting the WORLD (cosmos). Beyond that He has the principalities and powers in heavenly realm in mind also. The challenge for us, His Sons, is to be prepared to lay down our strategies, our plays, our lives, and get with HIS Game Plan!

  24. Wow, I was very excited to see the turnaround for the Pats. Of course, I would rather see the Broncos at the Super Bowl, my fav. team.
    Regarding sevens,God, has been using this number to affirm me for many years, all my life, actually. My social ends, 9005, 9+5=14.
    I graduated from Gordon College in 1977. My birth date, 29, 9-2=7.
    So I have done some research on this number. Larry Huch wrote a chapter or two in one of his books on the seven places where Jesus bled before and on the cross. There are seven layers of skin on our bodies, seven holes in our head, 7 sizes of blood vessels going from the inner surface of the lungs and out, 7 visible colors of the rainbow, 7 notes in an octive, and seven days in a week, seven Jewish Feasts of our Lord, and look at all the sevens in Revelations. Well, God bless all of you. Very nice to read many of your posts.
    My name is G Alan and I live east of Denver, Colorado. My email is, Feel free to write.
    Lance, I met you at the end of a service at Message of Life church in Loveland, Co. in April of 2006. you filled in that sat pm and sun am for Kim Clement. You prayed with me just before leaving with Chuck for the Airport.
    Shalom to all

    • We have been to Message of Life in Loveland for conferences and have been BLESSED! PC and Pastor Debra are powerful in the Lord and when they tag-team watch out! 🙂 Looking forward to this September for the next conference. Loved reading through the Top 10 and all the comments. For those who think that God is not speaking, they better fine-tune their receiver.

  25. How’s this for prophesy! A week before the game I was standing in the fridgid cold temps of the upper Midwest filling pales of corn to heat our home, When I heard very clearly, “new England patriots” “bill belicheck”. One day before the game The Lord reminded me, “remember I told you who’s the winner, and even though it’ll appear there is no way they’ll win even at the very end, they will be victorious! I was 100% certain the pAtriots would win!

  26. I’m English so no idea what you’re talking about in terms of the game & players but lovin it! I’ll glean what I can. Know it’s not the first time God has prophesied through your Super Bowl. Really marries with other prophecy going round at present. Thanks Lance.

  27. I have had these repeating numbers for about three years now. Mostly 1s and 4s. And also a lot of repeating 0s. I thought I was the only one and am blown away that it is happening to so many others as well. Wow. The 0s are fun – I will go to pay for groceries and it will be all 0s at the end, a completely even amount and I’ve seen it a lot when going out to dinner or lunch and told the waiter, “That’s odd, how often does that happen?” and they will invariably say, “I’ve worked here ___ years and I’ve never seen that before.” The same with the checkout girl at the grocery store, they say the same thing. Even online purchases where they have added, tax, shipping and handling for a number of books, etc. come out an even number and there’s no way anyone could figure that ahead of time that that particular set of items would add up so evenly.

    I would love to know what it means. And there are many other “coincidences” that have been happening with such obvious repetition that even my husband gets freaked out a little. Very cool. I feel the Lord’s presence, but also feel there’s something more… Looking forward to any insights. Thank you.

  28. The big play of the game by the Rookie Matthew #13 popped out for me the minute he made the touchdown!
    In Matthew 13 Jesus went and sat by the lake & such large crowds gathered.( super bowl must be seen by the largest crowd of people on the earth) He seized the opportunity to teach about why he used parables . Explained to his disciples the knowledge of the kingdom of heaven has been given to you but not them…..blessed are you’re eyes because they see and your ears because they hear….. l will utter things hidden since the creation of the world. Could be much more packed in 13

  29. Very interesting insights and observations for sure. I noticed many comments relating to seeing numbers in duplicate or triplicate. I am part of that club. For most of 2014 (and it continues into 2015) I have seen “11’s” on a near daily basis many times per day.

    In fact, lost employment on 11-10–14 and began a new stage of my journey on 11-11-14….in many ways, God has spoken to me that it is his love whisperings to me when I see 11’s. TRANSITION is what HE has been speaking and TRANSITION is what is applicable in my life.

    BTW….GREAT GAME. If you care to check it out, I too posted about the game at

  30. Loved it Lance. Honestly I did not see the game. But I am so intrigued by what you saw, I plan on trying to watch a re-run. And if God will allow me, I’ll share some of the insights this next Sunday at Church.

    America shall be save!

  31. Russ says, “SPOT ON LANCE!” Several prophetic confirmations within your insights, to what I’d been shown prior to the game. Also got Psalm 84: 10 and 11, before the Super Bowl,
    For a day in Your courts is better than a thousand [anywhere else]; I would rather be a doorkeeper [or Butler] and stand at the threshold in the house of my God than to dwell [at ease] in the tents of wickedness. For the Lord God is a Sun and Shield; the Lord bestows [present] grace and favor and [future] glory (honor, splendor, and heavenly bliss)! No good thing will He withhold from those who walk uprightly. [AMP]
    Key note!
    People ask why God, did this thing or let that thing happen, but this verse says, No good thing will He withhold from those who walk uprightly. Meaning – God in Christ, will not prevent or withhold good things from His people who put Him first and put holy effort into what they do, but The Lord has also revealed, “bad things can happen to good people.”
    Carolina says, “STELLAR PERFORMANCE” Lance, that is what occurred at the game and that is what will be accomplished by Christ’s people this year…The Lord’s people will SHINE with insight, like the stars in the heavens and like award winning stars on the red carpet. We say Stars and Stripes forever!
    Extra Key note!
    Arizona’s Cardinal’s coach Bruce Arians won NFL coach of the year, another Stellar performance in the line of duty.
    Peace Out…
    Russell and Carolina Clemens

    • I must concur. That phrase Stellar performance has been resounding in my spirit for days. Father God will get His message to us even by the use of actual performers. How awesome is that. Pat Petersen

  32. i had to read this several times…simply because i don’t watch football OR the superbowl….but #8 hit me pretty good…and noticed that some folks on here also have seen numbers…i’ve been seeing them off and on for a few years now…one time I went to Oprah’s life class session at the AAC here in dallas…and we were moved to section 111 after being up in the rafters….seeing numbers not just on clocks…everywhere else…even when doing a workout video…i’ll see 555 or 444 or 333…just the other day on the elliptical i saw 33.3 burned and 444 on the timer at the same time. Pretty wild, but i’m so glad God speaks and shows to those willing to see/hear. Even if only a wink or a nod…saying “I am here….”

    have a super week!

  33. God always hides in the simple things. Don’t need to overthink this event or add into it. It is pretty simple. Revelation 3:11 says, ‘I am coming quickly; hold fast what you have, so that no one will take your crown. In Deuteronomy we hear a line repeated several times that tell us we need to CLING to God. 13:4 “You shall follow the LORD your God and fear Him; and you shall keep His commandments, listen to His voice, serve Him, and cling to Him.

    They lost because they let go of the ball.

  34. Okay, this is just to give credit to the 11 – 11 prophetic aspect. Today, I decided to read Deuteronomy 1:1 and verses 2 (eleven days), and 3 (eleventh month) struck a cord. I was taught that number 11 means anointing … well, anoint us Lord Yeshua!

  35. Feb 2 at 1:08 PM

    In the Gospel of Luke chapter 24 verse 28 And they approached the village where they were going, (the supposed goal line) and aHe acted as though He were going farther. Suddenly on the one yard line there was a change of direction and those who follow the Seahawks the dominant defensive team were perplexed and confounded to the reality of the sudden change of direction as the Seahawks by their own doing lost possession of the ball by trying to use trickery of a one yard pass, rather than use a tried and proven method of handing the ball of to the dominant running back Lynch. The Seahawks had Lynched themselves. Patriots received the ball and the go ahead to win the contest and the right to be declared the winner of the Super bowl. Apparently Jesus was convinced it is better to abide in the house of his friends resting than walk a dusty road to Emmaus. That is to allow the sweetness of fellowship to bring the blessing than rather walking it out post resurrection. Could it be when we turn to fellowship with the Master rather than engaging our enemy in battle we will receive the coveted prize of becoming the true sons of God the declared victor over our enemies. The final score the high flying Seahawks 24 the Patriots or true Sons of God 28. Look for a quick change of direction and divine favor to bring your enemies down and to exult you at the same time! Fellowship trumps intercession and the greatest power to cause the Master to force the desired outcome of your battles! Rev. Timothy McKindley

  36. I see 11:11 ALL THE TIME and I think it means restitution but I can t remember why I think this I believe it was from a word I received yrs ago. I know I have heard Justin Abraham talk about 222 and I get that as well . I can t remember what Justin said about it. …..

    • Justin said Acts 2:22 Jesus’ authentication and then that he had a dream with a door with 222 written above it or on it. But it was from a different podcast he briefly mentioned above. Do you know which podcast?

  37. I knew that there was something special going on when I heard Butler say that he had had a dream just a few nights before about a big play. He was in awe. Who said God doesn’t get involved in sports. He will use any avenue He can to get His message across. Praise God for the discerning ones who can prophetically explain and interpret what the message was. Much like the hand-writing on the wall and the prophet was summoned to come in to decipher it, once again God has given us a message and the prophet has deciphered it. All that’s left to say is “TOUCHDOWN”.

  38. A Sign of God’s Divine Intervention in Super Bowl XVIX

    From Greg L.’s comment above:

    “On the morning of the big game[,] the stadium was covered with a shroud of the heaviest fog I have ever seen in Arizona, and I’ve been here more than fifty years. The fog did not burn off early as most desert fogs do.”

    This thick morning fog

  39. A Sign of God’s Divine Intervention in Super Bowl XVIX

    From Greg L.’s comment above:

    “On the morning of the big game[,] the stadium was covered with a shroud of the heaviest fog I have ever seen in Arizona, and I’ve been here more than fifty years. The fog did not burn off early as most desert fogs do.”

    This thick morning fog over the stadium on the morning of the Super Bowl, that did not melt away for an abnormally long time, was like the unusually thick morning fog over the East River in New York City in 1776 . . . that also, and also abnormally, didn’t burn off until about noon.

    That unnatural fog saved General Washington and the American army from total destruction by the British fleet, because the British couldn’t see the Americans crossing the river in their tiny unarmed boats. And the fog didn’t lift until after the last American soldier had made it safely across the river. If that mist had not been there, General Washington and the entire American army would have been captured or killed, and the entire war—and the new country of America—would have been lost. This supernatural naval rescue was America’s Dunkirk, although it has been mostly overlooked by historians. (See David McCullough’s excellent book “1776.”)

    So, an unnatural, providential mist saved the original American patriots from a catastrophic and humiliating defeat, just as losing this Super Bowl would have been a catastrophic and humiliating 3rd-straight Super Bowl defeat for the Patriots.

    Malcolm Butler as David

    Malcolm Butler was truly a David fighting the giant, and in a number of ways.

    Just like David tending his father’s sheep way out in the middle of nowhere, Malcolm Butler had been out in the hinterlands for years, doing nothing worthwhile (at least not in the NFL’s eyes), unknown and unheralded, just working hard, being humble, and not getting mad at God or life or other people for overlooking him and rejecting him and not recognizing his talents. By the world’s standards and those of most NFL scouts, Butler, like David, was a loser, a reject, and not good for much of anything except menial labor; certainly not good enough to fight in the king’s army like his older and allegedly superior brothers. The Israelite army had also been humiliated multiple times by the giant Goliath, just as the Patriots had been humiliated and defeated in their previous two Super Bowl appearances . . . and both times by the New York Giants!

    But then, God providentially brought forth his prepared David and used him to save the entire New England/patriot “army” of seasoned experts.

    P.S. Butler said that he had a vision of himself making an incredible play to win the game, and that gave him the guidance and focus and determination and faith to do just that. Clearly, that vision came from God. So I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that God also gave David a vision of himself killing Goliath, thus helping give David the faith and guidance that he needed against his giant.

  40. I noticed ,and really liked, the Father commercials and the sharks dancing with Katy was stupidly funny – LOL. But to make a huge case from this game and COMMERCIALS of all things, that this was all prophetic its reading WAY too much into it! There are always car-truck commercials and the best are always funny.
    Come on guys! It doesn’t take a “prophet” to discern that God has already won and so have all his true believers. I took the side of the team who did Not Cheat with deflategate an the other stuff they have done.

  41. What if you’re reading this because you keep waking up at 333am or 444am, your maiden name is Butler, you were born at 333am eastern, 444am central and both times are written on the birth certificate, has always identified with David, that bloody sacrificial trail of love,12, justice, squares, prophecy, apostolic, order, freedom, trinity, trains, foundations, Jesus, dreams, kisses from God, bridal love, government, colors, music, water, oil, New Jerusalem, Hebrew, purity, Israel…
    I woke this morning because I had a warning dream of prophets being discovered in the hidden places and being killed. I saw this tab still open and finally read it–oh my goodness! I sound just like everyone else that He is getting ready and every one of us is so unique. Just like the commercial, the same but different.