11138102_10153573006469936_3806490373904507905_nMORE FAVOR.
So did you read my post from yesterday on Favor? Scroll down the page for the first part.Now, let’s keep looking at favor at the next level: Favor 2.0
1. Favor 2.0 Benefits from the BACKLASH because it makes your message more distinct and powerful. You want the right enemies.

2. Favor 2.0 Works through the opportunists and the needy because in that mix you will make NEW FRIENDS and new alliances. Right in the midst of those seeking to use you to further their own agenda you will find new cohorts.

3. Favor 2.0 Attracts more activity and knows how to sift through all of that to those key opportunities that multiply influence in your assignment.


4. Favor 2.0 wanders off the Reservation, because once you know that God is your source and FAVOR comes from Him, you will not fear stopping whatever you are doing currently and walking away to step into what you see the Father doing.

So tell me, does this message on Favor from yesterday and today speak to you? Weigh in!




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One thought on “MORE FAVOR

  1. I love that! Yes, thank you, that helps! And it makes things make sense. Especially with the opportunists and the backlash. I couldn’t understand why I was being subjected to either of these; I now have a context. Thank you.