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I went into my little hidden office and the Lord began impressing me with the significance of the month of November.

This is a month of unprecedented access to the Throne of Grace to erase the trace of the accuser in your life. This is the month the enemy loses hold of you and relinquishes his power to hinder. Why? Because this is when the ladder of heaven, like Jacobs ladder is let down out of heaven and grace lifts you, even by the activity of angels, empowering you to see and to ascend into the very presence of God. The Lord would have you do this – even in your weakness – so that your weakness can be exchanged with new indomitable strength.

Access is granted you. You are called to come into this place before HIS FACE, to stand in grace and occupy the space assigned to you before His throne. Your voice is needed at the throne of grace. It may be that your voice in this place is the key to many others running their race. Their success impacts your success. Be open to the prayers God gives you for others this month.

You will be given very accurate premonitions of people and places and things which you can pull and put to use like the smooth stone David used from the brook before slaying Goliath. This means God is giving you specific words of knowledge and insight into the future so you can pray your way into the places God has ordained for your feet to walk and pray into your possession the things God has put within the metro of your authority.

You are going to cross over into your inheritance and the cycles of the past will break. This is the in and out lifestyle- the call to “go out and come in” to Gods presence. Psalm 121:8 “The Lord shall preserve thy going out and thy coming in…”

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