12191410_10153745777569936_6761490982962892545_nYOUR FACE IS IN THE FUTURE (Part 2).
(Note see the post from yesterday to hear the first part.)

Given what we learned yesterday that YOU have AUTHORITY as an Ambassador in your embassy in your assigned territory – consider the following.

When someone pushed through the crowd and touched the hem of Jesus’ garment, Jesus had established a perimeter of expectation around Himself. People knew if they got within proximity they could touch Him. When the woman seeking healing touched His garment, she hit an embassy zone and bam, the embassy liberated her from whatever the devil had on her.

You and I have that ability. The problem is we have not yet caught up to where our face is in the future.

Now this is an interesting terminology, “caught up to where our face is in the future”. I believe it was Bill Gates who first used it and it caught my attention. He said that Microsoft was a technology that he saw before anyone else, like a vision. It was a future seeking to be made manifest in the present. In quantum language it was something in the spirit God was trying to get over to planet earth. It was something God wanted to release here on earth.

I want you to know God is the God of all history, not just the history of revivals. The Gutenberg Press wasn’t just an innovation that happened independent of the Reformation. The Gutenberg Press was necessary for the Reformation. Now if you were around during the 1960s and 70s when the Charismatic Movement took off, at that time believers were loaded up with cassette tapes! Wow how things have changed.

The audio technology and computer technology have come alongside of a global explosion of communication for the gospel’s sake, just like the Gutenberg Press.

You’re living in two places at one time. You’re living in the tension of the future and the “reality” of the present. When you are also in a period of transition God is causing you to catch up to where your face is in the future.

When you are in alignment with your assignment – walking in the measure of your calling that is on your life – the supernatural has already been scripted to manifest itself: you’re walking in something already prepared for you.

Eph.2:10: For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus unto good works, which God hath before ordained that we should walk in them [KJV].

In summary:
You are an Ambassador of Heaven, with an earthly embassy with Heaven’s authority backing you in the territory to which you have been given assignment.

While you feel the tension of today, keep your eyes on the future. By being obedient to God in the small things in this moment you are helping manifest what is needed for the next big move of God.

Be courageous and confident: you are part of God’s magnificent plan.


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