1513827_10153660776324936_4808791600652725630_nLIVING YOUR DESTINY.
Your desires, consistently, repeatedly, bubbling up, emerging, images, fantasies and daydreams are subject to question if you’re not communing with the Holy Spirit. But if you’re communing with the Holy Spirit the purpose of God is to pregnant you with images of things to come for he will show you things to come.

John 16:13 says: “However, when he, the Spirit of truth, is come, he will guide you into all truth: for he shall not speak of himself; but whatever he shall hear, that shall he speak: and he will show you things to come [AKJV].”

What does a thing to come look like? It comes in the form of a desire that keeps coming back to you.

So you’re passion pulse to me is one of the keys; you have 4 ways of knowing your assignment – your ultimate assignments.

Your passion pulse says this: Do you know what it is you most want to do, love to do, what makes you the most alive, what gives you the most joy, what creates for you the greatest sense of fulfillment and what is it in life if you did it gives you the most juice?

Grab a piece of paper, or list below – 10 things that you have to have in your life or desire to have in your life, or places you want to go or things you want to do, and something you want to accomplish.

If and WHEN you get clear enough to give yourself permission, to write down what those are – you could have an accelerator into identifying windows of opportunity God gives you to live your destiny.



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  1. My 10 things:
    1.) Scholarship/certified & recognized expertise in cultural/sociological/historical issues & in activism. (I’d love to achieve this).
    2.) Studying oppression/genocide and learning about how systems operate.
    3.) The children! I love serving the children, lots and lots of little ones.
    4.) I love orphans.
    5.) Cats and animal activism.
    6.) The idea of travel, specifically to India and Africa to do work around building stuff. Schools, communities, villages, ect.
    7.) The piano.
    8.) Teaching.
    9.) Helping others to see/understand/grasp or otherwise gain perspective on that which they wouldn’t have been able to if someone hadn’t come along to help them see it.
    10.) Natural living.