I’m Quitting My Job Tomorrow

i am quitting tomorrowYes. I heard this and strongly urge you to quit your job.

I am not saying you should “leave” your job. You should quit working the way you do.

Read this to the end and you’ll see the secret to untold wealth. Something has been holding you back – and its icy grip is going to be broken in 2014.

Since the fall of Adam, man has toiled under the curse of earning a living by sweat, toil and labor.

In Genesis 3:18-20 God said: “Both thorns and thistles it (Earth) shall bring forth for you…In the sweat of your face you shall eat bread.”


Right up against this we have the splendid defiance of the Galilean Rabbi, Jesus of Nazareth, who refused to toil and labor for bread. Instead He multiplied it in His hands, paid taxes by a last-minute coin found in a fish’s mouth and funded his disciples’ families for the duration of their three-year training by starting them off with a miraculous boat-sinking load of fish.

Jesus’ defiance wasn’t toward God. His defiance was against the tyranny of the curse that would no longer have legal authority over His followers because it had NO authority or claim over Him. He was the “second Adam”…the last Adam, the start of a new order of Overcomers. (1 Cor 15;45)

This Jesus is the one who commanded us to “not worry about food, or drink, or clothing, or shelter…”For after all these things do the Gentiles seek:) for your heavenly Father KNOWS that ye have need of all these things.”

What did he say? “All these things do the GENTILES seek”…The Gentiles? The UNBELIEVERS seek these things.

But how is it today?


Christians are by and large some of the most financially desperate and neurotically “End Time” preoccupied people I meet. Churches and ministries constantly needing money and shaking down anxious followers for the means to “change the world?” With what message? Mormons, Jehovah’s Witnesses and Muslims aren’t branded by offerings and financial crisis. We are.

In fact, it’s worse. The “Gentiles” who know not God, the unbelievers, are actually the wealth barons of Wall Street, the entertainment industry and the politically connected. It is the rich unbelievers who eat up the “sweat” of others.


In the midst of the New Year, 5774 or whatever you want to call it, the most anxious people on earth are the believers who are preoccupied with the future…what’s going to happen next? Will there be a collapse of the economic system? What judgment is coming on my nation – TOMORROW!?!?

But who are the ONLY ones who were told “TAKE NO THOUGHT ABOUT TOMORROW”? Believers!

That’s why you need to QUIT your job and START your ministry! Your work is now your ministry. It isn’t your vehicle for transforming sweat into bread – it’s the field God has called you to OCCUPY like an Adam who NEVER SINNED. In Christ you are now free from the tyranny of the curse. You are the righteousness of God Himself, “in Christ.” Before Adam fell to the earth, the environment around him cooperated with him to create flourishing prosperity.

Make your work your garden and commune with God as you produce results no “Gentile” can compete with.


What is the #1 condition Jesus laid down for this “no thought” promise to be activated? After He said “don’t act like a gentile,” He gave the KEY…

“But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.” “ADDED” – not acquired, purchased or extracted.

Adam and all his “gentile” unbelieving sons have NO claim to this “no thought,” “no toil,” “no anxiety” life.

Seek to use your employment as a platform to extend and expand the dominion of heaven over earth. That’s what “seek ye first the kingdom of God” now invites you into.

If believers would do this in their current sphere of assignment they would progressively move to the epicenter of influence and liberate wealth from the hands of those who control the currency of decision-making that controls nations.


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36 thoughts on “I’m Quitting My Job Tomorrow

  1. amen brother. thank you for that word. God blessed me with a sales job and I have to depend on Him every day to partner with me in it. When I become anxious and try to do it in my own strength i don’t get many sales but when I remember to turn it over to Him and not worry people call me out of the blue. I thank God He gave me a job where my trust in Him is connected to my finances!

    • Thank you for the encouragement. However, it is the practical applications of this that cause us (in our business) the most pain and worry. My husband and myself own a Software Consulting firm, and thus answer to all of our customers. And at times the problems that happen, whether it is with computers, customer personnel, third party software applications/vendor, our own employees, etc. can just overwhelm us. We have always lived by a code of excellence in our work, because the work of our hands does reflect upon our testimony for Christ. GOD has been faithful and in blessing us with lots of work, but we are at the point of burnout and are having a tough time getting our head around what we should be changing so that we can walk this out.

      • I can relate to you Denise as I have burnout years ago in the technology consulting industry. I can’t speak for you, but I have decided that I am not doing what God want’s me to do, so I am actually literally quitting my job to pursue God’s will for my life, whatever that may be. I have been very successful in my business, like you, but I have also grown very unhappy. I think we need to be careful not to assume that worldly success means we are in God’s will for our life (God’s will being our true destiny). His prosperity are things that surpass these circumstances, like peace and joy. Good luck finding your way with Him.

    • Today was tomorrow yesterday. But if you quit tomorrow then it will be today. So since tomorrow is never in the present we can never really quit our jobs tomorrow for it will always be today. …….. .
      😉 i couldn’t resist

  2. I hope everyone has read this through and hears this message. The last thing we need is the misconception that Dr.Lance is saying quit your job literally. Just yesterday 1-13-14 I was talking with a ministry partner and explaining how my job is God’s call and a ministry He has assigned me to. I really appreciate this news letters topic because it encourages me that I have heard God correct and am not some heathen neglecting in house/church ministry for what some say is a worldly function. My call in the work place is the avenue God has chosen to unlock my destiny and inheritance.

    • Great words Mark. As Christ followers we are to be Christians 24/7. We take our heavenly identity with us wherever we go. Our influence on humanity must go beyond the church walls. We are the church, the Body of Christ on earth. We are to work as unto the Lord and the world will know we are Christians by our love.

  3. Just the encouragement I need to catapult me into my destiny in 2014, as I learn to depend on God and stop worrying and fretting. For he does look after me, as he does all his children.

  4. Great word. I’ve been teaching a series at church on this very topic. ELI 360 is too trying to move the masses of high school students to grasp this truth and move a generation of believing students into appropriating their Sonship. Furthermore, we’re inviting the Gentile unBeliever to understand this truth and come into relationship with Creator God who has this kind of life for them. We do it through our education and career guidance program.

  5. Amen. I am a 52 yr old widow. On New Years 2013 The Lord told me that “this would be my last full year in hair” I have been a hairstylist since age two. I joined the Beta Group on His leading. I am looking forward to where He and I are going together as we advance The Kingdom. God Bless you for making all this available. I am also looking forward to doing the in depth report on myself.

  6. Lance, is this a prosperity message? Are you saying that if you approach your job as a ministry you will be blessed with worldly success (monetary, position, growth, etc.) by God?

    • What’s wrong with prosperity? God is a prosperous God. He is El Shaddai, the God of more than enough. He is Jehovah Jireh the God that supplies ALL of you needs. He simply wants us to seek Him and then obey what he says. Just do it. Money follow ministry. Follow God, where He leads He provides. What a great principle. Be blessed my friend.

  7. Great word Lance. There is a movement afoot. There is a remnant of believer who are hearing this call. There are even some church leaders who are taking a stand to lead a generation of culture changers. For me, God has brought me to a place of New Beginnings. We are looking at a clean sheet of paper, and a whole new way of doing ministry. Thanks for your continued leadership in these areas.

  8. I feel God is moving me into a greater level of this right now. I am facing some of the biggest challenges and attacks I’ve ever seen (and I’ve been around :)) God keeps reminding me to “rest” during all of it and to use all of the pain and emotions to bring aggressive focus on the Kingdom and my calling right now (I’m in the financial industry). I’m finding that the potential stress and internal (Adam) conflict I could be faced with dissipates as I focus in on what God is doing instead of the external circumstances.

  9. What I love most, Lance, is the fearlessness in which you deliver this word. I’m seeing that our leaders are being marked by an unwavering boldness that does as much for me as these words themselves. Fabulous, Lance! Thank you!

  10. This is GREAT!! God really straightened me out on this yesterday and now you really sank it for me! Thank you!!! Great confirmation. I am loving the freedom of GRAAAACE!

  11. I once asked God, “Are we going to win our softball game tonight?” He answered with a subtle thought in my brain, “Yes, you will come from behind and win.” I didn’t like that answer. I wanted to dominate the game from the beginning, less risk that way. Another subtle thought came into my brain, “do you want to win, or not?” I got it. God’s way or no way. I answered, “I’ll take the win, any way You want to give it.”

    That evening I had forgotten my earlier conversation with God. By the bottom of the ninth inning we were down nine to four. Then I remembered.

    As I approached the plate, it was like a surreal dream. I already knew we were going to win. No stress. The first pitch came and I watched it go by, strike one. The catcher started talking smack, trying to intimidate me. I smiled. The second pitch came and I swung effortlessly obtaining the most relaxing single of my life. The rest of my team continued and we won the game ten to nine.

    Trying to do business the same way.

    Thanks Lance.

    • Thanks Ken. Stories sell! You made this come alive from a different angle, same focus! May you make the transition from the diamind inti whatever sphere He has purposed for you!

  12. Please tell me how this teaching would apply to believers living in extreme poverty and persecution (India, China, Middle East, parts of Africa, etc). Or even those living here in the U.S. who are only paid a poverty level income. And I always thought the reason Jesus didn’t “work for a living” during His ministry here (3 years) was for the same reason pastors and church ministry workers don’t “work” at a job outside their ministry (usually). They are supported by their “followers.” I have always understood that the women who hung out with Jesus prepared food and clothing for Him and the apostles. I have been taught that Jesus probably did have a regular job before His 3 year ministry probably as a carpenter like Joseph. Will this same message apply to a poverty stricken seamstress mother of 5 with an abusive husband in Guatemala? Mormons require their members to tithe as well as a required amount of time spent volunteering for their church. JW also have similar requirements so you can’t really compare them with the Christian church since we are based on FREE WILL (which of course they are not) and I don’t know much about Muslims. And I think a huge part of the reason that the Christian church is filled with “the most financially desperate…people” is because Christianity offers real hope and real answers to them where no other religion/church can promise so they flock to the truth. Yes Jesus wants us to call for the kingdom of heaven to rule, reign and be done here on earth as it is in heaven. Maybe this is exactly what you are saying but I keep hearing an underlying message of prosperity first.

    • Lance I would appreciate you responding to this? I think the bottom line is to bloom where God plants you and He will meet your needs.(regardless of your class or location)
      Generally it seems this particular message would be pertinent to the Western society vs the described believers in this reply?

    • What I am hearing is to view work as Ministry, wherever we are, whatever we do. For instance, let’s say that seamstress prays for the owners of those garments as she sows, and she is given favor, her work is excellent and her reputation spreads, she is given more work than she can handle, and has to hire and train others to sew as well as she, and she impacts both her workers and her customers’ lives as she lives out her faith before them…

      • Thank you Donna, that’s how I interpret the Word but somehow it appears that when many people read Lance’s teachings they interpret it to mean a financial blessing of the Kingdom of God. God’s word says His kingdom is one of “righteousness, peace and joy.” It would really encourage me to read posts that said “I’m a dishwasher/floormopper at KFC and today I thought what Lance said about God’s kingdom and I started praising God and my heart rejoiced so much even though my dishonest 8boss keeps threatening to fire me, I have been accused of stealing, I just received an eviction notice, my wife is expecting our 4th child and I don’t know where to go, yet I will remain faithful to God, and His ways. He is so wonderful and I love Him so much.” THAT is the Kingdom of God here on earth as it is in heaven. 1 Cor 6:7 says “…Why not rather suffer wrong? Why not rather be defrauded?” in order to “keep the peace” the peace of God, keeping it here on earth. Paul is saying -why are you fighting and arguing? big deal! forget it! stop it! it would be better to suffer wrong!” We all too often run from suffering, quit our jobs because there’s suffering going on instead of letting it roll off our back for the sake of God’s kingdom and will.

    • I don’t believe Lance said to quit working…he simply said to change your employer. We are to be Christians 24/7 meaning we are working for Jesus wherever and whatever we are doing. Changing employers means working unto the Lord and not unto men. Man (your boss or the company you work for) will benefit from your faithfulness to the Lord and your Christian witness will go forth as a living epistle. God will supply all of your needs…He is El Shaddai, the God of more than enough!

  13. Excerp from a Bk by George Muller : Release the Power of Prayer-: “Sometimes Gods children are afraid of the prospect of growing old and becoming unable to work any longer. They are harassed by the fear of being poor and incapable of providing for themselves. If I point out to them how their Heavenly Father has always helped those who put their trust in Him, they might not go so far s to say, times have changed, yet it is evident that they do not look upon God as the living God. My spirit was often burdened by observing such Christians lack of faith. I longed to set something before these children of God so they might see that He does not forsake, even in our day, those who rely upon Him.
    Another segment of Gods people whom I saw experiencing internal conflict was Christian businessmen. They often brought guilt upon themselves by conducting their businesses almost the same way as unconverted persons do. Competition in trade, bad times and overpopulation were given as reasons why business run according to the Word of God could not be expected to flourish.
    Therefore I desired to show these people, by a visible proof that God is unchangeably the same. My spirit longed to be instrumental in strengthening their faith, by not only giving them instances from the Word of God of His willingness and ability to help all those who rely upon Him, but to also show them by visible proofs that God is the same in our day.
    George Muller founded many orphanages in the 1800s by purposing to only seek help from God and to never ask any man for help and through this book he details Gods unfailing faithfulness.

    • Yes, George Mueller oftentimes quoted Psalm 8110, “…Open your mouth wide, and I will fill it.” He did it and his prayers were answered. Had over 10,000 orphans that he supported. Incredible man of God.

  14. We all need to be aware that God does indeed have an endtime purpose (a BIG one), & that we are not finished on this earth just yet. The trouble is, we have to make changes, & those changes will come at the hands of other people. The reason this is so bad is that believers (including ministers) are notoriously independent, & have a truly hard time receiving at the hands of other people (too much pride). Your ability to submit to other people is in the process of being tested- with great rewards for those who pass the test.

  15. Here we go…!
    What Lance is saying is that we should be Christians 24/7. In other words take our Christian identity with us wherever we go…even at work. We should seek the Lord for our employment and let Him lead us to the assignment He has for us. I can speak from experience and as I obeyed Him I started a Prayer Meeting held once a week at break time at a major Fortune 500 company that continued for five years. People from all denominations attended and many prayers were answered. My next assignment was to a 5 Billion dollar company at twice the previous salary where I was led to start a Bible Study at lunch time once a week. Again this continued for another five years. In both cases I asked and the companies willingly agreed for us to use their unused conference rooms. And in both cases I rose to the top of the sales force, achieved the highest income ever and received numerous awards. Obeying God works folks. Listen to this principle, “Money follows ministry!” “Seek first the Kingdom of God, and all these things will be added to you.” Blessings to all!!

  16. I don’t believe Lance said to quit working…he simply said to change your employer. We are to be Christians 24/7 meaning we are working for Jesus wherever and whatever we are doing. Changing employers means working unto the Lord and not unto men. Man (your boss or the company you work for) will benefit from your faithfulness to the Lord and your Christian witness will go forth as a living epistle. God will supply all of your needs…He is El Shaddai, the God of more than enough!