“If you can see it, you can access it.”

DavidarkBill Gates dropped out of Harvard his 2nd year because he saw technology in the future, and he thought  if he could see it, the idea was already accessible and anyone else could see it. He was 24 months ahead of other people picking it up, but only by 24 months.


If a secular guy can see the future, how much more a prophetic culture?  Jesus made this promise, “when the Spirit of truth comes, He will lead you into all truth, and He will SHOW you things to come.”  The ability to see the future is your unique advantage over your competitors in the marketplace. You have a built in GPS system that gives you access to the next course of events in your life if you will but avail yourself of things to come (the gift of prophetic insight) which is not just where a tsunami is coming, or who the next president will be.  That really isn’t going to affect you unless you’re in the path of a tidal wave. The actual meaning of that verse, John 16:13 is, “God is giving to YOU for your assigned destiny the ability to see into the future to navigate on a strategic course that gives you the advantage in every situation.” You don’t have this future-sight in every area of your life, by the way; you have it in your area of gifting/assignment.  Your greatest capacity for intuition is there.


The Problem Then


In David’s day, the devil manifested in the harassing force of the Philistines. Saul had the position, but not the authority in the spirit realm to deal with the problem. David did. We need to rethink how the Kingdom triumphs over evil in our day. David didn’t do it as the king. He did it as a servant to a leader who was having a problem getting the job done. When God gave victory, He did it for His people’s sake. We (the Davids) are the solution to the problems (Goliaths/Philistines) that secular people (Saul) do not have the spiritual authority to solve.


Therefore, We have to be mobile to go where Saul is located and let the authority of what we carry as anointed people move in such a way that we bring victories to secular spheres so that Philistine demons do not prevail over the culture and bottle up the people of God.

The Mobile Trifecta Solution


When the Lord talks about the world being restored and what it looks like, it’s referred to as the Tabernacle of David. What does that imply? It had something unique in that it integrated the presence of God, the strategies of heaven, and the acquisition of territory – all together in one place, in a mobile, moving unit.


The Tabernacle has to be an extension of who David is and what he represented: The believer in secular spheres of influence. David didn’t do this in the synagogue. He did it in the military, serving a political leader.


The Problem Now


If you are to look at the problems of nations, you might see that it’s a perpetual harassment of the “Philistines” within the community. When Jesus returns, He will divide the nations, which belong to Him by the way, into sheep and goat nations: Anti-Christ & Embracing Christ.  Even a Christianized city or nation doesn’t necessarily mean a transformed nation. If you were to take the key indicators of sociologic change, i.e. divorce rate, alcoholism, juvenile delinquency, the ability of the poor to get into the middle class, etc., it would tell you that the church has the power to transform the city that we’re not unleashing. The leverage to change the world isn’t in the church. It’s POTENTIALLY in the church. But it doesn’t show up unless the church is unleashed in all the spheres that David needs to go to deal with the Philistines.



The Solution Now =

Level 10 Believer – Mobile Tabernacles


A level 10 Believer is a David in our lifetime. You can be a Philistine slayer. David’s gift mix was interesting.  He wasn’t just passionate about spirituality. He wasn’t just hanging out in revivals.  He was also killing Philistines. He overlapped his passions – passion for God’s presence with his need to take territory. He went and got strategies in the tabernacle for how to take out Philistines. His life had an odd rhythm of Worship. Kill. Worship. Kill.


So his worship, the presence, and his pressing in wasn’t just to get more anointed so that God would go do something – it gave him access to agenda, strategy, and authority to administrate more territory.




How did David get away with what other people were killed for? What he did was mischievous and amazing – he reached into our dispensation of grace and access to the throne of God and pulled it into his day.  His generation had a protocol for access to the Ark of the Covenant, the throne of God. They had the sacrifice with the blood, strict protocol in Moses’ temple; only the Levites, and then only the high priest with access to the Ark.

David was an ardent worshipper, and he said he longed for God’s presence. His eye sees our generation –  free access to the throne of grace – and he says, “I want that”. Other people died just for touching the ark, but David was able to be in the presence of the piece of furniture he wanted to be around 24 hours a day.   He did something which God would kill others for attempting to do because he was a man in pursuit of God’s heart. He reached into our day, time travelled by permission, and pulled grace to approach the throne of God back into his own era.


Here’s the mystery: If you can see it, you have access to itYou can’t see the kingdom of God unless the Holy Spirit shows it to you. David was a Seer. The church needs to be filled with seers.  It’s people who SEE the future the way God really wants it to be manifested on earth, and then PULL it into their dispensation now. David’s key was: The ability to unlock the future and bring it into the present.
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