HUMAN HEAT SHIELD’S (somebody needs to take the heat and say what needs to be said)

11898624_10153590550999936_1732724351315031624_nHUMAN HEAT SHIELD'S (somebody needs to take the heat and say what needs to be said)

As you get older you accumulate a certain amount of capital. Some of it may be financial currency but by far the greatest currency is the currency of INFLUENCE.

I've decided to SPEND mine in a worthy cause. Some things NEED to be said, even if unpopular. To be honest, I'm coming to a gradual awakening. For the last seven years I have been warning people about America's decline and the need to think through why this is happening on our watch. Specifically Why is it that a strong church is so weak in shaping events?

I've said from the beginning that America is not under judgment, America is in many ways like an overweight smoker who has a heart attack while eating ice creme. God did not do that to him. His lifestyle choices did that. We are living with the consequences of our own decisions. THAT is the judgment. And God is watching and wondering why His people are still like Joshua on their faces complaining about setbacks. God said “stop praying- this isn't my doing it's yours. Go fix things in your own camp!”

(Joshua 7:10) “The LORD said to Joshua, “Get up! Why have you fallen on your face?” (read it)

The problem is that 30 million Christians in America DON'T KNOW what to do. We NEVER showed up in Media as needed. We did not VOTE for godly people running for office. We voted our race or our wealth. Most of the marketplace movement is interested in MONEY and favor for more success. Should I tell you what ministries and churches focus on? Market share! (Not all obviously, there are great churches out there BUT they are also running scared of getting bad publicity.)

Nobody really, really, wants to rock the boat and be “unlikes.” Doom sells right now…BUT what we need is an AWAKENING TO OUR PAST NEGLIGENCE AND PRESENT OPPORTUNITY TO ACT! God is raising kingdom ACTIVISTS. Watch!

Now that a period of a potential STORM is upon us I feel the Lord rising up in the back of the boat. He is about to SPEAK to the storm. (If He can locate enough disciples in AGREEMENT whose mouth is available to speak through.)

THIS IS NOT THE TIME FOR AMERICA AND YOUR CHILDREN TO BE JUDGED! It is time for the adults to judge themselves for sitting in the coliseum bleachers watching Maximus instead of entering the arena where the battle rages.

This is NOT the time of America's destruction it is the time of America's AWAKENING! And don't tell me that a Great Depression or a natural disaster, or EMP or new war is the key God will use to awaken revival. Any revival historian will tell you that America's greatest awakening happened BEFORE Wars or AFTER – not during them. People are too freaked out and supply lines and travel are all interrupted. THINK it through.

Therefore the Apostle Paul said:
“Pray for kings and all those in authority, so that we may lead tranquil and quiet lives in all godliness and dignity.” (1 Tim 2:2)

Contrary to neurotic versions of End Times theology, domestic PEACE is the best setting for the church to advance IF IT IS EVEN ADVANCING AT ALL! Our problem is we are banner waiving, prayer marching and Hebrew Feast celebrating while our ideologic opponents are setting national policy, shaping voters minds and selling off your economic future and dominating the thought channels of media.

That's why I love (I did not say “endorse”) Trump. The government mountain is TOO BIG! It has screwed things up so bad that it has over reached, right into the family mountain and marriage. Short term we need a WRECKING BALL from the BUSINESS MOUNTAIN to kill the politically correct zombification of America.
We need a wrecking ball to break up a path for the church.


And for the record, I've got nothing against those who preach and write with warnings in their message. What I resist and reject is the half message. The second half is…”therefore, if you are not willing to seriously partner with the rights and freedoms you have as a citizen to participate aggressively in the selecting of candidates you may enter your crucible of history with Bozo the Clown instead of Abraham Lincoln.”

If you are a kingdom writer- go covert and get edgy and deal with issues. If you are a kingdom investor -go covert and get edgy and deal with greed and corruption. If you are a kingdom artist- go covert and get edgy with something other than safe subjects like the sex trade. Expose the left and their bullying tactics. Expose the Homosexual Mafia hunting down Christian Business.


Does this make sense?

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