How to Live in the Convergence Zone

Even a small sample of DNA can reveal who your parents are and if you are a believer – you carry the DNA of your Creator and redeemer right inside of you. You are a whole lot bigger on the inside than you think!

DNA is the unique code within your physical body that reveals your physical identity. Just think, if your body—which is subject to decay and death—has a unique identity code, how about your inner man—the part of you that outlasts your body? There is a DNA you carry that links to your destiny. God has hidden this treasure in a place where nobody else can steal it and perhaps in the one place you never thought to look—inside you!

Your spirit carries the DNA code to your calling, purpose, and destiny. If you are a believer you have what’s called a “regenerated” spirit, or “born again” spirit man. A whole new you is living inside of you. This new spirit has your spiritual DNA! Unlocking The Convergence Code ™ is unlocking what you already have inside you and putting it to its intended use!

Code cracking is easy because your life is leaving BIG clues. It is like Hansel and Gretel’s trail of breadcrumbs leading them back to their house. The key to cracking The Convergence CodeTM is increasing your awareness every time you enter the convergence zone.

What is convergence?

1. Convergence is a phase of life where “it all starts coming together.”

2. Convergence happens when the work you do is the work you were created and called to do. You enter a role that frees you to utilize 100% of your gifts, talents, and acquired skills.

3. In convergence you access levels of fulfillment to which nothing else compares.

4. The convergence zone is a term I’ve used for the last four years to describe something like an energy field. It is like a vortex that sucks into itself uncanny coincidences and “divine appointments.”

How Do I Recognize the Convergence Zone?

Have you ever been in the middle of a conversation and you or the other person can point to goose bumps on your arm because the thing said resonated with the environment in such a way it gave you chills? This mysterious feeling is evidence of entering the convergence zone. It is a place where your spirit is aligned with heaven’s rhythm and earth’s ripple at the same time!

Here are some other aspects of to help you recognize the convergence zone:

  • The convergence zone is the place where you experience the future you—the person on the inside who wants to come out! You access a momentary alignment with your ultimate assignment and seem to get a glimpse of who you are in your tomorrow.
  • The convergence zone is activated whenever you step into a role that fully utilizes your God-given talents
  • You have entered the convergence zone many times in your life and did not notice it. Look for clues! Reflect deeper into your childhood.

What were those electric moments for you growing up? This may have been when you performed in a play, a dance, an athletic event, participated in student council, yearbook committee, elective or election. What did you gravitate to? Who were you drawn to? Was it to people in the theater or in music? Jocks? Intellectuals? The popular crowd? Or were you a loner? Did you prefer to hang out with your own crowd? When were you most alive? Now think about all the jobs you have ever done? What one job did you enjoy most? Why? The moments that JUMP OUT as PEAK experiences were moments you crossed thru the zone.

Your future was being revealed to you in those moments!

Life gives you those priceless destiny appointments so you can “taste and see” your future and confirm the direction of your calling. This is SO IMPORTANT. You need to multiply your AWARENESS and sensitivity to those moments!

You are IN the CONVERGENCE ZONE when:

  • You are FEELING authentic—you are being who you really are. You have no need to wear a mask. When you are in this zone you say to yourself, “This is me. This is what I was meant to do!”
  • You are 100% ALIVE because you are doing what you do best. You are energized rather than depleted by the activity.
  • You lose track of time. You experience a sort of “timeless awareness.” You become so fully engaged in the bliss of the activity that you enter a time bubble.
  • People want more. This creates more demand and experiences, which multiply more invitations and opportunities which create more evidence of being in “the zone.” Increase of any kind is the signature that you are in your zone and cracking the code.
  • More opportunities create more potential for prosperity. Why? Because you have figured out how to meet a need doing what you do best and love to do most!

The sad truth is: People perish for lack of knowledge—not lack of passion or opportunity. This is why convergence is only achieved by about 20% of people. The numbers could be higher if we had someone to teach us and that’s what I am committed to doing for you.

You don’t have to miss convergence because it is NEVER too late to become who you already are! My next post will unpack a HUGE key to the process. Don’t be left behind!

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160 thoughts on “How to Live in the Convergence Zone

  1. Oh yes, this is helpful! I am in that convergent state and have experienced the carrot that was dangled in front of me by the enemy to get me sidetracked… And your comments about revisiting your childhood are so right on. Recently, I remembered something that I had said as a 10 year old, and only now is it coming to pass (I’m 60)… This is so exciting to see all the pieces come together. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you again!
    Val Reaves

  2. I believe this is definitely true. I too am experiencing the convergence zone and when this has happened in the past has been the most blessed and productive times in my life. Often, when experiencing the convergence state it is evident to my spirit that I am where God has ordained for me at that particular time. It is the most fulfilling feeling. Sometimes staying in that path of destiny seems difficult though. Apparently those are the times you speak of as “going through the process.” Thanks Lance, looking forward to hearing more.

    • Thank you so much for your teaching – I get so encouraged at the wisdom that God has given you. I am believing that God is using what I am learning from you to encourage people to be all that He has called them to be within the 7 mountains. Changing lives, cities and nations for the Kingdom of God. Blessings as you continue to seek His face for all He has called you to.

  3. hi Lance,

    Thank you for sharing your wealth of knowledge and wisdom! I am loving all the material you put out and are sending our way. With convergance how do I become more clear around this for myself? I have read some of your prompts and clarity around this is not that clear for me right now, do you have any sugguestions on where to start for someone who is taking a while to warm up into finding themselves in this way?

  4. Thank you so much for the great information of convergence!! I just heard you speak on this in Dallas and now reading about it again… Keep it coming!

  5. So happy to discover the key signs of validation of convergence!! Felt them many times but didn’t realize that was God saying “Hey, you! This is really important to your destiny and what I have for you!” Makes total sense! Thank you, Lance!!!!

  6. This is exactly where I’ve been the past few days – just having an expectation that there is more that I was created for and to do – and I’ve been on the outside being readied/prepared for something more, and now it’s time to get ready and jump back into the zone. God has been calling out those deep places (deep calls out to deep) that He placed within me awhile ago and after being out of the Convergence Zone, I feel like He’s aligning our will and hearts with His, and maneuvering us into the place where He can send us into our new season as a family.

    Thank you so much for sharing this Dr Lance – it is so very much appreciated and so very spot on in the timing. Looking forward to hearing much much more. Blessings!

  7. Thanks for the teaching! The most vital lesson after conversion is convergence and you are helping to bring many disciples to a level of awareness of the works He “prepared in advance for us to do.”
    Can’t wait until you come to VA!

  8. Lance,
    Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to learn from you for FREE! This is amazing! My husband and I, at this time, cannot afford to pay to go to one of your trainings. This is such a blessing! Thank you! Thank you!

  9. Dr. Lance I have to hold on to my seat when I read this material you write! I can totally relate! My convergence is when I am facilitating, speaking, about hings like this, helping people align their lives to their design. Fairly new at it but wish I had you as a mentor!

  10. Yes! THIS is what I needed to understand it. The questions I needed to ask myself are spelled out clearly. Now I know where my convergence zone is. An area that I longed for it to be my zone but was afraid I was only being selfish. Thank you so much.

  11. Thank you Lance!
    The teaching videos are valuable to me.
    It’s like allowing the water of the Word to prepare soil, wash and nourish the coming fruit in it’s season!

    I need it. It’s a struggle I’m learning to overcome and press through to take hold of all that God has for me.

    Also, Thank you for allowing access to free materials, it is a blessing to my life.

  12. Thanks Lance. I am now 34 years of age. I have experienced the zone, but I’m not there now. Phoned my mom yesterday and asked her if she could remember what energized and gave me the most fulfillment as a kid. Her answer brought so much perspective in my life.


  13. Thank you so much Lance, this is awesome and great stuff. It is just what I need in this time of process and “life maturing”.

  14. I think your seminar in Moravian Falls is a great convergence of your teaching with the special place it is there in the mountains and legacy of the Moravians. Interestingly, my wife and I bought property there several years ago just a couple miles from Morning Light. While I can’t make the April meeting, I’m looking forward to planning for the next one assuming you don’t forget!:)

  15. Lance thank you for the wisdom of knowledge that you have been sending to help me it is situation is that in 2011 i got injured hurt my back on my job where i was a team leader of a team ,I want to do something else because i just want to be responsible for me got hurt had back surgery and seven day at home caught meningitis had to have a second back surgery had this 3 days outer the body experience that i thought i was dead i had an encounter that changed me i was different but i let my situation of not receiving any income to shift me, yes i am a pastor who been pastoring for free for six years i saw a need step up to teach the peoples.

  16. I was just praying and wishing that you would do something like this. Sharing the Gospel of KINGDOM and teaching us Cave Dwellers that our coming out of the Wilderness of Divine Design leaning on our Beloved. Landing in the Convergence Zone with Kingdom Blueprint in hand.Walking step by step Jesus holding one hand & Holy Spirit the other. Looking up at the foot of the Family Mountain by way of the Media, Arts and Business Mountains through photo artistry, photo movies blessing, honoring and celebrating the ones we love.My eyes can see the goal at the top where the Melchizedek Priesthood Kings & Priests create the tipping point in the global Tabernacle of David as we aligning with the Construction Team of Heaven. Thanks for the lamp Lance to light the way.(Your facebook friend, Georgian partner from NE Ohio CLE & Youngstown meetings is where we meet)

  17. Wow, so powerful and true. We need to discern when we are in “process” or out of the Will of God…to get back into the zone!

    So good thank you!!!

  18. This is helpful in putting words to what I feel…so often though,I feel intense frustration with having so much passion,and nowhere to put it,if that makes sense.I am dying to go to your destiny conference in April.

  19. I just heard you talk about this at the MM Conf in Chicago and after that I knew that I needed to learn more ….. It is SO helpful… Thank God for this much needed revelation !!! I’m 26 yrs old and I have experienced this zone and now I feel like in in the “process” part so that when I get back to the zone I know how handle it….thank you thank you. 🙂

  20. Lance
    The Holy Spirit’s anointing upon you makes a joyful impact in my life. Upon experiencing your teaching first in 2008, you inspired a joyful response to unemployment at age 61. Inspired by you, By faith I Spoke to the future and the calling that Jesus has I called forth water from a rock. And sure enough God put it in someone’s heart to literally demand that one of their vendors create a special position. And then that person told the vendor that they should hunt me down and offer that position to me. The vendor hiring mgr noted that ‘they had not ever done that and that they would not a person living in Chicago land to do the job, etc”. Then despite the obstacles in their minds, they hired me. The hiring mgr, now VP of Americas for Channels states that I am his best hire. Etc. the point is that the $55M responsibility is plenty of work, but it is as though I in a zone It flows. It literally call forth revenue, engagement, blessings on the businesses, the families of both companies, wisdom for the leaders, etc. stage 65 I am getting more done than 20 years ago, with joy, hope and love. With my wife’s anointed prayers, and with encouragement like yours, I am encouraged that we can make a difference and meaningful contribution to the Kingdom despite physical age et Thanks

  21. I am holding in to the encouragement that it is not too late…, and wow it is though the converge is occurring in “every” sphere, geography, government and realm

  22. Just stumbled on James maloneys book “the panoric seer”. Saw him when you, him and Georgian weere in Michigan last June. I want to do what he does. I have a background in prayer and inner healing ministry. No it’s not climbing one of the mountains of influence but that is what I love and want to do. Coincidence that I got his book w/out knowing it was him– I think not. I got to see the Holy Spirit work through him. Anyway that is unlocking the convergence code. I know I don’t have a ministry like him nor went through the things he did to obtain that type of ministry. But I am hopeful. Thanks for adding fire to the flame for all of us

    • Kludwa,
      ….Yes….your background in prayer and inner healing ministry….is climbing one of the mountains of Influence….Jesus was a Man of Influence…and it is One of the 7 Mountains of Influence…that Lance has spoken of…and it is what you love and want to do. Move Forward…And unlock the convergence code within-you!!!…allow the Holy Spirit….to bring this More about!!.. The Lord…in time…will get you Ready…and Prepare you for Ministry…and do things for Him…and expand you Understanding…along the lines and training of thought…you are getting through Lance…and your Quiet-times of Fasting & Prayer…and Study of the Scriptures!!
      Continue to Burn…into a Most-Excellent-Flame…for your Heavenly-Father…
      Blessings to you & Shalom

  23. Well ! Could not be more right. I feel I am coming in and out of the “zone” . I am having a clear picture of when this is coming more often. But also realize that it always involves at least 7
    To 10 people, all of them well known bussiness leaders who does not know Jesus in the “relation” way… Only now God through religion. But I feel so full of grace ’cause during those moments, that usually lasts for a week. We made awesome job together! I am told to be their leader usually when running important projects. I don’t know how to deal with the axiety after this type of moments 🙂

  24. Thanks. Very helpful. Looking forward to future teaching and getting this all together. M & M Conference was wonderful. Thanks again.

  25. Great Message Lance!
    I am Gald you started this Blog…I get your updated via e-mail…which I haven’t checked it in awhile.. Love your train of thought…and have tried to keep up with your messages for several years!!.. When I first heard about the 7-Mountains… when I meet you in person…I’ll explain how it was a confirmation to my spirit-man many things GOD was speaking to me about how He was going to cause His-People to RISE…in the Earth…and Inherit-the LAND, Favor His People High above all the Nations….and Have HIS DREAM-(like He desired with the Israelites in time past…”the Promised-Land”…of which they did not retain because of their unfaithfulness….Yet GOD will Empower His Saints’ in this Hour or Age (Decades…)…to Occupy many Realms of the other Mountains…besides Church…and Use this to Bring Multitudes to Christ!!!)…on His Planet…with a People that are HIS…a People that will Reveal-His GLORY…like none Ever…before the Coming of the Son of Man…which I believe Lance…has a way to go…my opinion..
    Thank you…Lance as God uses you…to TRANSFORM…many “thinkers”…not only to think of themselves….but to think with the mind of Christ…and His Global Achievement Accomplished…in the Earth…& the furtherance of the Message of the Cross achieved…through this Move…a Dynamic-MOVE…into the other 6 Realms/Mountains that God Entirely Desires to Possess and Influence!
    Praying for you-Lance! You are Valuable to GOD.. Love Him Dearly… respect His Wishes… and always Passionately Share the Dreams He gives you…with His Bride…and others who move your heart!!!
    Love you-Brother!!

  26. Hello, I read your e-book and would like to read it again but I am not able to access the e-book again. I am also not receiving emails from your company about blogs, materials or such. I am very interested in your teaching and believe it is for such as time as this. Please help me to get connected to your ministry. Blessings, Tamera

  27. DR. Lance how perfectly timed your teaching are in my life and others. God has handpicked your audience who will no doubt– hit the mark of their High Calling! This includes me …of which I am forever THANKFUL and supremely BLESSED! Toda Raba!

  28. Thank you Lance. Now, I understand and I am going to reflect deeper into my childhood. The key is there. Also, do you have a book on this subject. Please let me know.

  29. Excellent Lesson Lance 🙂 You don’t have to try to move to the center because God will walk you in when he needs you there. I’ve gone through many times from the outter to the inner circle. Right now I’m in as I am following my path. I really liked the statement you made where Satan will add more then what is needed to throw you off.
    Reed Lukens
    The Reed Lukens Channel

  30. You make everything so clear Lance. Thank you for your insight! You know that that bottle will reach those who will benefit from your message and take action now. Life makes so much sense when you are in convergence….

  31. For the last 2 years, I have “heard” the word convergence….it would float by me… different times. I wondered what it meant and looked it up in the dictionary….but I knew there was more to the word convergence. Thank you for sharing….I am excited to see what it means in my life… that I can share with others, too. Blessings to you, Lance. I will be praying for you.

  32. So this bottle just rolled onto the shores if my life….. Things are different for me all the sudden… I like the message I found…. I like it ALOT!

  33. Thank you lance! As I read this piece I felt like I knew exactly what the convergence zone felt like. I remember feeling it! Now I need to piece those memories together and look for the bigger image to be revealed. I’m looking forward to reading the next article, thanks– johnskorski

  34. Thank you. Thank you. This helps make sense of so much of my life, esp. the part about God pulling us out of convergence to a time of process, so he can prepare us to occupy a larger place of convergence. This also was a confirmation of a decision that we have made as a family to move to a new city to connect with a church there. Just asking God for confirmation this morning. The name of the church is Convergence. How awesome. Thank you.

  35. I am in the process of achieving all God called me to be, and it’s about time. I am in my sixties! I have a job that fulfills my dreams, and in that place, I get to minister to people and help to set them on a path to their potential. I have been in training for years, and God even had to move me to another city to put me where I am. He is so good! Thank you for confirming what God has been speaking to my heart for years.

  36. We are working on spiritual development in a non-profit facility for at risk children. We believe we are in the process stage and your blog is so helpful and valuable. Thank you

  37. You say it’s never too late. I’m 70 years young and I think that I’m going to find my convergence zone for the 5th time.

  38. All I can say is THANK YOU. You have converged. Thank you for being and example and a orator so we can. We need both.

  39. I’m ‘getting it’ Lance! Such a joy in this Convergence Zone thing!
    Just recently when I was sharing about what it means to be born again from John 3 (Nicodemus-style) using whatever was on the table (salt grinder, sugar bowl) and having fun drematising the whole lifegiving truth… I was thinking, ‘I was born for this!’. Something ‘clicked’! I was being ‘me’!
    This blog has encouraged me so much that I am finding those signature strengths at last (I’m in my 70s). Looking back to those moments through the years when I’ve felt alive and bubbling, I now recognise how I’d been knocked back into order. It had been ‘Sit down, shut up, stop showing off’! The pattern has been to crawl back to safe insignificance- and ineffectiveness.
    This has been so encouraging and restorative. Bless you for sharing out of your gifts and strengths!

  40. Thank you so much Lance! I was sure God had called me to enter into the area of business, and I am happy with this. But I have still been feeling a void as my happiest moments were when I was leading the worship at church. I do not have that position now and I can see by your teaching that Satan has successfully pulled me away from worshipping at home like I used to. This is where I feel the most ALIVE!! Thank you again for your wonderful teaching!

  41. I am so blessed to know that I can enter convergence and enjoy who I am already. Thank you for this divine connection – a destiny link

  42. Lance,

    This word and teaching so SO amazing! I recently established Convergence Ministries, Inc. here in Fayetteville, GA…and I’m so humbled and thankful for the confirmation you’ve provided in the video teaching.

    I would love to know more about your organization, and understand if there are opportunities to partner, as we start to grow and spread God’s Word and His intention for Convergence in the Kingdom.

  43. thank you , everthing is manna, I feel so trapped but I am seeing other things so clearly,yet for me I am pleading to get out. I have no resources, no job , no education , been a mom of 5 for the last 30 years.

  44. Thanks for the updates, Lance. No one teaches this like you! It is so encouraging to hear and read about what convergence looks like! I have experienced a “taste” of it many times and am looking forward to moving into that phase of my life. The process is interesting to say the least!

  45. I’m actually listening to when you spoke at Bill Winston’s M/M Conference last month. You mentioned this topic, so I came to it here.
    I had previously started re-listening to your “Doing Business Supernaturally 101” series at the top of the year, (that I had purchased a couple of years ago, when you were at LWCC then) and so you had mentioned “convergence” there, where I had initially grabbed hold of it and even wrote out a prayer from listening to it. Thank you. I’m in anticipation of learning and hearing more, so I can apply it to my life, to find my “Convergence Zone” very soon. It would be great if I could identify it before this month ends, because I am stuck.

  46. Wow!!! This is so insightful and encouraging. This has put a picture before me of what we as believers should look like. This explains a lot of things that has happened in my life. I thank you for sharing!

  47. Thanks Lance, for what you are doing. You’re teaching skills are motivating the church to be what God has called us to do and be.

  48. I so appreciate you sharing all your knowledge, it is amazing! I am and have been in the “process” for awhile now. I still struggle with understanding my purpose. Is there a particular blog or reference I should look at to understand it more? Thanks & many, many blessings to you & your family!

  49. Thank you! Passing it on. I really want my son to listen to your audios and vlogs, plus it would be great if he could come to the camp.

  50. Thank you for this great insight! You definitely are a jewel helping others find their true passion. I know mine is buried down deep inside and my goal is to discover it and use my talents doing what God created me to do. I continue to dig a little deeper with each of your posts. Thank you and God bless you and your family! I look forward to getting into the convergence zone!

  51. We need clear minded whole hearted single minded teaching that understands the Kingdom coming and the Kingdom that is in our here and now moments right where we are, and I thank you Mr Lance Wallnau for sharing these helpful revelations grace gifted to you.

  52. I have been wandering around in the desert since 1973 when I heard God inform me that I ‘could not’ pursue the career I was then in training for. Rather, said the Spirit, ‘The ministry is the most important thing.’ There has been fire and flood and drought aplenty since then and some wonderful moments of holy ecstasy. But nowhere and at no time in all of these years have I felt what I can identify as having a sense of coming into my ministry…what you call ‘convergence.’
    I am 64 years old now and feel like my life is ending without ever finding the place where I and my abilities fit in the body. And then yesterday a friend sent me a link to one of your YouTube videos. “Permission to Be Me, Part 7′ it was. It touched the hunger I have never been able to satisfy and I am sincerely hoping that this was a ‘God Moment’ for me.
    You see, part of me has just given up. It would be so much easier just to forget the whole thing. But it seems like there’s also a part of me that’s too stupid to quit. I keep getting knocked down and then I keep getting back up…as soon as I get enough of my wind back, that is.
    Of course there’s a lot more to it than that, since it has been 40 years after all. Anyway, I’m watching your vids and hoping I can get my spouse to agree to let me buy the teaching package. I’ve done the Jerry Lucas Temperament Test, aptitude tests galore, skills inventories, etc, and nothing has helped me zero in on my ‘destiny’, primarily because my skill set and abilities overlap too many boxes. I really need help.
    BTW, I’m a 1976 CFNI graduate and was a founding member of Living Praise.

    • I’m pretty sure Leonardo Di Vinci would have had a similar predicament. Behold a warrior who never quits, who has frustrated the enemy time and time again, ‘Why won’t he just stay down’ they say. You are an unconquerable, and many who will be brought into your orbit who know of your knockdowns will be encouraged by your example of endurance. They will say, ‘God did it for him, He’ll do it for me too’. As far as your life being over, you are just getting started, there was a word released for the over 60 generation a great word.

  53. I have seen most of your videos available on youtube, and every time i watch ,there is something there for me. This is amazing stuff man, real wisdom.

  54. DR. Wallnau,
    I want to thank God for using you in a great and mighty way. you are a blessing to me. please kept me posted. i want any books you have on teaching what God has for the church.

  55. I have been in this convergence zone plenty of times. I right now feel I am stuck cuz I don’t have time or connections, wisdom nor experience to perform what I’m called to do.. Which is children books writer, children’s music writer and performer. I’m a teacher working full time and volunteering at church. I love what I do also, but I feel I’ve been given more and God has chosen me to impact a generation with a more values and biblical principals oriented material for our young generation. This is definitely so needed and helpful as well.

  56. Refreshing. All of it. But I especially needed to hear the importance of being out of the zone.
    Good stuff, Maynard…uh…Lance!

  57. Thank you! As I listened, I could identify some of those moments and I want more! Look forward to your next post.

  58. I am pressing in/struggling(?) to sort this out in my life. The place and circumstances I feel most alive are difficult to see as a job/income. He will make it clear. I am certain of His faithfulness. Keep sharing. We (I) need your shared revelation!

  59. What if everyone talking about “being in the zone” are not there because of God but because they’re finally proud of themselves. This seems like a shitty Christian pyramid sceme

  60. I liked the section that says when He is teaching us we get pulled out of convergence and the process of dealing with difficult things is to take us up. We come and go out of convergence. That was timely for me.

  61. Thank you so much. Your teachings, whether written, in video, or in person, are so very helpful and important. God bless you!

  62. Beautiful! Just this week entered a new opportunity and kept thinking and saying, “Gee whiz, I haven’t even considered my age at all, as time seems irrelevant”, A great big WOW for me!

  63. Well, I’ve never heard of convergence before this video. I’ve just been walking around in awe of the joy, fulfillment and participating in miracles of witnessing HIs healings. It’s been very strange. All things I counted as important now have faded into shades of grey. Time itself has been very different with each moment having it’s purpose, even during rest. All movies and entertainment have become sidebars to the core experiences of my daily life where before they were high points. It’s been just recent and a very odd transition. It was nothing I sought, it just happened. Your concepts have given me a place to understand what has happened to me.

  64. You’re still the bomb ! Haven’t seen you in a while….or heard you for that matter. Still love the way you deliver the message – I’ve said this same thing for years, just not as well as you – ha! What can I say ? You’re in your zone ! Hope our paths cross again soon…..

  65. Dr. Wallnau, Thank you so much for sharing your gift, ‘convergence’ with us for free! I had never heard of this before either but it really resonates with me because it makes so much logical sense and it Biblical to boot… I left a church back in 2006 because of some important theological reasons. While I love the worship where I am at now there is no choir or drama and I feel totally out of ‘my zone.’ Those are the things that make me feel alive, however, I am also going through some physical transistions with my back and weakened abdominal muscles from two surgeries last year so I am in a process in more ways than one right now… God seemed to change my direction in these last about 10 years or so. I now am an intercessor and while I love praying for folks it is very lonely and I am a people-person. Praying for folks or reading about certain things that are going on like with Israel and ISIS is my passion about making folks aware with how close I think we are to the end. I still feel like I am so alone though. During the span of my whole life I feel like I have been in this ‘process-mode’ a whole lot more than I have been in the convergence one. Just the other day I did a Lectio Devina study on Psalm 23 :1-4 and I wrote to the Lord, “Am I following Your path for me; am I honoring Your name?” This is my biggest concern… I would appreciate any feed-back you can give me on that. Loved this lesson and definitely want to hear more. Blessings, Alicia

  66. Thank you so much Lance! I want to be a KILLER SHEEP! I feel it’s all about balance and recognizing the timing of engagement in each aspect of my personal Sheep-nature! Your concepts are very enlightening. So appreciate your insight and wisdom.

  67. Would love t receive emails to learn more. Thank you so much. This makes so much sense. I can’t believe I’ve never heard it before.

  68. Wow what you have shared reminds me of a passage of scripture the LORD bought in front of me as I was surfing the bible, “Be astounded, and see that I will not work a work in your day that you will not believe.” I’ve been walking with God for 27 years even though He has walked me since before the beginning of time…(and it has taken until recently last few years) and the identity of who I am and what I’m meant to do, and one day I asked Him a question that the pulpits of our churches haven’t answered adequately, and that is what does your kingdom on earth look like? He has given me pieces of the puzzle that makes a more complete picture, but the first thing He said was, “I want to restore My government to my people on earth…and that the church needs to fulfill its mandate. Firstly I said, “What is the mandate?” He said, “Imagine that heaven is like a photocopier, and it produces copies of itself, and sends those copies to my people on the earth to fulfill. I then asked what is His government? He said, and its still unfolding, but He showed me those who have matured from being children to son ship, those of us who have gone from subjects to sovereignty, where we have learnt to rule and reign under his rule and reign.

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  70. Convergence Course/Zone sounds wonderful. However, I am a 70 year old woman – I’m not sure I have any purpose left or that the Course would be useful to guide me into anything. Can you be honest with me and let me know how effective this would be for someone 70? Thank you so much

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    I then searched for your website
    I listened to this short video on convergence and I really want to learn about this. I believe this was
    from about 5 years ago, so I hope it is still available.

  72. Hello Dr. Wallnau , from Calgary Alberta , Canada . I started following your material , only last week , so I am trying to catch-up . I started listening to ‘Necessary-Endings’ and have moved on to ‘Convergence-info’. Lance , what is a person to do when there are limitations-physical , emotional , etc. from childhood ?
    I started having anger problems as a child which led to epileptic-seizures 6-7 yrs old . I have fought-these all my life , including learning-disabilities life-long . I was saved at 26 and consider myself a saved Christian-man today at 62 years old , married and with family . Still facing these mountains , which are now affecting my marriage and Family . Even Knowing-who I am in Christ , I am still fighting these . Can you help ? Brother Wayne-Robicheau

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  76. Hi,
    I have been following Lance Wellnau on YouTube and praying for Pres. TRUMP every day at our family altar out here in the Pacific Nation of Papua New Guinea.
    The schools here had just started classes after the lockdown.
    Friday, my 8 year old daughter , who is in 3rd grade and attend a International Primary school came home and told me ; “Mom! I found out that my friend has been bringing a Bible to school, and we opened it and read ; “Oh Lord, save me some bad people have sharpened their tongues like the serpent with poison. ‘ ” I told my friend that this is the serpent from Genesis that lied to Eve!”, and we prayed for President Donald Trump!”
    Whoa! Third graders are moving in the Spirit! PTL!

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    Saw you on Eric Metaxes show, very impressed enough bought two books from you.
    Great reality I have been trying to tell our Church to get involved.

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