Here’s a couple of insights worth thousands or millions of dollars.

Here’s a couple of insights worth thousands or millions of dollars.

If you have a high “I” personality you are: “people oriented, trusting, persuasive, influencing, verbal, fun loving and creative.

Now… Any strength overextended is a “weakness.” You will be TOO TRUSTING and at times too easily persuaded.

You are setting yourself up for disappointment however because people will promise you things they will NOT deliver. These will be some really nice people. True believers. And you will have three battles you could have avoided.
1. Disappointment. You won’t get paid or delivered what you failed to get in writing.

2. Bitterness. You will realize something went wrong and will need to forgive them.

3. The other party knows deed down they didn’t do the right thing and will avoid you, Sometimes they justify avoiding you by finding faults in you they never saw (when they needed your help) so now you’ve lost a relationship you could have kept IF you had guarded it better by having a letter of understanding about what they would do and what you would do.

You won’t want to do step 3 because it feels untrusting. What you don’t know is that failing to do so leads to another scriptural rule – “give no place to the devil.” You expose the other person to temptation of you don’t get your agreement in writing.

I’ve made this mistake so often I decided to write it out and explain it to myself in this post.

Point- trusting people err by being to trusting. Protect untested friendships by getting things in writing.

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