I'm fascinated by the convergence of data points about the two week period surrounding the Feast of Tabernacles September 28- October 3rd.

* The next cycle of Blood Moons occurs. Some people believe that this has special significance because the eclipses coincide with important Jewish festivals. The two April lunar eclipses in 2014 and 2015 occurred at the same time as Passover, while the October and September eclipses occur during the Feast of Tabernacle. This, they suggest, is connected to a biblical prophecy of the end of times.

* The key Hebrew day for the Jubillee ( every 7 years is called a Shemitah. 7wks x 7 years is 49 years. The 50th year is the start of the next 7 year cycle. Jubilee starts September 13 at sunset. (Ironically, I will be speaking in Jerusalem then.)

* September 13 is a big day. The Jubillee begins.

* Every seven years the stock market has experienced a serious adjustment for the last 50 years. 2001 was the big reset that happened in recent memory, but this cycle precedes 2001 reaching back decades.

* On September 21 the U.N. celebrates its 50 year Jubillee and guess who speaks? Vladimir Putin.

* The Pope will also be addressing the U.N. around Sept 21st and congress around the 23rd of September.

* The Iran deal will be decided in this same critical time period. With nearly all Republicans committed to opposing the deal when it comes up for a vote next month, Obama will likely pull out his veto pen to keep the deal alive. Unless another 11 Senate Democrats join that bandwagon, the Democratic party will put this agreement into effect. Mama Mia.

* If a great shaking happens that impacts the U.S. economically during this “Feast Of Trumpets” (part of the Feast Of Tabernacles) I expect a unique address by the DONALD TRUMPET from the Business Mountain perspective.

* I will tie this all together for us in a later post and explain how THE COMING SHAKING IS A PROMISE! NOT A THREAT. See what God is doing, not what the enemy is wanting to do.

I ran across an interesting post by a Seven Mountain man and friend of mine, Johnny Enlowe.

Here are Johnny's thoughts:

Some thoughts/questions on the “Shemitah” discussion: If you have never heard of the Shemitah you are likely to be a little bit lost on this post.

1) The reason for the Jubilee and 7th year “Shemita” injunction was a mercy clause from God designed to assist and rescue the poor. Neither the crash of 2008 nor any preceding market crash ever benefited the poor but rather the opposite it aggravated their condition substantially. Yes some of the rich had great losses as well but for most of them it just meant “losses” whereas for all those that fall in the “borrowers” category it was quite to desperately severe.

Are we to believe that God punishes the poor more because the rich don't forgive them their debts? Is this His divine “justice” He wires into world and Universe itself? Is He not a big enough God to punish the “evil” lenders while showing mercy to the borrowers? So sad if not.

2) Why has Israel not reaped the consequences of Shemita infractions though they have not kept them for 2000 years- and they were the specific nation given the loan and debt release commandments? Why are we graphing charts showing America's crashes and disasters and not Israel's? The logic?

3) Related to the previous, why is only the United States under this Shemita judgment and not any other nation including the nation (Israel) that actually received the injunction? The logic?

4) For the majority of Shemitas in United States history where we did not have any disaster or economic collapse (though still not releasing anyone from debt)- does that mean that God forgot to judge us that year? Many of those Shemitas were when we held our detestable institution of slavery- did that also just fly under His radar even though it was specifically an economically driven enslaving institution? The logic?

5) If the mystery of the Shemita is always active and at play then how do we know when God is giving a warning or when He is now judging?

6) Does the Old Testament have any scripture that specifically says that the nation that doesn't follow Shemita injunctions will be cursed or judged for not doing so? Then why are we pretending so.

7) Does the New Testament and the understanding of the new covenant leave any room to believe that this Old Testament practice was still required and the justice of God? Any New Testament scriptures that speak into this at all? Yet He will judge a whole nation for it- for ignorance of what has not been revealed?

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