Do you ever struggle?

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Do you ever struggle?

I am sometimes surprised by the heaviness that casts its shadow across my mind. I wonder if I am somehow too weak or inadequate for the calling on my life. I linger long, recalling my failures and missed opportunities of the past and wonder, frankly, if I am actually going to live long on this earth. I wonder if I have enough of a prayer shield. I can almost hear the words of the accuser against me.

Then somewhere, as my soul descends down this dark shaft of despair, my descent is stopped and a ray of light breaks forth with this thought…”Where does this dark voice come from?” Is it me, simply seeing the truth? But I am not usually depressed. Is it God? No. It is not His nature.

And then THIS thought comes with liberating force… “The voice that is telling you to quit, stop, give up, admit failure, you’re too weak, it’s too late…” THAT Voice is a harassing devil assigned to you to hinder and block you. It is assigned BECAUSE THE ENEMY FEARS THAT SHOULD YOU PERSIST… YOU WILL SUCCEED. YOU MUST BE DOING DAMAGE TO THE ENEMY or he would not assault your mind so aggressively to discourage you.

Carry on. That voice of doubt and uncertainty is why you know you are on the right track!

You can’t out-argue each critic but you can bury him under a pile of evidence as you “out-fruit” him.

What do you say? Am I alone in my private wrestling?

–stay strong

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