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One thought on “Discuss: Name something a Grandparent, or older distinguished member in your lif…

  1. My paternal grandmother and my maternal grandfather were both suffering from cancer at the same time; they were both terminal. My grandfather was in a more advanced stage and at a certain point was bedridden and wanted me to visit with him more often and for longer than usual. I used to sit by his bedside and I can’t remember now if I asked or he just offered the wisdom, but I remember one of the last nuggets he gave me, he said, “Just do things little by little. And before you know it, you will have accomplished something. A little today, a little more tomorrow. Just take things a little at a time.” Very practical but yet I’ve found it’s a life principal that applies to pretty much everything. And my grandmother, it’s interesting, but what she taught me I gleamed from her after death. I recently realized that despite her troubled life, she lived courageously. She was a real woman and she didn’t fear; she would say hard things, offend people when necessary, watch over her children and grandchildren, and lead in her community wherever she could. I didn’t know how much I would need this lesson then, but I do now.