We need you now more than ever!

We need you now more than ever! Let’s continue to pray for the President and the revival and the reformation that has begun. The greatest enemy is not the opposition – the greatest enemy is our ignorance of what this move of God looks like. Here are three key insights to share with others.

How to Survive an Attack

I was all the way on the other side of the world, in Singapore, when the Las Vegas shooting happened. Distance did not matter. I had all the same reactions as if I was at home… That’s one of the added pressures of the “last days” – technology. We are connected to the entire planet […]

Comic Trump Mocker in Chief at SNL having problems

It’s like watching the gods of Egypt fall down one after another. On Saturday afternoon, the 59-year-old actor announced he was deleting his Twitter and social media platform after receiving backlash for comments regarding Rose McGowan’s sexual assault allegations against Harvey Weinstein. It’s the 500th Anniversary of the German wrecking ball Martin Luther, who God […]