BUBBLE BOYS and the Spiritual Warfare

Watched a 1980’s movie called “Bubble Boy” about a boy who lived in a plastic bubble all his life.

In the year 5777 (the year of the clashing of swords as angels fight over America) we should pray that the sword of “truth” pierces every bubble, including our own.

Read below what people in the Bubble of the Left and Right are reading. By reading both columns a strong believer can see that Breitbart was right to set up his news agency to counter the deceptive spirit working thru the high priests of media in the progressive left. I think Christians are confused needlessly about the “fake” news situation. The news networks are owned by money interests (9 corporations control 95% of news outlets.) Those BIG money interests have political agendas. Most of them are captive in the bubble of Babylon and breathing the swamp gas of high-level spiritual forces whose very existence they would mock.)

True journalists, like true Christian conservatives at CNN or Hollywood or Harvard can hardly be found. They are like the prophets hiding in the caves in the days of Elijah. The false prophets have their seat at Jezebels table. They will tell you what they tell me – they must be careful how they come out of the closet. They are the new “don’t ask don’t tell” minority.

At its root, Progressive Liberalism is a religion for atheists. It has it’s own version of a priesthood at the top of the Gates of Influence (7m World) and it cannot tolerate blasphemy (anyone who counters their views on sexuality, gender, race, immigration, environment and Bernie Sanders Marxist economics.) Notice how many strong areas of opinion they have? And to be honest – notice how few of these issues you and I can defend. Progressives are born protesting and debating. Christians are born praying for peace at the protest and avoid debates. I leave it to you to consider which side shaped and discipled America.

***Remember this: Inside every liberal progressive is a totalitarian dictator yearning to turn your Christian views into a hate crime against humanity. Inside 2/3 of the Christian Church is a yearning to avoid controversy and focus on campus growth. This isn’t necessarily wrong but it forces the creation of alternative teaching and mobilizing for believers.

This year of the clashing of swords (2017/ Hebrew year 5777) is still in its pre-game warm up for Christians in the West. But that won’t last. I get targeted 5x a month by liberal bubble boys news outlets on the left for my comments on social media.

JUST LOOK AT TITLES and see which side has oxygen inside their bubble and which one is breathing recycled Progressive funded goofy gas from the mother ship.

Popular with Readers on the Left and Right

1.) Most Shared on Slate.com
Are You Prepared for an American Reichstag Fire?

The Bogus Susan Rice Story Shows How Desperate the White House Is Getting

The Fox News Sexual Harassment Scandal Is Looking Worse by the Minute

Merrick Garland Isn’t the Only Reason the Democrats Should Filibuster Gorsuch

Donald Trump Gave a $78,000 Novelty Check to the Park Service, Whose Budget He Wants to Gut

2.) Most Popular on Breitbart News

Left Accuses Gorsuch of Plagiarism

Go for Launch: Mitch McConnell Tees Up Showdown on Constitutional Option

Rand Paul: Susan Rice ‘Ought to Be Under Subpoena,’ Asked If Obama Knew About Eavesdropping
Scott Uehlinger: Susan Rice

Unmasking ‘Abuse of Power’ Violates ‘Spirit of the Law,’ Should Be ‘Further Investigated’

Report: Susan Rice Ordered ‘Spreadsheets’ of Trump Campaign Calls

The bubble I want to be in is the one created by Psalm 91 for divine protection! In this battle “truth” is both a sword and a shield – keep your shield up and stay in the Word of God because angels are advancing the best warriors to the point of breakthrough in every sphere.

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