Beware of the wrong door!

Wrong DoorFEBRUARY PROPHETIC WATCH-WORD…”Beware of the wrong door!”

It is a peculiarly American virus – the unquenchable thirst for success and the assumption that ‘Success = The will of God’.

Never occurs to us that success can be of the devil and failure of the Lord.


I hardly know a person who would discern that a sudden promotion, an open door and more money is a TRAP to get you to leave the place of God’s anointing. Seems that if we were smart we would first go to the new geography and see if there is a company of believers we are called to be part of, in that location. We treat church like it was a thing we shop for, rather than what it really is – a divine placement by the Holy Spirit. 

How many marriages fall apart after the promotion? How many kids fall into the wrong crowd after one of the parents move off to where the family was never sent?

Success is “convergence” into a role that frees you to do what you do best. It’s an alignment in the place where you have authority to impact a particular people group in the geography of your assignment.

Success isn’t always God – and the reverse can be true. Failure and frustrated efforts can be of divine origin. Heaven-sent failure is designed to get you to the right alignment and positioning. 

Paul sought to go to Asia and surprise, surprise, he was “forbidden by the Holy Spirit to speak the word in Asia” so he pressed on trying to go into Bithynia, “and the Spirit of Jesus did not permit them; and passing by Mysia, they came down to Troas.…”

While in Troas, Paul and his team were trying to sort out exactly where they were supposed to go. Finally he had a “vision in the night” and saw a man urging him to come to Macedonia. Now they had a breakthrough! 

There are seasons where the ‘night’ has to wrap around you before you get the vision clear. And sometimes you can’t get the vision until you fumble your way into the wrong place, that is actually right geography for an answered prayer. 

The idea is to get going and keep going till you hit it, but the key that precedes that is Antioch! Paul was growing in his gifting as a teacher and prophet where he was stationed in Antioch. This was the anointed location to be in until the Spirit commissioned him to GO! Once “sent forth by the Spirit” he was able to get frustrated into the perfect will of God.

The HEBREW YEAR 5774 is the year to watch for the “open door.” Before God gives you Isaac, the devil will send an Ishmael to exit you out of the place of divine frustrations. Let frustration do its perfect work and produce the patience to discern, for some successes lead to failure and many a seeming failure will position you for YOUR OPEN DOOR.

What do you think? Ever see someone run after the golden opportunity that ended up being a trap?

“Try the spirits….for every spirit is not sent of God.”

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One thought on “Beware of the wrong door!

  1. This is so true. I experienced this in 2008 when God had permitted me to start my own Investment Firm right before the truth about our economy went into a major recession. It drew me much closer to God and I have gained so much from it. I now have more clarity at a greater level with new gifts that have been activated because of the so-called failure. It was never about me but about who God is my life. Without setbacks, it’s hard to get a glimpse of how much God loves us.