BE INTENTIONAL about the story you write

11230670_10153734678869936_388217261225104649_oIt’s a forumla in almost every classic or best selling book, screenplay and story. This is the story of your life also.
1. There is a JOURNEY.
2. There is a HERO who is not yet a hero.
3. There is a CHALLENGE or CAUSE
4. There is a very bad, dangerous OPPONENT
5. There is the transformation of our character into a hero as they engage the challenge and OVERCOME
6. There is a final chapter- a CONFLICT
7. The story ends with some sort of RESOLUTION

Some writers try to mess with the formula. They let evil triumph or turn the hero into a mingling of good and bad qualities. As a rule, these stories never do as well as the ones that follow the yearning of our nature- the desire to become heroes who participate in good overcoming evil.

This is the story of the Universe…of Christ…of YOU!
As long as you are breathing you are participating in the writing of your story.
BE INTENTIONAL about the story you write.

Which stage of the story are you in right now? (Or should I say write now?)


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