11666292_10153745757789936_2941904529491564049_nYOU ARE AN AMBASSADOR WITH AUTHORITY. (Part 1)

You are living in two different dimensions at the same time.

We have to live in this realm but at the same time we’re conscience of another dimension that we’re in. Our challenge is to walk in the dimension of the Spirit while we’re living in the realm of the natural to such a degree that we overlap the natural with the supernatural (spirit) and bring other people under our influence. That’s the Kingdom.

Everywhere Jesus went He was walking like the Ambassador of the Kingdom. Every Ambassador has an embassy. The embassy is the territory that surrounds the Ambassador.

As an Ambassador of the Kingdom that means wherever the Ambassador is assigned, it becomes an embassy for the Kingdom of Heaven. In other terms it is officially off limits to the devil because it’s Heaven’s property.

Now, put yourself in Jesus’ shoes. You too are an Ambassador. In this 21st century everyday life. But there’s more …

You cannot just walk into an embassy. The Russian embassy or the Chinese embassy are off limits to everyone except people of those countries. These rules apply even if the embassy is in your country. It’s weird but in the United States these countries own that property, that block, that building, It’s the way nations work. It is sovereign territory.

So when you are walking in the Spirit in your assignment you are carrying the Ambassadorial atmosphere and your measure of rule determines how large your embassy is. That’s where the glory is.

The glory is when you’re overlapping territory: where you have the authority to manifest the Kingdom. In that territory you trump everything that’s manifesting contradictory to the Kingdom of God.

How about that for something to chew on to get your day going!

More on this … tomorrow!


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