12032181_10153661091329936_8039710558090066669_nABOVE WHAT YOU CAN DESIRE.
Your desires are a key because God will do abundantly, now catch this verse, above what you ask or think.

Eph.3:20: “Now to him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that works in us [AKJV].”

That means He has a superior concept for your life. It doesn’t mean you don’t ask or think; the premise is if you’re not asking or thinking He has nothing to trump. If you’re just kind of Zen Buddhist and don’t have a desire then that’s not the Kingdom. (Statements like this: “Oh, what ever the Lord wants.”)

I’ll never forget this story: there was this sweet lady in the front row of a conference we did and somebody asked her if she was single. She said yes and they asked would you like a husband? She said yes. Well what kind of man would you like? Tell us about what you would like to see God manifest? And she has to be so super spiritual she says, What ever the Lord wants is fine for me.

So we started agreeing for a 90 year old toothless unemployed man; toothless was important because we just kind of like got a feeling that that is want she wants. She says, Oh no I don’t want that! Oh, ok then we dropped the religious language and asked what are you talking about. Well she said I would like him to be my age. Ok, would you like 3 heads, 2 heads or 1 head, how would you like that? And so now she gets the point and gets honest. She wants this kind of a guy. And you see that’s what happens.

You know the secular community – not having any spiritual land like this to go to – has to be ruthlessly clear on what it wants.

I was in Israel and an older woman says to me, “Young man do you know the difference between sheep and goats?” I know I was going to get a lecture so I just cooperated. So I said tell me. She said first of all the sheep will always surrender the territory to the goats because the goats once they see what the sheep have will bully them and take possession of it. The sheep don’t have a nature that wants to fight; they don’t really have a heart for it. So that’s why we surrender ground so quickly; we just become like sweet pacifists.

And then she said the goats also love the high places so if there’s a shack, a shed or a hill they love to see and they love to be seen. And they will bully off any prominence, and sheep because they want to be at the high place so they can be seen and see what’s going on. I said this is amazing.

So what we have to do:
– Know what we want and ask God for it AND
– we have to have a militant focused, determined breed of tenacious Kingdom taking gate storming commandos for Christ combined with a sweet, gentle, loving, merciful intercessory, passionately devoted bridal company.

I call this: killer sheep.

Living life this way is taking the kingly and the priestly in a whole fresh way.



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