A KEY TO SUCCESS. Of all possible success attributes which one is the most power…

11127666_10153322301934936_6032656203473456533_oA KEY TO SUCCESS. Of all possible success attributes which one is the most powerful?


In the Last Days mankind will be “without self control.” This will keep pressuring you from a thousand sources: Terrorism, out of control government spending, entertainment such as raunchier TV sitcoms and movies, media marketing. We are already half numb to the perpetual coarsening of culture.

The antidote is to be filled with the Spirit. The nine fruit of the Spirit starts off with “love” then “joy” and “peace” – all altered states of being, but they lead to “patience and meekness” which look more like choices we must make and ends up with self control, probably because self control is the foundation that supports every other virtue.

In the last days “self control” may be the greatest distinguishing mark between those who walk in the Spirit and those who are controlled by their own appetites. Without this we are likened to a city without walls broken into. Imagine invisible walls protecting you – made out of the substance of self control. The power that forms boundaries in your life and keeps in what you cherish and keeps out what is evil.

Frankly some people are by nature very disciplined and others are not. In fact some people, like myself, are entrepreneurs by nature. They are hard driving, stimulus oriented people, but their work is driven by passion more-so than discipline. In fact when the work gets boring they move on to something else that engages them. They test low in “self control” as an attribute.

My friend Rick Joyner reminded me that self control comes as a gift however and all can grab it.

2 Timothy 1:7 says “For the Spirit God gave us does not make us timid, but gives us power, love and self-discipline.” You and I have a spirit within us that operates in power, love and self discipline….the essence of self control.

So if you lack this aptitude – ASK for it! God gives to all men freely.

With Self Control – the master aptitude or skill in place, you can be 100% of who you are called to be and do 100% of what you are called to do…and leave nothing undone in all God has for you.

Make sense?

– Lance


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One thought on “A KEY TO SUCCESS. Of all possible success attributes which one is the most power…

  1. Yes. Thank you !! Very Good News because of Jesus, via R. Joyner . Someone who controls their spirit ,is greater than he who takes a city ! So i ask ! That proverb sticks out to me like an exit sign for a reason. May your up coming trip be fruitful ,ears to hear revalation flowing like new wine @ the Cana wedding. Spell check makes me crazy !! Here’s something you can take with you ; In the garden, my Lord he did pray, Abba Father, take this cup away ! Never-the -less,let thine will be done ! In the garden, thats, where the battle was won !! Your in the garden of your life today, what will you choose ? What will you say ?……… The Holy Spirit gave me that in the late 90″s, when i set out to study, 2 Cor 4;8-14 . When i realized it was for the next Gen it became a screamer song (the intro is slow & sweet ). I’ve carried it all these years, fully intended to print it and slip it to you for Kim Clement, @ Future See Longwood. I thought thats ideal for him with the Garden prayer & all, then you guy’s come out with ” Heavens war room is a garden.” so there you have it. OOh , almost forgot , i love “follow me, i don’t know where I’m going.” Check out the story of Eldad & Medad in Num. I think it’s 11. They completly missed the meeting,but were numbered with the 70, beyond speculation for me, God is gracious !!