3 Principles You Need to Know From Eden

Leading From The Garden

I was so excited when the Lord told me He was restoring Eden. I just didn’t know where it fit in—because I teach so much on the Seven Mountains.

It seemed as if the Lord was saying, “Every single person has a mountain to take but the starting point is in the sphere that you currently occupy.

Your home and your family is at the heart of your Eden.

My wife has been telling me that I have the wrong order for my mountains! I’ve always started with the church, but now I see that she is right.

The family mountain is first! God put a family in a garden and in that garden formed an ecclesia—a place where two or more could gather together in the presence of the Lord—and expand the boundaries of their dominion.

I want to encourage you to think about Eden. Here are three things that are a revelation to me:

  1. God has given you “authority” over the garden. You MUST know about the authority you have been given, and use it! A serpent will always try to get into the garden. If he can’t stop you on the outside, the devil will try to corrupt you on the inside and negate your power to expand.
  2. The serpent has many disguises. America was once a well-watered garden—but the serpent got in and now it is a nation being torn apart by two seeds growing to maturity: one will produce life and the other will produce death. I wish it were otherwise, but Christians are needed to discern spirits more in this next season, than any other time before. This year the Church and Christian families are being targeted by radical, well-funded strategists. These influencers see the “soft underbelly” of Christianity as the critical swing factor in the election. Believers now, more than ever, are the factor that will determine the future of America’s garden.
  3. Always war from the garden out! The secret to victory is to make sure God’s Spirit is ruling over your territoryfirst in your heart, then home, then work space.

The garden is a place that God has assigned you to. It is therefore part of your jurisdiction in the Spirit. In the garden, you have authority to establish a kingdom embassy. This is where the presence and peace of God rules. You expand from there. Watch what happens!

I see THREE battlegrounds you need to focus on:

  1. Your nation
  2. Your house and family
  3. Your finances and business

I feel, now more than ever, the need to bring together a panel of experts to speak, train, and activate you— and me.

Join us for the FIRST ever 7m Summit September 9-11 in Grapevine, TX! Every mountain is going to be shaken. This is going to be the BEST conference of the year for walking in the power and spirit of Elijah to OCCUPY and EXPAND your garden territory. Find out more at 7msummit.com. There are only 100 super early bird tickets and they are going fast! Get yours from 7msummit.com before Sunday to lock in this unbelievable price.

Question: Have any of you sensed the spirit realm shifting? How is the Lord calling you to respond within your sphere of influence? Comment below!

As One!


Every single person has a mountain to take but the starting point is in the sphere that you currently occupy.

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69 thoughts on “3 Principles You Need to Know From Eden

  1. Yes Brother Lance. The shifting I see is back to my First Love Jesus and the Person I fell in love with 40 years ago. Also I see for me a shift in deep Intercession for and with my Family. Supernatural Strength in my spirit is vital right now and getting more into God’s Word is the Key. The serpent has entered my Garden today with my new daughter in law in the form of fear of Cancer! IT WILL NOT STAY!! I will crush it’s ugly head and it will not rise again! Now more than ever I will seek His Orders and His Plan for this!! The serpent is going Down!! In Jesus Name So Be It!!!?

    • Thanks for the comment, Cindie! Agreeing with you for healing and no evidence of cancer for your daughter-in-law. Amen to what Jesus is doing/speaking in your life!

  2. Yes. Genesis 50:20 “As for you, you meant evil against me, but  God meant it for good, to bring it about that many people should be kept alive, as they are today.”. Great harm is intended and has now been lined up by the enemy, even to the point of no longer being hidden or denied. But I seriously believe that God is already in the process of hijacking this plan for His glory. He is so good, he is Love and it is beyond understanding. Rest will be vital here, resting in God, stood ready, armored up, lamp filed with oil, waiting for the call.

  3. Wow! Just got your blog. Shifting? Yes! I feel lots of shifting. I have been following you for years and honestly have felt frustrated about transitioning(going through hell), convergence, sweet spot, calling, destiny, really all of it. I feel like I get it, then back to square one. I am determined to get this!!! I, right now read something you wrote earlier and am spending some time there. It was about battling for where you are going. Speaking to the future. I always felt I did this, but something hit me about it this a.m. I certainly am not giving up! I know a lot of things are Gods timing but I am almost sick of that saying too! Sorry Lance that I am ranting… But shifting needs to happen!!! I will press on! As crazy as I feel by watching all your stuff… I just love it! Gee, do you think this girl needs a shift!!! Yes!

  4. I have noticed after the conference in Red Deer Canada with the Nash’s and other speakers and you Lance, there is a shifted that had taken place in my life. Example, Setting in my family room to watch tv , the wall unite where TV sit look like it had been moved to left of the room. I asked my husband if he moved the wall-unite while I was away in Ref Deer, he said, no. A shifted to the left have taken plan.( noticed the shifted Tuesday evening). Blessings

  5. Yes lance I am and have noticed a shift in the Spirit. It’s begining with our own personal mountain, and it is also affecting our church as well. We are currently in a transition. I’m exploring what is in my wife’s heart. I’m finding its connecting with a younger generation and learning their language which is media. We are currently transitioning my office into a studio/ office. She wants to learn the how to’s of running a camera and all the ends and outs of media. Its the language of the culture.

    • Fantastic, Daryl! Great to hear how you are applying these principles in the sphere of your family with your wife.

  6. I sensed the Lord is calling me to be very focused on His word, listing to His voice and praying! All my interactions with those in my sphere of influence are directed by my time with the Lord. I find I’m less likely to make choices based in popular opinion, even among the body of Christ. As a result, I’m feeling more calm and confident in this season of my life.

  7. I have felt a shift, a dramatic one. On Sunday morning 8/24. When I woke up, it was tangible, Like a door in the atmosphere closed on the past, the enemy that has tormented people for a long time was on the other side of it, cut off, and I felt a great sense of peace, a new season has begun. I looked ahead of me , wide open atmosphere, a breakthrough that many have been praying for , was before me , wide open. Nothing hindering it. Like Joshua might have felt before the promise land. Time to advance , it’s ours, He has cleared the way, the time is now. All that week, I had everything that I had given up on at work completely turn around in my favor, and a new possible business idea presented to me , I had not thought of before. I know there is more to this, just the beginning;)

  8. There has been a definite shift in the spirit! I can sense a new realm of authority that extends to my city. We need to take back the city and expand the Kingdom of God.

  9. Brilliant Lance!! Absolutely spot-on. At home is where it begins and the Lord is restoring, rebuilding and establishing husband and wife teams that will demonstrate an extraordinary level of effectiveness in the spirit. Family = Foundation. As a builder it’s easy to spot a weak foundation because everything that is established above that point will collapse in on itself over time. While it will look substantial early on it will prove itself incapable maintaining a “mountaintop” presence. The enemy of us all will attempt to subvert at that point if he finds underlying weakness. Well done!

  10. I am at an impasse. What happened was that some people lied to my children about me and 30 years have gone by and it still sticks. I have talked to them about it, but I was told, “you are making excuses for your sin.” As each year continues it seems to get more and more hardened. It does not look like a mountain to me, but a huge tree dropped in the road. God has blessed me mightily in spite of all this. So I have no complaints or worries there. I know how to fight the devil and am good at it, but this lie is deep in their souls and I fear they rather enjoy the idea that I am not worthy of their concern. My being isolated is “no big deal” I guess.

    • Cornelia, praying for restoration in your family. May you grow closer to the Father even as there has been strained relationships with your earthly family. Praying for healing, honesty, open hearts, the tough conversations to surface and be possible…trust God’s character to restore and make right.

  11. I decided to study about identity and began this morning in Gen1. I couldn’t get past the the garden seen for some reason. . Reminded me of you Lance. There are rivers of living water flowing out the garden. First one flows around Gold. Second is the river of Grace, third is the rapid river oxygenating the waters, and four is sweet water…of good fruit… Lance, I think you could expand on this with the seven mountains…idk. Don’t know where it could take us, but would love to hear you do it:)

  12. Wow. Great truth. Never saw it that way but it really makes sense! Jesus worked first from his ‘family’ His Disciples too! By the way Lance did your glass float during this scene? Bless David The Netherlands

    • Thanks for the comment, David! Glad this spoke to you! The glass and the green screen seem to be at odds. 🙂

  13. Dear Lance, I have been blessed by your teaching on the Seven mountains, it has been beneficial to myself personally as well to my assemble that I Pastor.
    I was recently speaking to a person in my church who is also a big fan, however he was saying that he was disappointed that I was not as politically active and directive of the assembly.
    I wanted to point out that all activity and authority we have in the seven mountains come out of our relationship with God the Father through Christ Jesus.
    We have a simple mission, preach the transforming Gospel and make disciples in His name.
    There is the temptation to simple focus our energies into changing the mountain, without the transforming message of Jesus. My friend wants to be “political” but has forgotten we are about the Kingdom.
    He keeps using Yourself as a proof of his position. “Lance Wallnau, says we should be taking the mountains.” But we take the mountains because of the “New creation message”, and not by force of will or radical actions. We are called to love God and love others, not protest against them.
    We need to keep people “looking unto Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith.”
    Keep up the good work brother.


  14. Thank you Dr. Lance! I will be in England when your training takes place. I will continue to follow updates in this regard.

    God has begun to call me to various places to pray. All the places have relevance to the foundations of this country, my family root back 1,000 years (William Wallace is my 19th great grand uncle), and it always has a masonic root or connection. Most recently, I was in Washington DC. Soon we will travel to Ireland, England, and Scotland.

    I appreciate your voice that trumpets what is flowing down from heaven and all that you and your family do for the Kingdom. Bless you. K

  15. I don’t understand, why would your 7m summit is going to be based on walking in the “power and spirit of Elijah” when Jesus has already done away with that spirit by proving to us that He is greater, i.e. the transfiguration that occurred on the mountain, and the fact that Jesus rebuked that spirit when the disciples wanted to call fire down on the Samaritans. I like your sermons but it seems that sometimes you tend to mix law and grace, and your message gets kind of confusing (for me), could you clarify please?

  16. I felt a shift yesterday as I was praying over the continuing bombardment of lies, deception and corruption in our government. The Lord spoke two verses to me: Psalm 37:12 – “The wicked plots against the righteous and gnashes at him with his teeth. The Lord laughs at him, for He sees his day is coming.” And Psalm 2:1-4 – “Why are the nations in an uproar and the peoples devising a vain thing? The kings of the earth take their stand and the rulers take counsel together against the Lord and against His Anointed, saying,’Let us tear their fetters apart and cast away their cords from us!’ He who sits in the heavens laughs, the Lord scoffs at them.” The spotlight was on Him laughing at the plans of the enemy, and if He’s going to laugh at them, then so am I! There’s been a shift in the warfare. Yay, God!

  17. Lance we need you in Toronto to train up your tribe here plus we need to know each other. Much like what your doing in the U.S.A. with the KBA tribe. Perhaps your to create tribes first in North America then the world I wouldn’t doubt it.Where are your radio and Periscope listeners from? I don’t think it helps long term for a Canadian to go to Texas unless God says go there we need to know and build within and start doing wonderful things lol

  18. Hi Ps Lance,

    Thanks for your timely words from God you share with us. I feel the devil really is really trying to tear apart my family at the moment. I really feel he will use every opportunity to twist what me and my adult daughter says so that it is believed and so received as if to against us (to hurt), whereas it is actually means something else. This eventually affects the peace to the whole household.
    I had a few dreams at a different time apart that seems come as a warning for me. Firstly I found a small alligator underneath my house, then a snake lurking it’s head from my basement and the last one quite recent was a green snake on a tree that was ready to attack me and I couldn’t run away from it. God helps me with my prayer life, to pray without ceasing to overcome this battle and to fulfill his calling over my life.

    God bless you Ps Lance

  19. Hey Lance! This is from last year, but was so real I wanted to share it. I was feeling very gloomy and paranoid about the country and the upcoming election, so much that I wanted to make a short online conspiracy video where I bagged on the leaders of both parties, with an A.I. taking over. However, seeing what had happened to Dinesh D’Sousa and knowing that as a single father I couldn’t do anything dicey that might risk losing custody of my sons, I was scared to do it. As soon as I heard Donald Trump’s first speech where he announced his campaign, immediately I felt the (very real) spirits of intimidation and negativity break over me and the country. It was one of the clearest things I’ve ever felt in the Spirit. Suddenly there was hope. From that first night I’ve been all in for Trump, and was very encouraged when you jumped in seemingly just as fast, bringing national level words on the Wrecking Ball and Cyrus annointing. Grace to you (and your awesome wife) for what you do!

    • Jim, I felt similarly in the spirit. I would attend church and just weep during worship for the nation at what was happening. I was feeling despair and alone. I do not know if it was when Trump announced he was running, but at some point of my awareness of his presidency I too felt hope and the despair over me broke. I no longer wept in church for our nation. For awhile however, I wept for Trump as I saw all that he was confronting in hatred from all sides. I was amazed that so many people were unable to see the truth about him as I was able to see in him.

  20. For me it has been quitting a part time job, changing churches, being called to ” look well to the ways of my household.” My husband and I have raised and homeschooled 9 kids who are now raising their own kids. Being at home has allowed me opportunities to minister to our family. I’m grateful!

  21. I’ve been involved with youth & music ministry for some time now but not in the city I live in. I sense in my spirit the Lord wants me to color my hometown with both ministries, now. I just started playing drums for a local church and majority of the body are teachers for various schools. I know there is a need for Jesus and His kingdom here. Please pray for the youth and young adults of Ennis, Tx. Thanx

    • Blessings on the convergence of your ministries, Micah! Praying for the Lord to open the hearts of the youth and young adults to what He has for them.

  22. Yes, I have noticed a shift. Since my husband and I have been in agreement more than ever and have been seeking the Lord with all our heart more than ever before, our adult children have been asking for advice and mentoring. This is an answer to prayer for us. Also, our business has exploded. We make sure we are in agreement on things, but sure enough the enemy tries to come in and cause division thru tiredness, or being hurried – you name it! We have to stop – right then – and not take the bait. Sometimes, one of us has to die to our flesh on the spot but……it’s worth it! We don’t want to lose what God is doing with us and thru us and we want more of His presence. We are declaring faith statements and we are being accountable for our conversations in every way. It’s not easy…but humor helps a lot!! God understands and He is always proving himself faithful!

  23. I strongly know we need to stay closer to the Lord more than ever before. He will deal with these things cropping up all around us and our part is to keep our relationship constant with Him in EVERYTHING we do. He will keep all His promises. ( I’d hate to be in this world without Him).

  24. Lance and family, I feel so much change inside of me that I am nearly struck dumb. I know I’m caught up in the shift. My spiritual growth is soaring. It’s a little bit scary.
    I teach 8th grade public school and don’t get me wrong it’s tough but this first week back is so full of peace and my lessons have been so on target I could just cry with joy!
    Also I’m buying my first house at 56 years old, tomorrow August 4th. Sometimes that scares me but the overarching feeling is peace – I’m in a zone and I know it’s supernatural! Praise God from whom all blessings flow.
    There’s not enough space to tell you about the recent phenomenons of my relationship with my 3 adult children!
    And last night a flash flood hit my new neighborhood of condos, my very next door wall sharing neighbor had a 6 ” river running through her place. Other condos were destroyed. Not a drop entered my new home!
    I feel this is just a beginning of what God Is up to in my life.
    Thank you, thank you, thank you for sticking with your tribe and shepherding us as our Rabbi!
    God bless you and yours,
    God bless The Donald and his,
    God bless America!

  25. Thanks so much Lance – keep hearing ‘authority, authority, authority’ so that really adds to and builds on my understanding. Me & ‘The Daddy’ have coined a phrase together “live like it’s here, live like you’re there”. Had my combats on and prayed round my literal garden and home the other day. Interesting, He doesn’t want me back at church till I stop separating the world and the church in my attitudes/sight. Showed me I thought His Kingdom coming was the church getting bigger. How wrong I’ve been.

  26. P.S I live in the uk. It’s interesting in the light of what you’ve shared that many of the believers I know including my self have moved back to where their main family core and roots are. There has been a lot of ‘repositioning’. Exciting days.

  27. I have recently been blessed financially and when looking around my Mountain such as my uncle’s seeing their needs I felt I was called to move on their needs.

  28. Last New Years day God woke me up with the words: ‘Paradigm shift’ – where last year the theme song of the year was No Longer Slaves – I now see His people taking steps in identity and maturity in high pace. This is a season of sanctification, a season of blessed obedience as a act of Love. There is no more space left for grey, either its black, or white. I see my brothers and sisters taking position – reclaiming the land – although it always Jubilee with Jesus – it still is the year of Jubilee – Its time to claim back what the enemy has stolen from you. This is the time to step up as a church restoring unity (also in denominations) – but yes, unity starts with unity in ourselves, thats why our personal ‘sanctification’ is so important. Focus on the things above, but be aware of the little foxes that are ruining the vineyard. Be blessed and stay blessed. And Greetings from The Netherlands

  29. Yes. Just texted Lev 23-10 to my local pastor – after spending time in the garden. A great Revival is coming. Praise God!

  30. As one whatever it is let it be Christ Centred. All of Him nothing of us. Yes the battle is intense but should not take us by surprise. We have the Sword lets use it. There is no defense against the Sword. If we are vessel in the hands of the Almighty ain’t no need to worry. Jagged edge! As one

  31. Lance,
    Are you going to do web participation for this event like you did for the Cabo Dream trip?
    I can’t come to Dallas that weekend, but I sure would like to have the opportunity to watch this and have it to replay and absorb the information.

    • Hi, Kathi! Yes, we will have a livestream. Make sure you’re subscribed to emails so that you will be notified when the times comes. Details and pricing will be available soon. Hope you can join us!

  32. Lance, my wife is always right too.
    Satan will try to ruin our family lives and undermind our authority and influence in another mountain. I found this scripture in your post from September 2014, I Timothy 3:5 “But if a man does not know how to manage his own household, how will he take care of the church of God.”

  33. I think we all are experiencing a shift whether we acknowledge it is another thing. My first shift is in my thinking and my response applying God’s word to every breath and learning to live like a soldier as well as a daughter of the king. Second is the shift of preparing a spiritual and financial legacy to share with my family and the body of Christ and then the nation. How? Prayer connection weekly with inner circle partners, 2. Connecting family by identifying which mountain they operate from and using that information to form a business network. I am not a biz person so any feedback would be helpful. I am a family mountain person.

  34. The church that we know today is becoming ineffective and irrelevant. Its been ineffective for a long time but almost becoming irrelevant to kingdom purposes God has been trying to accomplish on this earth for more than 6,000 years. We need to go back to Eden as you said. Adam did not fall from heaven. He did not loose heaven when he fell. Jesus came to redeem, restore and save that which was lost. If we truly believe Jesus did His job well then we need to operate as Adam did before the fall. The church has been hi-jacked by religious spirit for a long time. Thats the greatest hi-jack in history of human kind. We lost the kingdom mindset. Adam lived and operated like a king. The Last Adam Jesus did the same. God is in the process of bringing up Ekklesia’s around the world (the real church). These small groups, who operates with a kingdom mindset will do great exploits in government, economy and religious mountains. Through these Ekklesias He will execute His kingdom purpose on earth, until the enemy’s of Jesus are brought as His footstool. Nothing will be able to stop these Ekklesias. Governments, armies or any forces of hell will not a problem to God’s governing body on earth.

  35. Blessings upon you Min. Wallnau, this is so true to the seeking Believers who have asked for fresh rain of the Spirit of Christ. Thank you and your wife for sharing how vital it is to understand the authority that is locked in Grace for the salvation package is rich in mountains and land to be fully enjoyed by His Body.

    Please keep seeking and sharing.
    Asst Pastor Davis ?

  36. Hi Lance, I saw you at the morning star Europe in Chester. What you said really spoke to me. I am an ex sniper and I know that God is working in me. I have gone on a few evangelist missions, often teaching and I am also a teaching assistant in a school now. I have however experienced a pull towards other things. I am not sure if its the enemy pulling me off course or the call of God?? It’s very hard to say.

    • Neil, thanks for the comments! Praying for discernment as you evaluate your next steps. Remember that you hear the Shepherd’s voice clearly. He will show you. Perhaps you are meant to walk in several spheres at once. Blessings on your life and ministry!

      Check out 21 Questions That Will Change Your Life and let the Lord speak to you through it. http://lancewallnau.com/21questions. There are also many other resources available in the store.

  37. Yes, there is a huge shifting in the Spirit realm. A great stirring, an awesome rumbling, as if events long awaited are coming and all of creation is stirred up. We are taking dominion over our house, land, animals first. Then, we expanded to the neighbors by teaching them how to set godly boundaries over their land. (Working on family). Then we expanded to our neighborhood. God then placed us (much to our chagrin) over our county. We are taking ground wherever our feet tread. We are not always totally victorious at each encounter, but losing a battle doesn’t mean you lose the war. We have so much to learn, but trust the Lord will teach us as we go. There is a shifting in getting rid of things and focusing on learning new tactics and authority. Believe it or not, the Lord is teaching us about true authority and learning to walk in calm assertiveness through our 2 young German Shepherds. They are very different from other dogs we’ve had. They will not respect weakness, lack of assertiveness or love without boundries. We are in a very different kind of training than we ever could have imagined. On many fronts too. God is so good to us! AS ONE!

  38. God is teaching me to war from a totally selfless position. 21 years ago i was in a very wounded position. My husband proclaimed that he just didn’t love me anymore. Being 7 mos with child I was broken and discovering the truth of another woman I became self centered with pain. I lost that battle. At that time God had shown me that it was first healing in the family..then city..then state..nation ..to the entire world. But the injustice and pain became my focus. Recently God gave a second chance…not to restore that marriage …but to bring healing to the entire family. The man I had married was a widower with 9 children. At the funeral of the oldest child this year I found out that the children wanted me there.A few months later at the funeral of the youngest and her son I saw broken children and even my ex and girlfriend…(now married). So I poured out love by the grace of God…and brought much healing to a broken family. Even hugged my exs wife and told my ex that we adults needed to show love so the children could heal. The older children had never accepted ex’s wife, but seeing me forgive and hug her helped them stop hating her. So finally. .. A victory! Getting myself out of the way allowed brought healing that was a long time overdue. Some may not see that as a victory as I never remarried…but God replaces multiplied…..and to truely see the victory of battle we must look from the top of the mountain! One on one battle is sometimes blood and pain. But a Godly view will show you the victory.

    • Ruby, thank you for sharing your beautiful testimony! It’s a reminder of the power of forgiveness and God’s restoration in families. May there be even deeper healing in your family!

  39. Love it, Love you…Love The Garden talk!! My Dream for over 17 years. The Garden family life center..Where Ministry and OJT meet! I’d love to share it with you one day. It’s based on everything you just said!! When he called me and drew my attention Jeremiah Chapter 1 saying “He knew mean called me”..drew my attention was fixed forever on verse Jeremiah 1:10,
    “See, I have appointed you this day over the nations and over the kingdoms,
    To uproot and break down, (Bring them to Christ)
    To destroy and to overthrow, (Kill the sacred cows of religion)
    To build and to plant.” (Renew their mind -Deploy into destiny!)

    This is exactly what the nature of my calling is the 5R’s! Receive them, Reconcile them, Restore them, Rebuild them..then send them out of the Garden to Replant them!!
    It’s no wonder God connected me to your ministry! I’m training now and added most all the & 7MU material and I’m now going to do the “dashboard”! This is my sphere and passion and it producing great fruit with my “DreamCasters” Seminar! And for the readers here..we’ve sown seed as well into this awesome man of God and his family and will continue to do so..you should too! Thanks Lance ..I love appreciate and respect you dearly!

  40. Great teaching and awareness about the garden. It’s interesting how God has been talking to few leaders about the garden in the last few months. I don’t want to contradict what you are saying that the garden starts in our house, and It’s true, but I believe that it starts in our heart first. The kind of seeds/mindsets we let grow in that influence our authority that comes from the inside out. Each family member has an impact on the quality of the harvest our family will reap, good or bad harvest. Today God talked to me about how the serpent of the garden, that leviathan spirit is twisting our words and create so much confusion and offence in our lives. This should be more exposed than ever because many families and churches are splitting because of that same twisted and evil spirit still wants to kill and destroy the seed of love. Thank you so much and bless you.!!

    • Chrisine
      I saw your post. I agree about Liviathon. It is a spirit that likes to raise it’s ugly head often among the ecclesia. I feel I’m constantly fighting against it.

  41. Steven Covey taught about our circle of influence and our circle of concern. As we fill and steward our present circle of influence, it expands into more of our circle of concern. I see our present circle of influence as our Eden. Great post!!

  42. God is telling me to beware of false prophets who tell dreams and visions that God did not give them. According to the word of God, these are the last days and if you actually read it and watch the signs of the times, and most especially read the book of Revelation, you will discover that what is already happening worldwide is not going to get better till Jesus comes back in the clouds, and anyone who is telling you something that strokes your hopes and desires, but does not line up with scripture is a false prophet. God is no longer withholding judgment from this earth, and not from this nation either. God will be with His children and some will survive till the last trump. God is even allowing false prophets to tell people what they want to hear. And is even allowing strong delusion to come upon those who keep on telling people peace will come, prosperity will come, and that somehow by directing your thoughts properly, in love and peace you will usher in your own blessings and no evil will come near you. Unfortunately, I think we are already in the second seal. It is all on one scroll, and as each seal opens, the scroll just keeps unrolling, seal after seal, and the whole world will suffer. Judgment will come upon judgment from the opening of the Seals to the last Trumpet. The third Seal is financial collapse, but it will also include starvation due to lack of food, not just lack of money. Keep in mind, the church is still going to be here. I have no doubt that some in Christ’s body will be supernaturally protected and provided for. I know for some people God will raise a standard that will not let Satan go past a certain point in what he will be allowed to do to some Christians. But keep in mind, some Christians who have not exactly had the life of ease many in America have had, are already being hung on crosses. Judgment will begin in the church, false prophets, and church leaders will be held accountable not just for their own sins, but for lives and souls that could have been saved if they had stuck to the literal scriptures, and warned the people what is to come. It may not sound like it, because this word is harsh, but my heart breaks for the people who are being taught to believe a lie. Read Joel, read Revelation, read all the end time prophecies and take them at face value, and repent while there is still time. God has told me to tell you judgment has begun in the house of God, turn back to truth and pray for God to spare you and your loved ones. If you truly want to know truth, God will lead you by His Spirit into all truth. Love of money is the root of all evil, love and trust go hand in hand… Who or what do you trust most, your reasoning or wisdom, your “gift”, your righteousness? The scriptures say, “Lean not unto your own understanding, but in all your ways acknowledge Him and He shall direct your path. No prophet, not even a real one is an intermediary between you and God. God wants all his children to know His voice, and His word, and He wants all people to personally ask Him to explain what they do not understand. Anyone who keeps having a word, a special word for God’s children, the chosen ones who listen and follow, that prophet or teacher is in deep trouble. You make them dependent on you, not God. There is a shift going on alright, the church is shifting from the it is written to doctrines of man that do not line up with God’s word or plans. Make no mistake, there are some real moves of God happening world wide. Check out “The Last Reformation.com”. People are being saved, water baptized, baptized with God’s Holy Spirit. Demons are being cast out, people are being healed. and they don’t even need to go to a seminar for it to happen. It is happening on the streets, in homes, in the highways and byways people are being compelled to come into the Kingdom of God, just like in the Book of Acts. And people are being made disciples, and are then sent out to disciple others, and they don’t have to join some group. When they get saved and baptized, they are in the only group they need to be connected to, the body of Christ with no schisms or divisions. freely they have received and they freely give. For many years, in many places I have heard the word spoken, but the power has been missing. Leaders have equated God’s blessing with numbers of people, and financial prosperity. Teaching healing and deliverance but never seeing God move in their structured denominations. God removed the lamp stand from many a church and denomination when they refused to be lead by the Holy Spirit who never says anything that can not be checked out in the scriptures. You can know a tree by it’s fruit, and all truth is found in the Holy Scriptures, simple enough for a child to comprehend. When the lamp stand is gone, the light leaves, people quit being able to see clearly. Doctrines of men replace God’s word and that makes God angry. Yes , God does still get angry. He is a God of love, but He hates lies and evil, and anything that takes the glory away from Him, and He will take down those who lead His sheep into sin or false doctrines that contradict His Word. Today, one of the most dangerous gifts to have is a prophetic gift. The anti-Christ is very busy declaring himself God in the temple of God today and masses of people are falling for it because they want to and because they do not check out everything they are taught prayerfully, in the scriptures, in context. Humans want a person to follow, that they can see, hear, touch. Few ever learn to walk by faith and not by sight. And leaders make sure their congregations know they are the voice of God for them, that they are the ones who have the calling. Time to repent is growing very short. That is not something to fear, because as you see the signs of the times, rejoice, because our redemption draws nigh. Love not this world or the things of this world because this world as we know it is passing away. . By the way, Cindie Coleman is a wise warrior. she is heading the right way. So is Matt, but all that convergence garbage and shifting are metaphysical words and doctrines that have no place in the body of Christ. The person God has told me to write to, is you. Do not confuse God’s children, with scripture mingled with anything of man. Very shortly the nice man who wrote he could tell things were shifting because his wife wanted to learn to run the camera will discover he missed what God wants him to see. Do you not understand, that very soon , no one will be running a camera, except in the apostate church? And if they keep following your metaphysical advice and teachings, they will become part of that apostate church. Keep your eyes , your heart on things above, for we are dead and our lives are hid with Christ in God. Do not add to or take away from the scriptures, most especially the Book of Revelation, because a curse is promised in that book for those who do so. You need to understand that following God right now will bring warfare against you. The enemy of the true body of Christ will seem like an angel of light, giving you all the desires of your heart, but will actually cause people to trust in a lie. It is in our weakness that God shows himself to be strong. Your followers are from a mixed camp. Some seem to be lead by the Holy Spirit, and are trying to walk in the Word , the truth. Others are not far off the path, but could end up that way if you do not stick to scripture. And some are off in left field with no concept of what scripture really says. Be careful, the road you choose, the words you say, affects them all. The body of Christ who follow God’s leading by the power of His Holy Spirit do have authority over serpents and scorpions and over all the power of the enemy that nothing shall by any means hurt us… not even the second death, if God calls us home before the last trump. We also are free by Christ’s sacrifice, His stripes, His blood, His death on the cross, his descending into hell, and his raising from the dead, becoming a scapegoat for us. We are redeemed from the curse of the law, the curse of our ancestry, and every curse not written in the law, and by His stripes we are healed. But all of that depends on us depending on Jesus, and taking up our cross and following Him. Apart from Him, His Holy Spirit and His Father’s will we can do nothing. It is not us, we are simply a vessel of honor to be used by God for His purposes, His way, His timing. We are nothing, our righteousness is as filthy rags, and He is everything. Be very careful what you teach, and how you say it. God loves you and knows your heart, but don’t mix doctrines and thereby cause some to stumble. Sincerely, Norma

  43. I agree with your wife 🙂 I’ve thought this for years as well, the first mtn. of influence is the Family. We are all born into a family. Family influences us and we influence it first. Not all go to a church or even a school.
    As I was struggling recently, wondering where my next sphere of influence was to be, the Lord told me (through a prophecy) that I had the ‘office’ of mothering. I had never heard that before. My first and foremost area of influence is as a mother, not only to my own children but as a spiritual mom to others. Now that I have an empty nest though, I’m still wondering about where my new garden will be.

  44. Atmospheric Shift , Big Time on Day of Azusa West, Confirmed by Others….Imagine What Will Occur Day or Days of Azusa East…Tremendously Exciting!!!