12190829_10153751037719936_8523340141880265584_nBEHIND THE SCENE WITH LANCE

Meeting with key leaders on terrorism, debt and economic melt down, race division, immigration.

Meeting great Hispanic leaders here. All Christians. We MUST mobilize a unified movement- AS ONE!

Right now Huckabee is sharing with the leaders in Dallas. Most of us have not really heard this man. He’s the one guy running who has actually beaten the Clinton machine. Deep thinking CHRISTIAN and pragmatic Governor who changed the game for Arkansas.

He won 47% of African American votes and appointed more for office than Bill Clinton! 43% of Hispanics voted for Mike. He did this because he focused on helping everyone have safe streets to grow up on, houses you can be proud of, and a solid economy.

Huckabee says conservatives are wrong to focus away from minorities. Democrats win when they build coalitions – women, union, African American and Hispanic as groups! We win when we focus on the INDIVIDUAL. Dem say “you won’t do better unless he group does better” – but Huckabee beat this by encouraging people to think and vote on what is important to them personally -not as a collective bargaining unit.

Mark also believes many union members are God fearing and often gun owning and church connected people who are lumped into a group called “unions” – but they can be reached as individuals who have more in common with the social values of Christians than they do sympathies with their Union Boss. 38% of Union members are conservative and registered Republican. Didn’t know that.

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