Your Chapter in Your Story

1395185_10151987618314936_665259313_nYour Chapter in Your Story

“I am the God of your father–the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac, and the God of Jacob.” Thus began the conversation between God and the chosen vessel Moses. (Ex 3:6)

It's almost as if God is viewing three generations as present with Him while he speaks. Come to think of it – this IS what is happening in that moment. Jesus quoted this verse to prove the reality of the resurrection saying, “He is not the God of the dead, but of the living, for to him all are alive.” (Lk20:38) God has the past and future of your lineage in mind as He talks to you.

This means that God is the God of a BIGGER story than the chapter you and I occupy. Baby boomers (my generation) often obsess about our lives as though Heaven has to perform every promise ever spoken to us, through us – in OUR lifetime. I had a somewhat shocking thought today…what if God does not see Himself as limited to fulfilling all He spoke to you and me through us alone? What if he intends to do much of this thru your children and grandchildren?

If you are second generation Christian you are an Isaac fulfilling in some measure the promise God gave the Abraham who was before you. You think it's all about you?
It's largely about Abraham. I've often suspected that some of my children will complete the missed potential of my own calling. But I am the Abraham in my family line (or so I think…but who knows?)

If you're a third generation believer you are the Jacob completing the promise to Isaac and great Grandpa and Grandma Abraham and Sarah. And JOSEPH? He's working out the promises given to Abraham as his great great grandson.

Here's a brain burner…(at least for me)…in the resurrection all those characters will be alive as contemporaries with new bodies looking approximately 30 years of age. They will have comprehensive knowledge of the others journey, consecration, failures and contribution to each other and the kingdom.

We feel like the story is all about us – but we got written into somebody else's story. This does not diminish your value or uniqueness, but it does put your life into perspective. God was at work before you and I arrived and will no doubt be showing His prophetic faithfulness to us through the story he tells in the lives of our offspring.

Let us live our lives with such intensity and advance the kingdom so powerfully that we take out enemies our children and theirs will never have to fight. Then in the age to come, our offspring will rise up and call us blessed.

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