You Can Walk on Sound

Walk-on-AirAnyone who ever had a subwoofer or pulled up near a car with a boom box, knows that sound waves exert pressure. When those waves are bounced between aligned surfaces, they can create what is known as a “standing wave,” in which the total pressure from the “original wave” and it’s reflection cancel’s each other out and objects, if properly positioned, can levitate off the ground from that sound!

That’s right! Researchers in Switzerland have developed a way of levitating, manipulating and moving objects using nothing but sound. Through sound waves whose frequency is too high for humans to hear, scientists in Zurich have learned how to simultaneously LEVITATE SEVERAL OBJECTS next to each other and move them around – thru sound.

Hey, kids YOU can do this at home! How does it work? Objects placed between two horizontal surfaces, the bottom one (from below) emitting high-pitched sound waves and the top one (from above) reflecting the waves back, can be levitated! Simple. Sort of.

It reminds me of the Greek tense of the New Testament: “whatever you bind on earth has already been bound in heaven.” Two realms, above and below work together. When God’s Word is spoken, spirit controls matter and lesser authority submits to greater authority.

I am not trying to explain Jesus’ miracles in terms of science, I am simply observing how science so closely reflects spiritual things.

This opens up so many wild connections to the imaginative believer. The Bible says that God spoke and HIS WORD formed the material realm. Jesus said, “My words are spirit and they are life”…it is alive and active in more than one dimension.

When we speak (below) what God is speaking (above) it creates an “original wave” that enables is to do the impossible. Jesus spoke a word to Peter while walking on water. All He said was one word…”come,” and Peter stepped out and walked, not on water, but the “word” Jesus spoke.

THERE IS A WORD FOR YOUR SITUATION right now! This word pulsates with power. Speak it! Nature cannot tell if it is you or the creator talking. It is the same sound that caused the spiritual realm to submit and the material realm to transform 2000 years ago.

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