It’s happening NOW….

REMEMBER when we talked about this?
It’s happening NOW….

You can judge your upcoming promotion by the size of the opposition that shows up to stop you. The good news is that when you are advancing in YOUR assigned territory, God has ALREADY GIVEN you the place where you are about to go. “Every place that the sole of your foot SHALL TREAD upon, that HAVE I given unto you… “ (Joshua 1:3)

Wow, where you are about to go in the FUTURE God already gave you in the PAST. Your prophetic destiny was decreed before you got there. The challenge is to simply SHOW UP.

You have authority in the place you are going; therefore you must not back down but rather let your capacity be expanded UNDER PRESSURE. You have to step back from the battle and let the Lord enlarge you on the inside. It’s like a deep sea diver or sub that needs to adjust the pressure inside to match the depth. You have what it takes. Meet and disable the spiritual opposition in your thoughts and the physical environment around you will collapse into Gods plan.

And enjoy the process. Earth is the only place you get to fight devils.

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