Prophecy to the wind…

1045209_10151686295409936_844531553_nEzekiel reveals a technique of the prophetic we often miss He is told to simply put out his words in the wind. “Speak a prophetic message to the winds, son of man.” .”Speak a prophetic message and say, ‘This is what the Sovereign LORD says”: Come, O breath, from the four winds!
(EZ 37:9)

Imagine that the winds are ministering spirits sent forth to the heirs of salvation. Imagine that these winds are spirits sent to accomplish the words spoken. Imagine that these winds are coming from the breath of God and seeking to join His words from your mouth. Gods words from your mouth enter the atmosphere and mingle with the wind to be sped off on their ordained mighty purpose.

How do you do this? Write a crafted prayer. This is a spirit led document that outlines your need and petition in a specific area. Add Gods promise and rehearse His sufficiency. Commit what you shall do and what God’s word promises he will do.

This is an agreement- a crafted, thought out, prayer and declaration. Take it out to where you can speak it to the wind. Send your words on an assignment…and don’t be surprised if the wind starts moving around you even indoors!

Prophesy to the wind – its biblical
Write a crafter prayer and deliver it
watch your awareness of the wind and angles multiply afterward.

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