Why We Are Losing America!

10155006_10152300393669936_1104413913_nProphetic Watch Word – DO NOT READ THISWhy We Are Losing America!

“If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle.”
― Sun Tzu, The Art of War

Tomorrow I shall go to yet another leadership gathering of concerned Americans. We will talk about what America needs and how the hour is desperately late. We will talk about the necessity of mobilization and perhaps some discussion of “principled centered leadership” needed in the pulpits of America, reminiscent of the “black robe” regiments of colonial preachers who fought in the Revolution. etc. etc.

And we will pray and donate money and make a show of unity and……lose.

Why? Because we make God too small and hence we play small.

The flaw in almost all these meetings is pretty simple.
We are believers and think the key to everything is getting more people converted or getting them into a church (same thing.)

This makes “pastors” the ultimate change agent. So we meet with Pastors and ministry network leaders tomorrow. The problem is that many of these front line leaders fear government backlash if they speak out about political issues. This bothers them.

THEY SEE THE CHURCH AS THE AGENCY OF CHANGING THE WORLD. And if the CHURCH is His main agency then the reluctant Pastor is His Senior agent. Which creates a problem cause the pastor is not in all the other mountains. He does not have jurisdiction. He is not on the front line of journalism dealing with the school situation but a sister is. He isn't in the corrupt police department, but his deacon is.

So we need to see that God is not only the God of theology but also of Science and Economics and Literature and Art and pray tell…even Governments? Is He the King of Pastors and Preachers only – or is He not the King of Kings?

The truth is, Transformation of Culture is a different study than Theology… It is the study of SOCIOLOGY that we should seek God in, for a change.

And it is not Pastors and Preachers only who change America, it is the army of believers who move against the gates of Hell- and the gates are not located over the local church exclusively.

Look who the decision makers are that shape culture. Where are the influence shapers located? For youth, the culture is shaped by MTV, the Grammys, Academy Awards, Rolling Stones Magazine. For business, it's the Wall Street Journal, New York Times..for almost all its Comedians and Pop Stars, the White House, the Stock Market and Harvard, MIT and Time Magazine and Newsweek.

Culture is discipled by three powerful cities: Washington, New York and L.A. where Christians make up less than 3% of these populations and are surrounded by 97% secularists who are anti-christian!

Think- it only takes about 3% of the population to shape a nation, if it controls the top. But we are not at the top so the enemy can plant his 3% where they leverage the heck out of their worldview- and reshape ours!

And this 3% at the top do NOT represent the mainstream of America, but that does not matter because THE ENEMY KNOWS SOMETHING CHRISTIANS REFUSE TO LEARN…

Culture is shaped by the 3% in dense overlapping networks of elites who occupy seats of influence at the gates of these cities and the Institutions I listed above. It does not matter that they are the minority. What matters is their proximity to power.

Christians don't aim for influence at the gates – we aim for conversions in the pews (or on the couch if you think Christian TV is the answer.) or maybe in the Mall if you are practicing hearing God.

While we sought revival, our enemies redefined marriage and family. How did the Gay community disciple America and Europe and soon Asia? By penetrating the High Places, because … “culture is shaped by dense overlapping networks of elites who occupy seats of influence at the gates of the world's leading cities. The location of the Institutions I listed above.

How did Islam, which started 500 years after Christianity, succeed in discipling SEVEN nations into complete Sharia law-compliance to Islam as their nation's religion, while Christianity is STILL looking for ONE CITY that submits to Christ as radically as Muslims submit to the prophet Mohammed?

We always need to evangelize but evangelism addresses the issue of a soul and eternity. if you want to talk about “Renewing America” it WON'T happen till we move the disciples into proximity to the gates of hell on top of the High Places. What “high places”? Government, Arts, Media, and Education, to start with.

AND That won't happen without MONEY! It takes mullah, dinero, cash to fight a war – ideological or spiritual or otherwise. The kingdom has the currency but we squander it on unimaginative, silly and insipid strategies that do not effect the nation's national narrative.

Where are the Christian Billionaires who are half as shrewd as George Soros whose mischievous and devious funds resource over 100 million dollars of anti evangelical influence? That dude organized and paid for media coverage and a Harvard Protest that blocked me on the campus when I wanted to share the love of Christ. That was my wake-up call.

No, we don't learn from our enemies because we don't know who our enemies are. We fight digital war with pen and ink, and navigate the spiritual globe with a flat earth map.

BUT, I will go tomorrow, and I will look for whatever shred of technology and unity I can find and I will keep doing so till YOU decide it's time for a change. How about a dual pronged attack: spiritual and natural, church and marketplace, young and old, signs and wonders and power of anointed argument?

The seven mountains are seven mission fields – it's a 7M world. We need to start raising kids that see the call to INVADE.

We need a 7M Underground and a 7M Revolution.

Unless you like being dangerously contagious …
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