A Move of God

Watch Word: Where are we heading?

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Question 1.
What is God doing when revival seems to tarry?
Ans: He is positioning His players.

(This picture is the U.S. but please know it represents every nation in the battle for “sheep nations.”)

——PART 1——

We pray. We church. We do conferences. We give. Yet we watch the nations continue their downward course, as the church continues to be a non-event in world – and local news. 

Is there a move of God coming?

A move of God involves 4 things… all explained in one verse. 

“About this time tomorrow I will send you a man from the land of Benjamin. Anoint him ruler over my people Israel; he will deliver them from the hand of the Philistines. I have looked on my people, for their cry has reached me.” 
(1 Sam 9:16)

FIRST: God moves when prayer hits a tipping point!
a. “I have looked on my people, for THEIR CRY HAS REACHED ME!”

SECOND: God answers prayer by sending a deliverer. When God moves into position, He moves a man (or woman) into position. 
a. “About this time tomorrow I WILL SEND YOU A MAN”

THIRD: The person sent is ANOINTED with supernatural grace to do the job. 
a. “ANOINT HIM RULER over my people” 

FOURTH: The anointing works in conjunction with the ASSIGNMENT!
a. “He will deliver them from the hand of the Philistines”
Saul's assignment was to DEAL WITH THE PHILISTINES. That's what is in front of him in the form of Goliath.



Saul had the calling, authority and the assignment but somewhere along the way, he got off track and began to implode. He lost the anointing! It went to David.

Still, Saul was responsible to solve the problem! 

You have an anointing to bless your business and if you do it smart you'll make your boss look good!

…but beware of the favor backlash. 

Listen, I’m talking about something very heavy here. I’m talking about what the Reformation did in Europe that created a revolution and a convulsion affecting thrones in nations. 

Such is the power of an idea whose time had come. We are playing with ideas that can be game changers.

If churches do not deal with the Goliath taking our cities and nations down….God will raise up deliverers who shall do so….and modify the entire algorithm of “church” in the process.

1. The mega church meets the micro church
2. The local church meets the virtual church
One local church in Keller has 7000 attending a virtual service on-line. That's a lot.

It's happening now…for better or for worse

If history teaches us anything, there could be a war in this transition. It’s the story of almost every revival. The new anointed ones often get resistance from the old school.

Welcome to the conflict of Saul and David.

David behaved wisely.


If you are a David, Daniel, Deborah, or any Number 2 person – rejoice over you opportunity to shape culture and influence the direction of Number 1s.

It is the wise ruler who places ego aside and lets the subordinate solve the problem. 

Lincoln was brilliant at this. Hearing General Hooker boast that someone needed to take over the White House and become a dictator/general like Napoleon, Lincoln wrote to his general and told him in essence – “Give me victories on the field. You do your job and I'll risk the dictatorship. Only those generals who win battles can set up governments. Now, go forth, don't be rash, but do win battles.”

Hooker later admitted that the letter humbled him, saying “It was such a letter as a man would get from his Father.” 

There it is. Lincoln was a spiritual father.

In David’s case there was nothing he could do. An evil spirit was troubling Saul. 

Yet somehow David learned to “HONOR” authority. 
The 4th commandment is the only one that comes with a promise of long life.

David honored Saul till the day his half-crazy father-in-law died.

Which is perhaps one of the reasons why David lived long and survived his own insurrections. 

“HONOR YOUR FATHER AND MOTHER, which is the first commandment with a promise, SO THAT IT MAY BE WELL WITH YOU, AND THAT YOU MAY LIVE LONG ON THE EARTH.” (Eph 6:2)

Thoughts? Honor always wins. But be true to who you are and honor those who give you opportunity. Your originality is attractive to God, which is why He fills you with favor and ideas. Your willingness to honor others will protect you…God promises to “surround you with favor as a shield.”

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One thought on “A Move of God

  1. The verse comes to mind, “I do what I see my father doing”! This is much to process while transition will move “paychecks” back to spiritual gifts at the speed of a locomotion on a track only God Himself can build. There won’t be any room for doubt. Either full trust and reliance on God(on the locomotion) or left behind with fears and unbelief.