How To Deal With A Sudden Attack!

Three Stages and Strategies in Dealing With Demonic Attack

Have you ever been in a situation where you knew you were in the will of God, yet circumstances suggested the opposite? Have you ever been surprised by a demonic backlash?

Read on…

In Mark 4, Jesus finished teaching to a really receptive multitude.  His grassroots movement was on fire! Afterwards, He sent the crowd away and entered a boat with His disciples—and in the exhaustion of His schedule, the outpouring of virtue, and rigorous prayer life, He fell into a deep sleep.  As He slept, a furious storm arose with waves that overwhelmed and beat against the ship.  As it took on water the disciples in near panic awakened Him crying out, “Lord, don’t you care that we’re perishing?” (Mark 4:38)

Jesus arose, quickly discerned the situation, and did something that up until now they had only observed Him do when casting out demons—He rebuked the wind! Immediately the wind subsided. Then He spoke to the sea, “Peace, be still!” And immediately there was a great calm.  Then He turned to His traumatized disciples and said, “Why are you so fearful?  Where is your faith?” (Mark 4:40)

So how did Jesus deal with the drowning contradiction? Here are three principles you can apply.

  1. Don’t accept the situation. Use your authority to change it!  Sometimes you need to combine spiritual authority and discerning of spirits to deal with a high-level attack. There are several storm stories in the Bible and each one reveals a different strategy.  For instance, Paul did not rebuke the storm he got stuck in because God was using it to his advantage! Instead, he used his faith to deliver himself. (Acts 27:39-44) Mark 4, however, is my favorite storm illustration. When God gives you a clear direction and a big contradiction shows up—rebuke the hindrance and keep moving.
  2. Rebuke the spirit.  Never forget—the force behind your battle may be a spirit assigned to keep you from crossing over! God has called you to go somewhere.  Don’t be surprised if the devil wants to stop you! In this passage, Jesus stands up in the ship and directly rebukes the causative spirit behind the storm. Note: the waters are not rebuked.  He speaks calmly to the condition that was created by the agitating spirit and says, “Peace, be still.”  There was a demonic fury that came up against the vessel that Jesus was on.  It’s a two part formula. 1.) Rebuke the devil. 2.) Speak calming words to the agitated elements.  Again, how do I know this spirit was demonic? Because Jesus rebuked it.  Jesus’ rebuke was evidence that there was an intelligent force behind it that was resisting His will and acting out of alignment with His authority.
  3. Speak peace. In prophetic language agitated waters or seas symbolize people being stirred up. This shows up especially in the book of Revelation. Likewise,“winds” refer to spiritual forces. In your church or business or family you will need to deal with the devil directly in intercession.  Follow it up by speaking wisely and peaceably to the agitated congregation, clients, employees, or family members who were unsettled and destabilized by the attack.

Question: When have you declared peace to the chaos around you and seen circumstances change before your eyes? Comment below!

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As One!


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67 thoughts on “How To Deal With A Sudden Attack!

  1. Amazing Timely Message was involved in a bad accident last week car was a write off this is just the Word I Needed!

      • I just read your article its on time glad God had placed in your spirit to share. My family have been going thru a storm with attacks from my family, my brother’s family and my mom. Three family members had job loss within the same week,minor auto incident and medical emergency . When there’s a prayer warrior in the family attacks will happen try to pull off course these situations just makes us more determine to seek God as to What is God’s will be done on earth as it is in heaven, to pulling down the strongholds and speak Peace Be Still.
        Once again thanks for sharing.

  2. Hi Lance!
    One night as I was coming out of the grocery store I was at (which is not in a very good neighborhood) I heard three men having a very loud conversation. They were just outside the doors. All I had was one brief glance. I kept walking towards my car and began quietly praying in tongues. I saw two officers come around the corner who apparently had been called to come take care of the situation.
    I got in my car and instead of leaving right away – I decided to do exactly the kind of thing you’re talking about. They couldn’t see me but as I was sitting in my car I had my hand stretched toward them & took authority over the situation and I did speak peace as well.
    Nothing else happened that I could hear or see so I left after about 20 minutes.

    I’d pretty much forgotten about this until I got your email.

  3. Hi Lance, I’m Christian Chief and mostly happens in meetings (confusion) and many other council members that practice dark things for there agenda. Thanks Lance

  4. Thank you lance, I have had a long string of things happen to get me out of alignment for a few months now starting with breast cancer.i was given a key back in February where whenever something hurtful ,confusing or disappointing happened I was to praise the Lord and thank him that’s what the Holy Spirit told me and things always work out and I feel I am realizing latlely that I am able to know when something adverse is going to happen .so is the next step to praise the Lord and thank him before it happens in order to stop it ? Thank you once again .

  5. I was driving on the highway with my husband, and he was repeatedly harrased by drivers who seemed to drive purposely to provoke my husband. I had a sense that it was different drivers, but same devil. Then there was one driver who was driving very aggressively and whacky – he would purposly drive in front of us, even when we tried to change lanes, and sped up when we tried to pass. I just had a sense of malevolent harrasement. So, out loud, I commanded “peace” to the other driver with my hand extended to him. Then the agitation dissipated and we were able to pass the other driver as if nothing had happened. Maybe I should have rebuked the spirit first, but at least we got home safely!

  6. Was trying out new snorkel equipment off the beach in Cozumel. A wave hit me and all my new stuff (snorkel, mask, fins, all of it!) headed out to sea… I just said “no! The enemy is not stealing my stuff and not ruining my time!” I commanded in the name of Jesus that it must return and (in front of witnesses!) the sea THREW all my gear and it landed on the shore! ! My friends stood there with mouths gaping. Lol. I do this all the time to storms, and in many other circumstances, but this one was epic. 🙂

  7. YES! Mat 28:18 – ALL authority in heaven and on earth has been given to Jesus, so the devil has none – unless we give it to him, unless he can convince us that he has it, and we allow it!
    AND,in Luke 10:19 Jesus says we have authority to dread on (down) ALL the dunamis of the enemy and nothing will by any means harm us – unless we allow it!

    “Dunamis” is the word for “supernatural power”, “Dunamoo” is the verb form of that. I love Paul’s prayer in Col 1:11, which could be read, “(that we would be) miraculously empowered with all miracle working power according to His glorious power”
    WHY do we need all this power?
    “for all patience and long suffering WITH JOY! Giving thanks to the Father …”

  8. This is just great. Trying to complete my doctoral thesis and a business plan at the moment. So many obstacles in the way. I have been feeling especially low this week. This encouragement couldn’t have come at another time.

    Heading to a prayer and praise session with my church family now.

    Thanks Lance!

    • Remember that the battle isn’t against flesh and blood (Ephesians 6:12)….or in this, case your coursework! So glad this post encouraged you.

  9. This helps me so much! Now I understand what happened to me yesterday. I kept saying, “God don’t you see this happening, why, why, I know you told me to do this!”. I had a medical procedure go terribly wrong but knew God was with me and even got a sign of it that I asked for. I will know what to do next time, thanks soooo much!

  10. This is something that God has been speaking to me about. Just by “chance”, last night it started to pour rain and I hadn’t put the horses in yet. As I went out, it began to rain harder. I decided to practice literally speaking to the storm. I said, “In Jesus name, rain, stop for 5 min while I put the horses away.” The rain immediately slowed. I said, “The wind and the waves obey Jesus’ name. Stop raining in Jesus name.” Seriously, immediately, I had hardly finished saying it when the rain subsided. It was 99.9% stopped. I just thanked Jesus over and over again and it slowed even more. I was hardly wet when I got back inside. It was COOL! So now I am watching and looking for opportunities to speak into storms whether mine or others. Thanks for such a way to see this all written. Also, I am hoping to see you this Sunday when visiting relatives in Harrisburg, PA 🙂

  11. God is calling us to not only see in the spirit but be led by the Spirit of God. This message increases our understanding as to the power of Christ in us. Speak. Use your authority in Christ and speak to those mountains, those obstacles, demonic attacks that deter us from our God Given Territory and Blessing- Our Inheritance…to the other areas of life peace beyond all understanding…

    I can’t get into the details but GOD IS ABOUT TO BECOME MORE FAMOUS! The spirit of deception is causing a stir of confusion making people go around and around….STOP IT..Be the voice of TRUTH and RIGHTEOUSNESS..I could keep on with the breaking through thats happening..ITS MASSIVE..IN THE CHURCH, IN THE COURTS, IN GOVERNMENT, IN MARKETPLACE, IN FAMILY it is causing disarray because many of us have LOST OUR FIRST LOVE..the crown of life goes to those who persevere under HIS FACE.I will never be the same as I rise up in BOLDNESS and take a stand on the mountains..SPEAK TO IT—REBUKE THE DEMONIC ACTIVITY and in the BE STILL a flag of surrender… of territory restored for GODS KINGDOM PURPOSES….OTTAWA will NEVER be the same!

  12. Hi Lance – I work with people daily with mental health issues (spirits of infirmity in many cases). When I became more conscious of the LORD’s Presence within me than I was of the tormenting spirits that accompany the individuals I care for, the Holy Spirit told me that if I would touch them when they are in my presence HE will transfer His peace through me to them. Over and over again I have watched the LORD’s peace subdue the tormenting spirits that were manifesting. I quietly give God glory as I listen to the caregivers say things like, “I’ve never seen him this calm” or “This is the first time she didn’t scream/hit”. To God be the Glory!

  13. Recently I was at work and everything that could go wrong was. The entire plant was in chaos. I told the others in the office that I was going to pray over the situation so they would understand and agree. I commanded the chaos to stop and told it it was not allowed in the office. Then spoke peace and joy over the office. it calmed everything down right away.

  14. Thanks

    I was recently set free from a 6 year long demonic attack. I found a attack warrior women in line and she help to set me free. Then on of the Pastors I shepherd in Uganda was really upset at me. He was demanding that I tithe to his church. I got an email about this and he was just throwing curse after church at me. It was enough negativity to put me right back into a demonic attack. I’m not being attack by one or two demons. It is a whole principality bugging me. Please pray for me. I will do all that you have suggested in your article. And thanks because you know not many pastors want to speak about the demonic it seems to me.

    Blessings to you

    Paula Mary Millar
    The Shulamite Bride returned.

  15. Hi Lance,
    I just hung up from a family member that I became involved in a swift conflict with,one moment on the same page the next not!
    I just asked the Lord to forgive me once AGAIN , asking for peace in the situation and to help me understand my part in it and to speak calm into my agitated spirit. Speaking peace into my home and into my being and joy to supercede this anger and judgement and feeling of being judged.
    I feel the peace and love of God flowing thru me and now am going to listen to whole tones and worship music from Jeruselem. I think the enemy is really trying to stir our pots big time and cause strife in families, No! I will not allow the enemy space in my head or heart. Taking by a break from FB as well so will catch you on you tube, my vote for Trump has agitated friends and family , and I must say my piece which I have and now no more until election time.
    A real line is being drawn over HRC and Mr Trump. Must take a rest. God is in control, his name alone Glorified, and To him will I lift up my hands. singing to him of my love for him. You old slew foot you will not win!!

  16. Back in 2008 the devil over-played his hand by tormenting me about a mistake I MIGHT have made. I’d think it through and conclude everything was OK, but again tormenting thoughts entered my mind. Then I realized what was happening. Verses like:
    1 John 4:18
    There is no fear in love; but perfect love casts out fear, because fear involves torment.
    James 4:7
    Therefore submit to God. Resist the devil and he will flee from you.

    After doing that, I had peace. Now, anytime I notice the slightest bit of torment… like last weekend, I know what is happening and I rebuke the devil and peace comes.

    Thanks for giving us a complete framework to use in the future.

  17. This is an amazing strategy! I plan to implement it immediately . . . and frequently.
    Appreciate you sharing your wisdom and the amazing insights the Lord shows you.

  18. I was driving from TX to PA for some training. I stopped overnight at a friend’s house halfway to PA. There were serious storms with semis going off the road. I had a clear word from the Lord not to delay and trust Him and go forward. I literally was in a bubble of calm between two storms! God is so faithful.
    Thank you for your continuing encouragement.

  19. Jesus gave us His authority to use as we need it. He is one with us and we are one with Him. I have been a captain now 42 years. I am a yacht captain now and I have worked tug boats out of New York, the whole east coast of the U.S and Mexico. I have been in many storms over the years. I have done the same thing that Jesus did here. I rebuked the wind and spoke peace to the sea and it definitely helped. I have limited the strength of the wind with my words and it obeyed time after time. Hurricane Hugo was the biggest storm that I was involved in on a tugboat towing a 420 foot sludge barge out of New York City to the EPA dump site 140 miles south east of New York. The swells were 30 to 40 feet high and about 300 feet thick and blowing. The tow wire parted about midnight and we had to rig up a loop on the parted tow wire and then connect to the emergency towing hawser on the bow of the barge. The storm turned west a little and hit Charleston, SC and spared us. By dawn the wind had shifted NE and dropped to about 45MPH seas dropped to 10 to 15 feet. I have been through many a storm and God has seen me safely threw every one of them. Wash yourself with the Blood of Jesus, confess and repent of all of your sins known and unknown. Then take the authority of God in Jesus name and speak to your storm, mountain whatever your problem is and command it to be removed in Jesus name. It works. I have been praying for the sick for 30 years now and watching the Lord heal them in Jesus name. That works too. Nothing is impossible for God except for Him to lie. Trust God. Command your storm to calm and be removed.

  20. I loved reading these testimonies. Thank you for making a forum for sharing. It builds my faith in our supernatural God who can do amazing things through us. I have rebuked “the devourer” once. It just popped out of my mouth. One of our llamas got over heated and was basically dying. I ran into the house to get ice and when I got back he was standing up and like nothing happened. Kinda cool! Another time I commanded an electric storm to go around us and not come near our house. It was making a b-line right for our property. The lightening bolts were humongous. It went around as commanded. Yea God!

  21. Hi Lance! A few years ago my husband was between jobs and we had fallen behind in our mortage. The mortgage company told us we had to come up with a thousand five hundred dollars minimum by the end of day or they would start proceedings on us. We had five hundred dollars to our name…my husband had lost all faith and was very upset. I felt Holy Spirit say to me to ” rest in my boat” and I did …I had such an overwhelming peace that I went about my morning completely at rest…15 minutes later there is a knock on my door and it’s a lady that is just an acquaintance from my children being in the same sports as hers. She says to me ” I know this may sound strange but my husbands mom who lives in CA just passed and he received an inheritance. I was praying this morning and I felt the Lord wanted me to mail you a check ( mind you I didn’t really know her or even that she was a praying Christian) she continued by saying she got ready to mail it but the Lord said I needed to bring it right over…well you guessed it…1000.00 ..we were able to pay that to mortgage company that day and a few days later my husband started a new job that he has and loves to this day! The Lord is faithful! I will never forget in the midst of the storm…to rest in my boat!

  22. Very good Lance. I first became aware of this dynamic whilst reading about the ferocious demonic power behind the storms affecting cities on the edge of the desert during Jesus’s temptation in the book ” When God Walked the Earth” with which I’m sure you are familiar. I have experienced weather storms being downgraded or eliminated when discernment indicated there was a large spiritual component, and appropriate action was taken. This two fold approach is critical if we are to understand the how of some of these situations. Thank you for your teaching. It is invaluable.
    From The Land of the Long White Cloud

  23. Years ago I was listening to Lindsay Roberts sharing and she said something so powerful that I had to write it in the front of my Bible so I would always remember it. She said, “When praying the peace of God – it will take out the strongholds that create chaos. Perfect soundness in all dimensions.” She said the Lord revealed this to her.
    I’ve seen many respond to this prayer in a very tangible way. This can be used in many different situations.

  24. Question… to discern the difference between the wind and the water….are they not both elements.
    So which one to rebuke … as they both were hindrances.

    Application in the market place- very deceptive, conniving & greedy marketplace influences who do not know the Lord and willingly cheat
    So do I rebuke the spirit of lust in them and love them…. whilst they eat my lunch !

  25. I was driving my mother home to southern Ohio from my home in western NY and half way there we hit a major snow storm. I was having trouble seeing the road or other drivers and I was praying and the Lord spoke to me and told me that I had authority to speak directly to the weather to change it. So I took authority and began to rebuke the weather and told it to ‘cease and desist’ and it did! I would go another 30 miles and it would begin again, so I rebuked it and told it to go again and it did. This went on for the entire trip!
    Another time I had to go to another city to pick up a new believer for a weekend event with Christians who had been supporting her and a storm popped up. I prayed and the Lord CUT a path out of the storm. If I turned right, there was a clear path with sun over the road, if I turned left or went straight, the path was directly over the road!!! It was the most dramatic thing I have ever seen!! I picked up this young girl who had gotten out of a gang/had a shoplifting record/participated in sex parties/was flunking out of school, etc. and drove her back to my house, and again, the cut in the clouds was dramatic. You could see the snow on either side of us, but it was totally clear and sunny over our entire drive to my house. We were both bouncing up and down with joy!!! That young girl saw how much God loved her through that event and turned her life around and became a lawyer!!!
    So we have more authority than most of us realize!!!

  26. My wife is catholic, she doesn’t subscribe to the same evangelical christian believes as I do. So, often times when she gets into a snit or gets frustrated she takes it out on me. 99% of the time I try and diffuse her attitude either by keeping quiet or trying to talk to her in a calm fashion to diffuse her anger or whatever mood that’s taking place. I know where it’s coming from, so I just ask God through Christ to help me calm the situation down or ask Jesus to take the demonic spirit out of this house.
    The hardest thing for me is trying to get her to listen and read your blogs or listen to your Cd’s or even Kim Clement’s because I belong to the House of Destiny. She does not partake in those with me. In her mind she feels that I’ve gotten to Christian and that frustrates her because she thinks I’ve changed because I don’t swear anymore or get upset at situation like I used to. I pray every day to somehow have the Holy Spirit intercede and get her to come around. But, as the scripture says “a prophet is not without honor except in his own home” to para phrase. Can I get some advice on how I can get her to listen and hope she comes around.

    • Norvel Hayes always insisted you could get anybody healed from anything as long as they live in your house; IE, if they are under your authority. I think you could make the case that your own wife is under your authority, don’t you? I’d rebuke it & demand it leave. Stay after it until you get victory. If God shows you that you need to do something other than that, then do it also.

  27. We are in the middle of the process of selling our home. On Monday we received a call stating that the appraisal had come in $25k less than the price our buyer was paying in the purchase agreement, and that the buyer was requesting a price reduction. I immediately sensed that this was not right and felt a strong sense of peace to reject this determination, and verbally stated to myself that I do not accept this. My wife and I agreed in prayer that we reject this appraisal, and command it to be changed to our selling price in Jesus Name. The next morning our Realtor call us back and said there was a big mixup in the appraisal itself, and that it was being adjusted back up to our selling price!!

  28. Thank you for this great message. I encountered spiritual warfare while in the hospital overseeing the care of my handicapped sister. She had a multitude of symptoms that required a wide range of tests (EEG, EKG, MRI, CAT scan, Sonogram, x-rays, blood tests). Without realizing it I got caught up in the various diagnoses that were being spoken out by the doctors and the tests to try to confirm or reject them. Finally, when my sister’s temperature dropped so low that they couldn’t even measure it, I allowed fear to take hold. Like the disciples I was focused on the storm and not on Jesus. Praise God one of my Christian friends discerned that in my texted prayer request. She drove over and lovingly helped me realize that I had taken my eyes off of Jesus and I had allowed fear to undermine my faith. I had to repent for putting more trust in the doctors and their diagnoses rather than in Jesus our healer. Almost immediately after confessing and repenting of this, my sister’s body temperature rose by 3 degrees! We declared Shalom Peace over my sister. Ultimately there were no significant findings after all the tests that were run and she was discharged as all body systems came into alignment with Jesus’ perfect peace and divine healing.

  29. Perfect timing, 8 women at our church met to pray today. Our leader came feeling fine, worshipping, raising her arms no problem. On the way home she starts to get pain all over, took Tylenol and a nap. When she woke up she she was in extreme pain and couldn’t lift her arms or even hold a cup. It’s obvious it is an attack

  30. Lance,
    So glad to have you sending these Divine Downloads right to my desk top that are amazingly insightful and timely appropriate for both myself and many of our ministry team here in Santa Barbara. Keep exercising your spiritual gift of Encouragement and Exhortation and know that you are sharpening all of us who are the direct beneficiaries of your spiritual insights, Biblical wisdom, personal encouragement and marketplace ministry teaching. When we get to Heaven, I look forward to sharing with you just how much you have influenced and encouraged me and my family over the years…. AS ONE !!!

  31. Excellent study! I was reminded of a time when The Lord rebuked a habit I had for eating late at night. He literally told me “I rebuke this eating at night”. The wisdom of God is everything! I didn’t necessarily get it and strived in the flesh but after reading this, and Holy Spirit bringing this back to my rememberience, I recieve His wisdom, council and rebuke of that thing, thereby leading to peace and freedom! Amen! The wisdom of God IS EVERYTHING, seriously!

  32. There is a small, possibly over looked component in this teaching that is new to me (as of the last year) and in my recent storms of life, this component has been all important. I live in the southern tip of ‘Tornado Alley’ and this is the season. Lots of hail, straight line winds, roofs blowing off houses, cars smashed by falling trees… When on a particular evening the wind was horrific, I stood in my driveway, aware that a north wind was driving the storm. The temperature dropped about 20 degrees in about 2 seconds. The Lord challenged me to ‘release’ my peace. It rose up in me that…”I have enough peace for this storm” so I released my peace over my whole neighborhood. Neighborhoods all around the DFW area had devastating damage. We were in line for the same…but God! No rebuke necessary, just release my storehouse of peace. It felt a little like being a peace station (rather than a gas station) supply rose out of the deep. My resource was not depleted, but infused to a whole new level…. ahhhhhh what a life has been provided us!!!

  33. Wow that was an awesome word! A great challenge to remind me to take authority over things happening in the “natural” against me, or the work of the Lord and rebuking the spirit behind it to get out of the way. Also, I never realized that He was speaking to the spirit behind the storm in Mark 4. AMEN!! That did happen yesterday while we were doing a street ministry. Someone with us was really anxious and distracting, and choatic, making it difficult to hear Holy Spirit and sense His leading, and I felt let to take authority and rebuke the spirits behind it. That person calmed down, and we were able to move on in peace. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the word of knowledge until we were done, but in any case the Lord touched those He wanted to, and we went about the rest of the day in peace. Good stuff!!! For me- two incidents come to mind: Years ago I was in an abusive marriage, and my ex husband was coming after me physically. I rebuked the enemy under my breath and my ex literally stopped dead in his tracks, turned around and said I’m going to take the laundry downstairs. The other time that comes to my mind- I was driving my mini van, and it went out of control at about 55 mph. I was just fish tailing back and forth down the road and I couldn’t get ahold of it. Finally I just said, “JESUS!” and immediately my van straightened out and just kept driving straight down the road to work. God bless you!!!

  34. Thanks Lance. This was really timely and encouraging. I am going through my final leg of transition into positioning and a day or two after I received this email I saw the very content of what is in it to manifest. I am not naive or a beginner in spiritual warfare in no way. But it is refreshing to see how GOD cares about us and to let us know that someone is listening to him (in this case you) and following his leading. Again, thanks for the encouragement. Yes, I decreed and bound this thing up and it is a stubborn, resisting devil but I am watching (as always) to see how magnificently GOD steps into the situation after my declaration. HE never ceases to amaze me.

    Lovingly Serving HIM-Jesus Christ

  35. Wow… this just open my eyes! and my wife as well.

    I was in circumtances having holiday near the beach with family and friends when a boy was drifting by the wave and my friends and I already tried everything but didn’t work for about 5-10minutes. Although I couldn’t swim well, I jumped to the agitating waters using a rope and got the boy out of the sea. We have done our part but he was too long drifting. The boat came but quite late.

    I cried to God to return his breath but he has been quite long drinking water, panic and thus died.

    If I have learnt the strategy taught above before, probably the story would be different. Next time, I am for sure will fight aggresively to glory the name of Jesus Christ so that the devil will think to mess with me/us.


  36. Thanks Lance! I started new job as COO in Feb 2015, in April 2015 the CEO was suspended until today. The organisation has been in the storm since then. God brought an intercessor who has been standing with me. We have witnessed God taking us through. There are elements of strongholds we are continuing to deal with, such people who have been abusing resources to enrich their personal businesses. These are instigators who pretend to br fighting for justice. The Lord is bringing in new management to support the right ways of doing things and I believe this warfare will be over soon. I see that God has elevated me into this acting position of being an accounting officer for this season to uproot the evil which has been in this organisation for a while. I have started to speak peace in the organisation because there has been so much despair and low morale amongst the employees. So your message speaks directly to where I am and its giving me strength to go on.

  37. Several years ago I was driving and saw some very scary looking clouds blowing in with a storm that was in the direction I was driving. They looked like funnel clouds and I almost turned around and went back home. The sky was black… The voice of the Lord said to, Keep driving and speak “peace, be still” in faith, not fear. I did just that and kept driving but I would look at these clouds and begin to fear. He would say, In faith, not fear. So I would say it in faith and I kept driving into the storm.
    I made a quick stop to pick up something at the store and as soon as I entered, over the intercom, I heard ‘the tornado warning has been canceled!’
    So thankful He has taught me the difference of praying and speaking to situations in the natural and spiritual, rooted in faith and not rooted in fear.

  38. Was really struggling with work especially on Friday things came to a head and I believe I had a panic attack and quickly left work on Friday night…i was trying to figure out how to fix work but was just too overwhelming to think that way. The authority though that is though the Lord Jesus Christ to speak to this situation though wow what a powerful way to bring peace out of chaos !

  39. Your messages are always on time, Lance, and in line with what God is showing me! I did as you instructed and went from feeling defeated to feeling hopeful, with God giving me the next step in the process. I had just ministered a Wednesday night seminar on Biblical weight loss strategies and did not recognize the subtlety of the backlash (malaise, discouragement, etc.) Rather than feel discouraged about being a lone voice, I saw myself as God’s solution to the people in the sphere of influence God has given me. Thank you for your powerful gift of encouragement.

  40. My training ground has been within my own home. I deal with a family member who carries much bitterness and unforgiveness towards me. This person has borderline personality/bi-polar, and its taken me years of turmoil before I began to understand strategies God was giving me to overcome.

    So far, it has been five and a half years since I have had to deal with a huge manic episode with this person. That is awesome!!!!
    After the last one, I cried out to God and asked for wisdom. He impressed upon me to draw a line and use my God given authority and declarations. I said, “From this day forward, I will not tolerate another manic episode. I decree and declare all manic rages will not operate in this home, in the Name of Jesus.
    As for sudden attacks of mood changes, this too has become less and not fierce as it once was. I have learned to verbally bless this person over and over… after a few times or so, they shut up. What ever is coming out of this person’s mouth, I don’t engage with anger and frustration, but say the person’s name and “bless you.”
    I have learned to address directly the spirits which operate their attacks to me, and using the Name of Jesus, I tell them to “Silence their voices to this person’s mind. You will not speak to them nor will you speak to me.”

    There has been other things I do… especially while driving back to my home, I speak to the spirits in operation and tell them to silence, before walking inside my door. I ask God to place his peace on my mind and theirs and declare the spirit of Shalom (peace) to walk between us where ever I go in the house, yard, etc.

    God has given us authority over the demonic realm and these sudden attacks… I believe too often that we as the “King’s kids” don’t use this but rather succumb to the harassment of Satan. Why put up with it?