You guys probably heard me talk about “the 7 Mountains.” I started popularizing this image in year 2000 because the Bible uses “mountains” as a metaphor for world “kingdoms” and it seemed we lacked a template in the church world to grasp what shapes a nation and how do we bring the “kingdom” into peoples lives. Over time however I came to realize that there is ONE mountain I missed. Before the 7 that shape culture, I now talk about how each of us has a mountain within ourself to conquer. That PERSONAL MOUNTAIN is personal mastery…. and then AFTER that we come to what we do with our talent as we surrender it to our “vocation,” which is the Latin word for calling and career. This phase of the journey is called “career convergence” (personal mastery converges with our divine assignment). BUT even here we tend to focus large, when “small is the new big.” You see, there are mountains and there are HILLS and “the strength of the hills is his also.” David learned how to use a slingshot on a HILL. Most of us talk mountains but the truth is, hills lead to mountains and thats where we all start. Jesus spent 30 years in preparation for 3 years work. The Master invested 91% of his energy and time in solidifying his preparedness for 9% of life lived in career convergence- at the top of His mountain. And from that 9% He conquered death. Hills are as important as mountains. Hills lead to mountains. And you are never over the hill if you are king of your hill!

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