WARFARE For President Trump

Going on the offensive in prayer for President Trump.

Isaiah 45

Going on the offensive in prayer for President Trump.

Join the army of prayer warriors with Lance breaking the gates of darkness.
There is a generation waiting to hear the message of the Kingdom. Raise up 20 million more small businesses. Church rise up for a great awakening.
Dreams of the fear of God to come to Hollywood, Muslims, Wall Street to show them how great our God is! Call out Bill Gates to bring him to the Kingdom of God.
Change the body of Christ from being hidden and afraid to step out in boldness. Reverse the curse and release the blessing. Deliverance come!
Bless Donald Trump with peace, laughter, and joy in his house. Raise up anointed voices around them. Let the Kingdom swallow the kingdom of darkness.
Bless Cyrus! As ONE!

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