The Secret To Recovering Wasted Years

Over the years, many of you have said to me how different life would have been for you, if you “only knew then, what you know now.”  

What would life have been like if someone would have only come alongside 18 year-old you and sown into you the tools, counsel, and wisdom you would need to face all of life’s challenges? Think about the time, money, heartache and energy that would have been saved – what a gift that would have been!

The call to give this gift of mentorship to millennials is one I accepted from the Lord a few years ago. For my own children, your children and your grandchildren – who will inherit the legacy we leave for them. We have the privilege as mothers, fathers, grandparents, aunts, and uncles to take ALL the things we have learned and pour them into our sons and daughters.

Each July, I offer a special 7 mountain training camp and networking event designed to help 16-24 year olds tap into their future potential and to equip them with the skills to move toward their prophetic destiny – all while standing against the world when necessary!

Give the gift of breakthrough and transformation to the millennial in your life —>

We call them our “7m Gen” and see them as the next generation of Joshuas and Calebs who are taking land from the enemy. This July we are doing camp again but making it bigger and better than ever! So I want to encourage you to send your young adults to a camp that will truly change their life. This year we are focusing on the practical, social and spiritual skills that they don’t teach in school… Things like:

  • Identifying Your Calling – Based on personality what are best and most lucrative fields for your millennial to step into after graduation
  • How to Market Yourself – Unlock what future employers want to see and hear from you
  • Speed Reading People – Develop the skills you need to build rapport with anyone
  • Crafting Your Message – Frame your message to communicate your desired result
  • Examine the Psychology of Choosing – Why we choose what we do
  • Building Your Best Response – How to debate AND how to redirect a debate when you know it’s not useful
  • Social Media Best Practices – Storytelling with videos and pictures.
  • And of course… the realities of relating, dating, and mating
  • Plus SO MUCH MORE!

These skills are incredibly valuable, and are just some of what we’re going to be teaching your sons and daughters. Don’t let your millennial miss this —>

The only caveat that I’ve got – I’m not going to tell you all of the games we play and the networking we do and the fun we have, or even all of the speakers I’m bringing in.

But, do me this one favor – I am only looking for sons and daughters that actually have a focus on the kingdom and a receptivity to a world view. Think about the young Daniels and Esthers and Josephs and Davids and Joshuas of the future. Those are the kids who have always attended, and need to be at,  7m Gen Camp July 9-15.

Give the gift of  ‘getting a do over’ before it’s too late —>

As One,
Lance Wallnau

P.S. As a special incentive FOR YOU to take action NOW I am including a free personal live Webinar exclusively designed for the parents who sign their sons and daughters up this week! I want you especially to know how you can help me make this a life changing event!

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