LANCE LIVE” from D.C. With the update.

So crazy… I think the greater story here that’s shaping up is the left’s strategy of personal attacks… their media narrative is so bent toward personal destruction (Madonna blowing up the White House, DeNiro “punching him in the face” Kathy Griffin beheading Trump, this week’s assassination of Trump in N.Y. version of Julius Caesar. It’s unending.)

Doesn’t take much for a marginalized loner to be radicalized on this diet, in fact, the guy that did the shooting today was on a diet of MSNBC where he, not unlike millions of others, listens to Rachael Madcow, inhales the swamp gas and looses touch with reality. The danger is that this deranged hatred of Trump programs the Left to feel much like Jihadist. They soon start thinking it’s their moral duty to save the free world from their imaginary Adolph.
The left has always avoided debate and preferred branding and vilifying their enemies. It’s easier to label the opposition as a homophobe, islamaphobe, racist, whatever…

In this sense, they are progressive, as they have moved from battling ideas to destroying individuals livelihoods, careers, and reputations to the final phase- flat out doing violence to those they disagree with. We saw it at Trump rallies where the left infiltrated with paid agitators and then held up signs saying “love Trumps hate.” Truth is – the Left loves to hate Trump. It works. They get to raise lots of money and keep their base engaged till midterms 2018. We saw this stoked up hostility at the D.C. Inauguration where they destroyed property and torched my limo and hurt my Hispanic driver.

We saw it again a few weeks ago in a crazed knife wielding Bernie supporter and today with another Bernie supporter targeting Republicans on a ball field.

At the end of the day, this is a spirit we are battling. But it is a spirit that is taking over more and more minds all the time. It is rooted in an ideology and that ideology is now rooted into an American political party and that party has control of media and media is in a full tilt 24 hr filibuster to prosecute and impeach Donald Trump. They are stoking the violence and discontent.

Let’s pray as David prayed when exasperated by rebellious plotters, “they prepared a pit for my feet and have fallen into it themselves.” May the nature of this spirit be so manifest that it brings the nation to its collective senses.

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