Trump takes aim at North Korea with General’s Appointment

I was recently in Aruba, one of the first places where I received supernatural validation that God is going to do something in a nation. Aruba is now taking its place on the right side of history in the coming confrontation between world systems of government (i.e., the goat and sheep nations).

It is clear that God is driving the divining creators of the media headlines crazy. It is important to know what’s going on behind the headlines regarding Trump’s recent appointment of General John Kelly as his chief of staff. Nobody is catching the real story.  Trump is about to deal with North Korea.

Remember how in Isaiah 45:1 Cyrus was anointed to “loosen the belts of kings?” In the original Hebrew, that means to disarm the nation’s adversaries.  North Korea’s dictator thinks that ramping up the adversarial rhetoric is going to accomplish his agenda. However, Trump is the wrong sort of person on which to try this tactic.

The president’s choice of a bonafide military leader as his chief of staff speaks volumes about what he is planning to do. God put this man in office because he has the bravery to do Kingdom exploits. Let’s face it:  if any truly Christian candidate had tried rolling back the military’s transgender policy, their adversaries would have sent up a cry about how theocracy and religion are interfering with the advance of civil rights. The ironic thing is that not even Trump’s enemies can accuse him of being a “godly” man – but we know differently. He is the PERFECT Trump card for what he is being used to accomplish.

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