North Korea in the Year of the Clashing of Swords

Seduction and legalism have been coming together in an unprecedented way to try to cut off prophetic people. Eric Bolling is the latest in the casualty list of the left’s campaign to hunt down the best and brightest of the conservative movement. They try to dig up things from conservative personalities’ pasts to embarrass them and drag them down in the eyes of their followers. The irony is that the sort of thing they dredge up is the regular order of business for the left wing crazies, be it transgender bathroom bills or sexual voyeurism. You don’t see them getting hammered in the press, do you?

This is all a part of Alinsky’s master plan to destroy conservatives in this country, as outlined in his book “Rules for Radicals.” He instructs liberals to hold the other side to their own impossible moral standards, and when they fall short, hammer, embarrass and humiliate them until they are crushed. That’s the spirit of witchcraft working through the progressive left in the name of tolerance and freedom. The subscribers to this sick ideology are truly some of the most miserable, intolerant, and whiny specimens that you will meet on planet Earth.

However, this is the year of the clashing of swords! It is my firmly held prophetic belief that we will see the prophetic sword come down on North Korea. I had it right from the beginning that the next President would be a Cyrus. This is the year where those who consume the word of God will have the sword of the Lord in their mouth. The more we are fed by the bread of God, the more the mouth will be able to execute judgment. Vision is going to be opened up for you including a balanced truth perception in the midst of the incessant mudslinging from the left.

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