Transformation Requires Transition


Shout Out if you love the EVENING! Quiet. Still. And here is a “heads up” – someone is looking for you. They have a missing piece and when you find them your spirit will be quickened at a whole new frequency. As you talk, you will both see something you carry, more clearly. 

SameLast FB Post On “IMAGINAL CELL” is a ‘Must read’.

TRANSFORMATION requires TRANSITION through a stage where all that is familiar is dissolved or changed. The caterpillar becomes a butterfly by dissolving into a soupy formless gel. In this state, “imaginal cells” start communicating with each other. How they find each other is by sending and receiving communication in proximity to one another. 

As we find each other and share the stories about the image we are carrying inside us, something starts to happen. We start connecting and come together to create a new reality – the butterfly!

The new entity feeds off the old! The Church does not start independent of the previous stage. The Christians came out of the Jewish roots. Wesley out of the Anglicans and Luther out of the Catholic church. The caterpillar spins a pupa that hardens into a chrysalis or shell. The structure protects the process till the process breaks out. 

What comes as the next advance of the Kingdom will be shaped within the hard outer structure of the existing move of God and church…..the current “chrysalis.”

There must be the right number and quality of people to make the change happen. This explains all you have been through, up till now. This is your finest hour. Keep sharing the vision of what you see. Eventually you will link with others who are seeing the same thing…the ‘imaginal’ cells that join with you to form something that flies instead of crawls.

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