In the end of the day, when He speaks its pretty simple and clear.

Tonight i waited for the word but it did not seem to come.

In the late stillness however as I waited…. suddenly I could hear a voice speak. Well it was a thought actually, but delivered with weight.

I keep being reminded of a familiar verse about a lame man told to “take up his bed”…..but I suspect the lame man is symbolic. Surely this is a prophetic verse for me.

When a verse comes to mind repeatedly there may be something there to grasp!

I wait.

As I think of that lame man I begin to anticipate the Lord is telling me something about what I need to do with my own lame condition. It's symbolic perhaps? Am I “lame” or slow to love? slow to give?

A moment passes and I listen as the words begin again.

“Lance take….. up….. your….. bed”….. (Yes- I see what He may be getting at. I am to “”TAKE” the bed. Don't just sit there, don't lie there, reach out and take it! Seize the day – Seize the bed?


no, that can't be it…

“Take ….up….THY bed.” Yes! I hear the emphasis on “my” bed. It is indeed MY bed, not another. Maybe this is it…..I've made my bed now I must lay in it. There is some sort of revelation in all this.

But I hear more clearly.

I sense the Lord saying –

…”I'm simply telling you ‘rise up.' Go to your bed and go to SLEEP!”

Ah….I see now.

Perhaps I was reading into things a bit too deeply.

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