The secret to “Heaven on Earth” is to rise above Earth.

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The secret to “Heaven on Earth” is to rise above Earth.

The more of a problem you pose to the powers of darkness, the more shall they summon their collective powers to harass, vex, hinder and harm you. The devil is the god of “this world”…it is his realm and domain. But Jesus told us “all authority is given to Me on heaven and on Earth.”

The only problem is that in order to exercise authority on Earth, you need to be firmly seated in heavenly places. That means you have to rise above the harassment, the vexes, the hexes, the spells, the crises and the curses. You have to set your sail to let go, forgive, humble your soul and move on.

It is this death to earthly things that makes the seeker a saint.

Walking in the Spirit is the secret to rising above the Earth.


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