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3 Key Characteristics Of A Micro-Church

One of the most exciting revelations that I received from the Lord this year is the concept of micro-churches.  The era of megachurch is the phenomena that we’ve looked at for the last decade.  Yet, the Lord said, “Small is the new big.” Just like David slew the giant, God is going to raise up small micro-groups of people who are going to do big damage to the enemy this year.

A micro-church is what Daniel had in Babylon. No matter how dark our world becomes—even if it reaches the level of sin as in the days of Babylon and Nebuchadnezzarthose with the Daniel anointing will rise to leadThe Bible says that when Nebuchadnezzar had his dream, Daniel had to reach into the supernatural dream interpreting power of God.  

In Daniel 2:17, Daniel went to his house and made the situation known to his three friends, Hananiah, Mishael, Azariah.  He encouraged them to desire mercies of the God of heaven—that the meaning of the dream would be revealed.  Later, the secret was revealed to Daniel in a night vision. God gave him Nebuchadnezzar’s dream and a download of what was going to happen in Babylon.  As a result, Daniel was appointed by the king to rule over the province.  When Daniel was promoted, he promoted his friends.  

As I reflected on this story, I said to the Lord, “So this is a vision of a house church.” The Lord said, “No, not a house church.  A house church doesn’t have a common work assignment.”  

So what the are the characteristics of a micro-church?

  1. Common assignment. A micro-church is when you come together with those who share the same calling and faith.  A house church is different. There is no common assignment in a house church other than fellowship and mutual edification.  A micro-church has a kingdom agenda, a shared assignment that brings them together.  
  2. Small in size.  I asked the Lord for another reference, and He took me to Peter’s arrest in Acts 12.  There again, when Peter gets supernaturally delivered he went to the one location that made sense—the house of Mary the mother of John.  When he arrived he discovered many gathered together in prayer for him (Acts 12:12).  It was a house filled with intercessors.  A micro-church is a praying company with a common assignment.  This is a group small enough to fit into a first century house.  
  3. A company of people connected to your assignment.  Daniel’s friends all shared the assignment of Government, but Peter’s group was different. They were a company connected to the Apostolic assignment of the twelve disciples. Therefore, even if the members do not share directly in your assignment, they may be connected to you as family and close friends. The key is that they are affected by what happens to you in the warfare of your assignment.  This group could include your spouse, your closest friends, your children. Proximity is critical. Gathering together is a core principle.

Micro-church is the natural extension of any strong local or apostolic church. Not everyone has an assignment to go up against the gates of hell in the various mountains. Those who have been given this call need to be involved not only in the give and take of community life in a local church, but in a micro-church as well.  You need to have a small company of people, who are holding up your arms and standing with you in the assignment God gave you.  And you need to be standing with someone else in the battle they face. Until the local church establishes micro-churches in proximity to the gates of influence we are not yet an Apostolic church at the end of the age.  

If this applies to you, I pray that this year you discover the power of a small committed company of like-minded warriors in your mountain.  If you are on a college campus or in the military or traveling more than 100 days a year with your business you should answer the call of God to START your own MICRO-CHURCH!

Question: Are you already blessed by such a community?  Comment below and share your experience!

As One!


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89 thoughts on “The New Force Multiplier!

    • The Lord led me to start a prayer group at My Home . I asked the Lord to just bring the ones he wanted For prayer and intercession . Three women have joined me and we meet weekly and pray as the Lord leads us .

    • Praise the God of our salvation. I’ve been following you with this Micro Church vision every since you began. This is definitely where we are as a church. Now it’s been asked of me by the people in Southern Md. and in Glenn Burnie Md. To start a church in the one location and Pastor in the other.

      This is a powerful vision. Thank You Dr. Wallnau.

    • Gail, praying you are led to the people God has for you in this season. Keep your eyes open and keep seeking Him for it!! Perhaps you are meant to start a group with other believers? Pray into it.

  1. Never heard God call it a micro church, personally or via prophecy. But our ministry is in our home and we do much more than gather for fellowship. We are Kingdom minded and desire to see New Covenant Life better established.

  2. God has been revealing such a group for me. We started as a prophetic intercession group, working in a yearly worship conference (I am the leader). We didn’t have aspirations as a formal ministry, but the Lord is revealing new vision, new purpose, new assignments for this group. Your description looks EXACTLY what the Lord is releasing. Thanks!

  3. Hi Lance,

    It’s good to hear the wonderful works of God! And my heart agrees with the special teams (micro churches) but, my challenge is finding like minded believers. With your renown in this revelation have you had a chance to build a database of believers that we could connect with? Also I know a lot of us have been put aside while some things have to develop. To put it another way, our opportunity to get out and connect with the church is non-to-nil as we have loved ones that require our full attention 24/7. So running the streets to have a divine appointment with another is limited.

    With Google hangouts and FaceTime we could become those teams even though proximity is challenged for now. I’d gladly offer to help put a master planned community into place for others to start connecting and hearing about the wonderful works of God which as you already know will build the believing like no other time in history. This can begin to happen globaly and give hope by starting the conversation.

  4. Thank you for this word. I have attended several meetings where you were one of the speakers and have always really enjoyed you and purchased everything you had for sale. In 1985, the Holy Spirit spoke to me to start a church. We started in our home and He gave me a vision and goals for the church and we grew. He told me that we were a territorial governing church( at that time I didn’t know what it meant) and an interceding church for the world.We built a church and have under 100 members. I attended a pastors conference in the 80,s and Rick—-was one of the speakers. He told the pastors, if you have a small church, shut it down and join a larger church. The Holy Spirit spoke to me that he was wrong and not to listen to him. Also, the Holy Spirit said, “If God told you to start a church then your church has a purpose for existence and do not listen to man.” Since then, God has called me as an apostle and has sent my wife and me to 78 countries and have taken 27 groups to Israel to pull down strongholds and to release His will for that nation. We have seen some great signs and miracles. Your word about a micro-church has brought a great peace to me because the enemy has fought me with the words from Rick. Thanks

    • Thank you for sharing your story, Kenneth! I appreciate your support and encouragement over the years. Be blessed as you continue to follow the Lord’s voice and calling for your life and ministry!!

  5. I live and work in Mexico. I have been ministering and teaching in a small church there for about 15 years. Two women in the church and their families and I could be called what you are talking about in this micro church. They are the backbone of the whole church there but we know how to get God to move for us. I pray for them whenever they ask. The Lord has healed them time after time be it cancer of the uterus, dengue morajica (which is mosquito born like malaria but you bleed to death internally), kidney problems, diabetes. and many more things for them and others. They helped pray me through an accident that almost killed me when I broke almost 20 ribs. We have visited their sick neighbors and seen the Lord heal them and then they accepted Jesus as Lord and Savior. We have seen the Lord move in miracles for us and those that we pray for. One of my favorite sayings is “You have not because you ask not.” We have to ask to give the Lord the right to move in our behalf. You might complain Lord you know what I need and you know the problems and the sickness that I am suffering with. You are right He does know. But he has no legal right too help you until you ask Him to help. God is not a man that he should lie. Trust God to do what He says in His Word and He will if you ask Him to in Jesus Name. God Bless.

  6. The Lord desired me to have a home group 7 years ago meeting weekly. we consist of like minded prophetic intercessors of a group of 4 women following the leading of the Lord. Recently HE brought 3 more women into our fold.

  7. Yes, I love the confirmation that this is what God is doing. Myself and two other psychotherapists who are trained in SOZO
    are wanting to start a wellness center that includes any number of modalities that treat the whole person. We gather often and just listen to what the Spirit is saying….very exciting.

    • Hi yes to that! IMy vision is to start a wellness center, offering prayer, councelling, Bible study, and deliverance, inner healing! and Spa amenities- facials massage, health /nutrition fitness. I am an Intercessor meeting by phone every evening with several people, open conference line for anyone to pray and we offer pray for Israel, our country, our communities, homes..churches, missionaries and now especially the persecuted Church! Glory to God! .. I would love to pray w and for your endeavor and to encourage ea other! Prayerwatch 9-10pm est 605 562-3140 access code783999# Bobbie

  8. I live in St Louis MO and the Lord has put it on my heart that he wants a Bethel in St Louis 24 hours of prayer I have put it on Facebook and people will respond that it’s a good idea but know one will commit

    • Steven–good advice from Ruth on here. Don’t give up! Start small if needed. Begin to host prayer gatherings in your home or elsewhere…keep sharing the vision and passion that the Lord has given you. Do what you can now!

  9. Our “Healing Rooms” (assoc. with the Healing Rooms in Spokane, WA) are in 2 small towns with a lot of rural area in between. We have formed a team made up of several people from various churches. Our team prays for people who come in for physical, emotional, and relational healing. Last night a local teacher came and asked for prayer for something going on in her workplace, so we were able to agree with this person in declaring peace and a good outcome for the school and our community. BUT when no one walks through the door for prayer, we build each other up through words from the Lord, through prayer, interceding for people one or the other in the group brings up, and then we are all strengthened and encouraged to carry the Kingdom that is in us back to our 4 or 5 local congregations and release the same power of God there. Our churches are, in a sense, mission fields for the Kingdom work that is being carried on in the bi- weekly Healing Rooms meetings. We have all grown tremendously in faith, in hearing the Voice of God, and in love. Our team members don’t want to miss the meetings! Praise God!

  10. I have lead a micro church for 3 years. It is clearly defined. Families were brought together with young adults who were friends of each other. They wanted to prepare their young adults and launch them into life as leaders. Periods of revival have taken place from time to time. The key aspect is showing them the Kingdom of God in their lives and their families and equipping for lifestyle and pulpit ministry. It’s not a home group, because they have churches and young adult groups they go too. 60% of the group has had dramatic development in their relationship with God and a smooth on ramp to their lives, marriage, school, jobs, ministry. It works.

  11. A couple at my congregation hosts a “Heaven’s Open Gate” worship and intercessory prayer night once a month in their home. Attendance is anywhere from five people to 20.

    What is the definition of “Small”?
    There are 100+ congregations in Las Vegas who make up “City Wide Unity Prayer,” which meets for intercession every Saturday morning from 8-9 a.m. at a different church. Usually the same 20-50 people attend every week. In a city of 2 million people and 1,000 congregations, it seems as though 50 people meeting weekly to intercede for the Body of Christ, the city, schools, police and fire, governments, and any other matter Holy Spirit wants prayed for each week could be considered a micro-church.

    • Hey Las Vegas!, we here in Tucson have something similar going… Praying for unity with many church reps, and over time now, doors are opening…. we are seeing micro church influence groups starting that reach into unique niches in our city like a local school, a few businesses, etc.. but it all needs further development, most Christians just don’t think like this or make time to be committed to a niche on the front lines of darkness, press on!

  12. Hi my name is David. I have followed Lance for quite a number of years. I am in agreement with the 7 Mountains Mandate. I see this as a pictorial representation of the Great Commission (Matt 28:19,20) . The 7 Mountains concept brings much clarity to my assignment here on earth. I am called to the Business and Educational Mountains. I seek to educate Christian Business Owners to use their Business Platforms for the advancement of God’s Kingdom.

    I am the founder of Marketplace Business Network (MBN). Our tagline is “Making Money, Making Disciples, Transforming the Marketplace”. This is a Micro Church or I would call it a Marketplace Church.

    “As One” … I believe in the power of Unity. I believe the secret of Success is the word “Synergy”.
    I am looking for like-minded Kingdom Believers who would join me in a Global Business that will generate wealth for Kingdom Advancement. (My challenge is to get people to take practical actions to explore with me)
    Micro Church in the Business Mountain … Come Over And Help Us.

  13. what started with us as a life team is now by all the looks of it a mirco church we are 33 in number, started out as a food and fellowship but the Lord said there is more found out most people don’t even know their giftings, how can you fight if you don’t know your weapons, we began to give gifts test to everyone, once gifting was identified we anointed with oil and prayed over each person, then we began a series of teaching on each gift..once that was completed a chance to use everyones gift was provided,,within the team.its ok to make a mistake with those you trust! then we targeted a issue and fasted and prayed in unity on Fridays for a month the results were amazing! major breakthroughs were seen,now the Lord has had us add one evening of worship and intercession, people who had no clue as to what their assignment was now do, we are part of the local church, which we love, so we are under authority and not doing our own thing….lynn

  14. Wow This is great! I believe we need to do better in helping all to know and develop the unique gifts and talents given to every member of the Body of Christ for the glory of God! I believe if people answered the call to grow in what they love and are passionate about, we could change the world and no one would ever ‘backslide’

  15. We have a group of 6 that meets weekly or semi weekly (I travel and we cannot always meet weekly) n our home. We share a meal, study, a nd pray. We are discovering our spiritual gifts and asking God to reveal our assignments as we strengthen each other and our families. Listening to your broadcasts on micro churches encouraged me to start our group.

  16. I’m Pastor Ray and I Pastor a small Multiracial church in Olive Branch MS. Reading this really help me out on how I’ve been feeling about our church. My wife Tameral and I planted the church 6 years ago and it has been a blessing to us and he have loved every minute of it. Membership grows then it will decrease and it have really been a mental drain on me. Sometimes I feel like what am I doing wrong. I really am a Shepherd that really love the people I pastor. I’m very active in our community and school system. I struggle with, why my church is not growing. After reading this, it has really given me a different outlook. Thanks for sharing.

  17. Hello Apostle Lance, I believe that you’re on the pulse in regards to micro church. I have, for a number of years, been involved in gathering small groups together. What began as prayer and fellowship, progressed into apostolic discipleship, Elder’s team ministry, presbytery, and a number of other ministry functions. With the exception of the past 3 1/2 years where I have worked many weekends, I have always been involved with a local church body. Even so, I’m still managing to be part of a local body.

    One of the greatest discovery in all of this has been ecclesia! What a revelation this has been, especially in regards to how the Holy Spirit moves and ministers through this body. From one small ecclesia, we can see ecclesia in it’s function within other church bodies. I believe we are definitely on the right track with this. Revolutionary! Blessings!

  18. I am a Christan Counselor, but I feel God has called me to a transition of leading a new micro church called Up With Living, based in Florida, but with congregations all over the U.S. It follows the example of the New Testament Church, coming together as one, studying the Word, praying for one another, and reaching out to help our neighbors, etc.

    I have been very ill with cancer, but as I am being forced to rest, the Lord has been giving me a strong desire to do this. I will get started as soon as I am able to be up and at it.

    God bless you, Lance. I listen to all your periscope broadcasts and enjoy them very much. Thank you for sharing the ideas the Lord is showing you!

  19. Yes! I found an answer to prayer 2 years ago when I was desperate for better health and restored income. The people I have been connected with since are included in that answer to prayer beyond my imagination. They had the product and the workplace that I never imagined. But the kind of church dynamics I encounter blow me away on an ongoing basis!
    The primary task is to edify each other and work together because we have such good news for health and prosperity according to 3 John 2 that I always had been puzzled about! Best friends in the small traditional church and family don’t easily hear about it, because it takes childlike faith to want to hear unusual news. It also takes childlike skills to carry them, lol. I have a history of growing up as a missionary kid, bible school and physiotherapy diploma. Marriage, children, missionary, pastors wife and currently part of a church leader team. But the kind of active and interactive fellowship I encounter in this company brings me to tears in unexpected moments like no other previous experience! You are right on, Lance! This micro church has no color, form, fragrance, touch, goals and visions that I ever remotely experienced before. This company may still be hidden to some, but it’a gaining momentum just by the fact it’s my refreshed calling I’m dedicated to. God clearly spoke to me on the third day of being introduced that an MK can be successful in business. And here I am! Doing it, roaring, smiling, more alive and well than ever as a 60 year old. His kingdom filling me with fire from above and rooted in water from below. Welcome heaven on earth. Shalom!

  20. I have to add, our meetings seem to be in official and not about the kingdom. But the way the operations work is nothing but kingdom. You will not succeed unless you apply kingdom principles in very distinct micro applications. Few will be able to read this and imagine it! Hunger for more, ask, seek and knock with patiently burning desire and uncompromised full satellite receptivity for access to what you respect. You will find answers or the open door you did not imagine. Shalom!

  21. Yes, I have a micro church! We sort of hop, if you will, from mountain to mountain , depending on where one of us feels called. When one goes, we all go! It’s so fun because we’re not all called to the same thing, so we get a broader picture of how God is moving and we’re involved in things we never would have been without each other. In this way too, we’re able to be connectors in our city and sometimes beyond. All it takes is a text from one of us to say, “I need my people” and we’re there! We accomplish so much together through covenant and intentionality.

    “As the new wine is found in the cluster, and they say, ‘Do not destroy it, for there is a blessing in it,’ so I will do for my servants’ sake, and not destroy them all. I will bring forth offspring from Jacob, and from Judah possessors of my mountains, my chosen shall possess it…” (Is 65:8-9)

    We want to be the cluster!

  22. I think this is an important development of a structure God has used for missions throughout history, adapted for today’s reality. God has often used task-oriented groups to extend his kingdom beyond the boundaries of the local church. Earlier examples such as monastic movements, missions agencies, etc. tended to have a geographic focus, but in light of the “shrinking” of today’s world due to the ease of communication and travel, the focus on spheres of influence and authority, or “cultural geography,” vs. physical geography, is appropriate and important.

  23. Adjacent to our main church is a World Prayer center which has regular meets on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I have never known exactly what to call these meets, except “Fan the Flame”. You have describe our groups that meet there perfectly. We assemble from a variety of local churches but with the same mind and heart. The flow of this Microcosm is powerful, even more so than regular church. Most of us live for Tuesday and Thursday.

  24. 5 Years ago we started a Apostolic Movement called Revival International out of Four Square Church with their blessing.
    Today we have 8 micro churches in the U.S., 7 in Honduras, 1 in Brazil, 1 in Bolivia, 1 in Nigeria and 1 in India. We disciple, empower and launch. This keeps us multiplying but in smaller groups.
    Refreshing to hear your words.
    Be blessed Lance.

  25. Yes! This is so right on! I KNOW that this is happening all over the N.A. continent! There are forerunners who are moving into this next “phase” of coming out of the “harlot” and into righteous alignment with His Word and His Ways! Hallelu YaH! I am also seeing how these small groups are connecting. It will be a strong “net” which will be prepared for the great harvest which is ready! Amen!

  26. This is the revelation I am also getting for this season – and God is providing the few and strategic ones that I am to stand with. As a ‘special forces’ type worship warrior whom God gives assignments and strategies on the land – it is no longer a time when only one or possibly two other ‘lively stones’ joined with me can pray into and accomplish the missions we have been assigned. And the church at large does not have the ‘assignments’, strategies or revelation to stand with those who do. A micro-church can guard its gates against those with agendas other than God’s, fully come into agreement in prayer if all are invested in the same outcome – – and see the power of God manifested in victory! Awesome revelation for this time!

  27. Been in House Church for 20 years, but experiencing first “Micro” as small group ‘called’ together to start solar – renewable energy company in SE USA. The first year was filled with challenges, the battle intense, but the Lord commanded “Stay The Course!” We did, and ever so slowly, through travailing intercession, the dark clouds of oppression began to break. We are on the cusp of mighty breakthroughs, as we charge on with eyes on the Lord and His promise (not circumstances). To step over, we had to let Moses die in each of us, as only the eyes of Joshua/Caleb can bring victory. Switching to the offense (from defense so routinely taught by the church), is to switch from Moses thinking – “One day, some day, just not today!” The cry of today’s micro church is “Take the land!”

    • Clay, I am a CPA in the SE USA. I have been feeling the call to solar for years and strike out with what I have found so far. Too expensive with recovering from the Recession, but economy starting to come back. We have a great local fellowship here of between 150=385 persons that we communicate with computerized telephone calling regarding our regular services and our Accounting and Taxation Business with certified persons to represent taxpayers in audits and court. I would like to hear more information from you regarding your commitment to Solar, especially from someone with a Kindom viewpoint.

  28. I had to created my own small group! I’m going to church online now. I’m also packing! I can’t go to any place that’s going through the motions anymore! I can’t do it! I SEE too much everyday! We are supposed to be changing society – not hanging out with each other like a social club! I’m assigned to the Human Service Industry and anointed for psychological warfare. The issue I have with most of the Christians I encounter, who are assigned to the same industry as myself, is that they are in a unsavory salt state! They won’t take a stand! They are kissing Pharaoh’s ring! They are doing the exact same ineffective things that everyone else is doing! I find that in a lot of cases, they know something is wrong with the methodologies they use but they don’t have a revelation of Jehovah-Jireh! It’s hard to fight a devil you think is paying your mortgage. I use a methodology I downloaded from the Throne Room! I associate with Kingdom Warriors who are battle ready!

  29. Dr. Lance, My husband & I attended a Courts of Heaven conference end of Feb where you were keynote speaker. Having never heard of you before, we were delighted and overwhelmed with new manna that you imparted to us along with the joy that radiates from you.
    Now we’ve become ardent fans of yours and are following closely even if you “don’t know where you are going”, we are certain, you know more than we do. Therefore, we follow as Paul says, “follow me as l follow the Lord.”
    (Sorry,know I’m off topic but needed to tell you that.)

    Following your teaching from 7M and reading Enlows’ book and with your info on micro church, I submit the following.

    We have both discovered our talent and passion is in the Arts/Entertainment mountain. Coupled with our gift of ‘hospitalities’ whereby we often invite couples over for dinner,prayer,bible studies and fellowship, have decided to join the local Little Theater to add a different circle of friends.

    Following the 7M teaching of the Ninja Sheep have discovered from the Little Theater website, there is opportunity to submit original scripts for consideration to be performed in Little Theaters around the country.
    My heart leaped with joy to discovered this fact as I have been writing skits and plays for church’s and Christian schools since I received HS 33 years ago. Now I can see a Micro Church coming. Oh Happy Day?, We have our assignment and we are moving on.

    My husband is also very much in this mix, being mechanically gifted to create stage sets and settings as well as the electronics of lights and sound.

    There is a bonus here that is worth mentioning. We are in our 70’s and were beginning to feel that we had become irrelevant to the work of the kingdom and therefore relegated to the “just pray,” crowd. Praise The Lord, its a new day. Thanks Dr. Lance.

    • Bless you & your husband!!
      I’m 58 & sometimes wonder about my “viability” in the Kingdom. I know its a lie when I hear that & your words reminded me again (as Lance does as well) that age is just a number in the Kingdom!! ❤

  30. I thank God for your revelation. When the Lord asked me to open my house for prayer on the Shabbatt day and Hr insisted that I would start it because He had things to reveal . I had no clue what was about. We had 5 people and the Lord taught us so much about intercession, mission call, revelation of iniquities of our ancestors that needed to be confessed and repented and cancelled the curses over our lives, the power released in the heavens when we blow our shoffars., the deliverance of years of deppression of my daughter happened, strategies of what and how to pray about the assignments of the enemies against us, specific intercessions for nations ( He would name them and we just obeyed in prayer).
    Since then our prayer life has totally changed and He has been using us as He desires with our prayers to shift, change or make His heavenly purposes to touch the earth. So beautiful. Praise God.
    Then I reslized with your revrlation that He birthed a micro church with us.
    Thank you again for EVERY broadcast that you are doing for us. It is making a difference in the world. God bless you. You and Annabelle are a blessing.

  31. Yes, Lance, We have four micro type CHURCHES in Powhatan, Va. Each with a different calling and mission. The overall purpose is apostolic in reaching out to the nation’s. Dr. Jim Burck

  32. Really funny . I had just finished describing the life , experiences, presence of God , faith expectations and HUNGER when at Byker City Fellowship International in Newcastle. Then read what you described here about micro churches . But there example is that is more a family than a church. And I still have very good contacts with my family after I moved to another country as part of its vision . It’s great to have friends that stick closer than a brother !

  33. Oh Lance, thank you so much for this revelation. We were led to join a micro church over 4 years ago, and it has been a challenge! For us and the pastor whom was led to move to a small midwestern town to pastor a rural church that was ready to close it’s doors for good, but had in the past experienced amazing revivals and had sent out many apostles over the years. The Lord sent a handful of us from different directions, to attend this church and support the work. In March we had an official impartation and recognition of the callings and mantles that are operating right now in the body and we have been learning to walk in honor and love on a whole new level with each other. We have a sense of community now, that wasn’t there before. It is hard to explain but in the “spiritual atmosphere” there has been a real change this past year. We needed to hear this confirmation though, because there are times when you begin to really wonder, if what we see in the spirit is really true, since it sure doesn’t look like anything but discouraging in the natural. I was so encouraged by this word. p.s. thank you also for posting the encouraging information on your Facebook page. Love it! The recent one of KK’s really made a huge difference in the atmosphere!

  34. I work at a small church in Northern California that has been destroyed by a church split. I feel called by the Lord to stay and intercede for the senior pastors (husband and wife) until they reach “safe passage” to deliverance and healing. All of my friends have left and It’s such a dysfunctional environment that I’m not supposed to fellowship with them. We have formed a ninja sheep micro church to pray for God to bring restoration and healing into this devastated fellowship. Thank you, Lance, for your awesome teachings. They bring encouragement and hope during this season and assignment! Blessings!!

  35. A group of us who are mainly leaders and pastors of local churches came together because of shared heart and vision for the kingdom of God with a focus of worship, intercession and tasks to do in the intercessary ministry on behalf of what God is preparing in the UK and the world / the te micro church is new to me but it describes exactly what we are !’
    Neil – UK

  36. We, four of us, recently started an early morning prayer group and discovery Bible study. Our common assignment is reaching the nations at a major university. A divine appointment (a crazy story of influence in the gates of influence and prayer) in March with a “not yet” Christ follower student who loved languages was the key spark! We have already seen amazing doors open with students from faraway places. And the unknowing catalyst, we met in March, who just graduated, secured a job locally and may even live at the complex where our “micro church” is taking place! We want to keep this discreet.

  37. Thanks God For the Vision For the times we aré living .These confirms the revival that is coming and I’m ready to start and break down in groups Micro Church. I will share the Vision. I’m a Missionary from Colombia in Michigan USA.
    In Christ,

  38. Micro Church is what we have been participating in for the past 3 years but didn’t have a name for it! When I heard your message on this a few months ago I was intrigued. I ordered the Killer Sheep message and totally identify! The one point I have to disagree with is that a micro church is part of a larger “church” body. 4 of us left our local church 3 years ago and it was a sovereign move of God for us. I know, sounds strange and rebellious but I assure you it was anything BUT rebellious! In the area we live in, church really isn’t what it should be and I’m a 30 plus year veteran of church. We knew God was up to something new and unusual and He has confirmed it over and over. We meet weekly (we are also part of a home group but that’s something different) and position ourselves to hear and see what our Father is doing as Jesus did. We minister to Him as kings and priests in the heavenly realm and know that this is our calling and ministry. Not quite the same as an intercessory group either; totally unique to us and led by Holy Spirit. We used to be a strong intercessory prayer group but several years ago received a word that what we were doing wasn’t going to work anymore. We had no idea what that meant but we have certainly found out! The micro church description in this post fits us perfectly!

  39. Fellow Periscopians and I have formed a Micro Church that meets monthly for the sole purpose of Prayer for our Nation. Since we all listen to your broadcasts we are on the same page and quickly and easily pray “as One”!
    I urge others to link up and pray!

  40. Your words really touched me. I didn’t realize what God was doing until I heard your message. I heard an audible voice in March, “you’re going to criss-cross this country bringing the blood covenant”. Immediately after this, God opened doors for me to share my testimony along with a teaching on the deep meaning of the covenant steps. In 2003-04 I was delivered from legalism after reading a book on the blood covenant. My paradigm was completely shifted to see God in a whole new way. I already had several ladies who I met with to intercede with on a regular basis. Most of my sharing has been with individuals and small groups. Only twice have I been able to share it in churches, and never in my own fellowship. I have seen tears on people’s face as they realize God’s covenant love and their identity in Jesus. There have been a very few who didn’t seem to see the revelation, because of their religious indoctrination. I also do street evangelizing on occasion and God has brought women into my life to pray and intercede with me for these outreaches. God is moving, and it seems he is doing something in lay people. Even though I told my pastor about what God told me, he has not asked to hear the message. But I press forward to do what God has called me to do. Also, the word I heard from God resulted in me traveling to Florida, Washington State, New York City and Phoenix & Tucson Arizona. I’ve been a homebody for years, so all this came as a big surprise to me. I praise almighty God for what He is doing. I’ve had several dreams about the body of Christ and what you’re saying here is right on with my dreams. God bless you.

  41. ‘Been meeting with a “group” of about 8 of us for 2 1/2 years – that seems to fit your description of a micro-church. While we have had various assignments we are now moving together to do intercessory round tables throughout our state to unite them as one voice in prayer focus. (How can you win a war if you don’t gather the army!) We have been praying over the city/state and seeing the fruit of our consistency. Many of us attend other churches but have been faithful to meet sometimes weekly, bi-weekly or bi-monthly on occasion to focus on the mission. We are committed to the cause of our Kingdom assignment and understand a lot is at stake. Thanks for defining us.

  42. My neighbors down the road are starting up a prayer group to specifically pray for our neighborhood, my question is, is that a micro church?

  43. Amazingly, I have been part of just such a group of ladies for a little over three (3) years [although, they had convened approximately a year-and-a-half before that], primarily, because there is not a congregation in our remote area that is pursuing what Father had put in our hearts to desire…we have shared some quite traumatic life-altering events and are coming out victorious and confident in our Lord! Besides prayer and fellowship, we have ravenously partaken of the banqueting table of teachings and revelations Father has provided through teachers, prophets, and apostles, via books, media, conventions, etc. The distinctions of the “micro-church” as you describe them are exactly what Father has been birthing in us over the course of the last year, and we are feeling the call to step into even newer “unknowns” this year…hallelujah!! Thank you for your timely exhortation!

  44. We have a micro church network in Lititz/Lancaster PA. We have seen so many healings, and miracles – salvations and been able to reach into the community and help feed the homeless, and then actually plant a micro church in that community. We truly believe in the micro church and have had one for over 7 years. We teach and train how to share the gospel and pray for others, we pray for each other, we worship at a deeper level, and study the word together. LoveLoveLove the micro church!
    We also have a ministry that is multiplying that prays and serves the communiy

  45. Sir Wallnau…

    Just blown away by this post because God was showing me this concept a few months ago but I didn’t fully understand it, until I read your post.

    The arts and entertainment mountain is where I am called and I have identified other Christians who are serving on this mountain and definitely feel as though there will be a community of us that will unite in prayer, in community and a meeting place for those who are well known and have perhaps been too hurt by the church to attend regular services but still want to know Jesus…my heart is bursting just thinking about it…not a big group, but a powerful group called to love on some very talented but lonely and misunderstood individuals.

    Trusting God to connect me with such people.

    HUUUUGE THANK YOU FOR THIS POST…such confirmation?

  46. Love it!

    I think we have grasped this concept well. As I write this I am about I am about to host a small group of men and women at our company in a “church” we literally planted at the company I work for. We come together, have praise and worship, a short message, and then spend time in prayer for each other and the company.

    The goal is to lift each other and the company up, and train them to reach their departments and the factory floor with the Gospel. As we have done this the owner has watched the company be blessed and grow and has become a believer himself.

  47. Dear Lance, would you please pray for me? This reading on the Micro church sounds exactly like what the Lord spoke to me in prophecy years ago, but has never been fulfilled. He said ” Your home would not be able to contain those that would come by the leading of the Spirit.” The time seems to be NOW. He also spoke these words recently – Walk in the NOW of the Spirit. But I need to know how to start and to enter into His word. I am soon to be 78 and have felt like the former word was passed by.
    I have had no one to talk to, as Father brought me out of the Church system years ago when I complained to Him that I didn’t fit in anywhere. He said ” No, I brought you out of this traditional, ritual church that you might “fit into me” I want you to KNOW me.

  48. A group of woman who began meeting as a devotional group changed into training & preparing use of the God gifts in each of us. We pray for each other in what we sense God is calling us to do & then support each other in that task.
    For instance, God called my husband & I to open a taphouse/restaurant(former Baptists that we were, it took 2 years to be confirmed that it was God calling us). We had 33 years of takeout restaurant experience. The Devoted Doves(as our group calls ourselves), came & worshipped in the restaurant as we dedicated it to God’s use. We all anointed every doorway & wrote on the bottom of seats & tables. Devoted Doves & their spouces have come 3 times in the last year to encourage us & pray for our challenges.
    We have done this kind of thing for each other as we have gone on mission trips, spoke at retreats & been there for each other through cancer & the list goes on. Is this a micro church?

  49. Thanks, thanks! For micro church idea, and also 7 mountain teaching. The latter have heard before but felt excluded in the discussion groups formed afterwards.

    What a breath of fresh air. I work in the area of Family/Domestic Violence. Getting together with people that work at the hard end of the Family Mountain would be awesome. To be with people that don’t think “poor thing” or feel uncomfortable around you when they discover what work I do.
    We all come from some sort of family of lack of family …then grow up …

    I’ll approach one of the church leaders and see what they say… & go from there.

    My heart feels hopeful for the first time in a long time. …maybe even some passion being rekindled.

    A question, before studying and gaining G a qualification I did different labouring work …. where do you see these people feeling a fit into any ‘Mountain’? My experience is of feeling somewhat useless, not needed when the 7 Mountains where spoken of.

    Thanks again.

  50. James 3:17 – But the wisdom from above is first pure, then peaceable, gentle, reasonable, full of mercy and good fruits, unwavering, without hypocrisy.

    In 30+ years of ministry, I have never found a sizable fellowship that met the standard of this verse! However, on occasion, very small groups to which I have been led, have met its standard and have proven to be very powerful in the Spirit. I believe that this verse tells us that the quality of doctrine within a small group has much more inherent spiritual power than is possible within larger groups who put peace amongst themselves before the purity of agreement on good doctrine. It is just as in nuclear power wherein purity of the ore is absolutely necessary in order to bring forth its full potential of inherent power. Micro churches, sometimes consisting of merely one or two or three brethren, who value purity of doctrine above peaceful inclusion within larger but less dedicated groups and who are engaged in intercessory prayer for them and for others as well can be given immense power by God to positively affect not only those whom they pray for, but also vast reaches of the earth as well!

    James 5:16 – Therefore, confess your sins to one another, and pray for one another….The effective prayer of a righteous man can accomplish much. Elijah was a man with a nature like ours, and he prayed earnestly that it would not rain, and it did not rain on the earth for three years and six months. Then he prayed again, and the sky poured rain and the earth produced its fruit.

  51. Thanks for an amazing online experience and conference. More and more it seems like my adult children and I work well together. Can a micro church be a family such as myself and my adult children with their children if we are actively supporting each other in our respective mountain of influence? Do you consider your family to be a micro church?

  52. So blessed by this affirmation of what God has been doing for the past year. Now we have a name for it – microchurch! God called a group of us from all walks of life to start a new non-profit organization that will develop a community center in our neighborhood. Our goal is to love our actual neighbors as Jesus did by meeting their needs and giving them a hand UP. It’s incredible how God continues to add people and organizations who provide exactly what is needed at exactly the right time.

  53. Thank you Lance. I am so encouraged. I had a dream about this last year, but have never had a personal vision to start a house church or a ‘micro church’ as you call it, but recently God has showed me to start one and a friend referred me to this blog of yours. It just so happens that you wrote this blog on my birthday:) So let the fun begin! Thank youa,